Friday, 20 March 2009

Flush out the Prudes

Thank goodness the weekend is almost here, though I do have to work a few hours tomorrow, unusual for me.

Picking up from where I left off Wednesday, the afternoon was better than the morning but the evening was a compromise, a truce perhaps. We stayed in, P cooked, it was very nice, we even had a bottle of wine as we weren't going out. I told him that next Wednesday is a date no excuses but I know what he'll say when
Wednesday comes, 'We wont go out tonight as we'll be out Monday night at the Tina Turner concert and stopping over.' I wont be happy. Its not as if we spend a lot. Maybe I'll surprise him and tell him it's my treat, that should do the trick. Anyway enough of that, we'll see what happens next week.
Thought I'd show you these, they arrived late yesterday afternoon courtesy of Bill, you don't know him, just the thing to brighten up a desk not sexist either.. two of each blocks of sticky notes, boys and girls. Now I know where P got the sexy little telephone message pad from, Bill's company had them made as giveaways at Christmas and they've got some left over.

We share work and leads sometimes with Bill's firm, he's their sales director and he dropped by unexpectedly with a load of temporary employment contracts and these. P wasn't in. I had a cup of coffee with Bill, he's ok, he's having to go out more since the economy turned down, his business is labour related and with unemployment on the rise they're feeling the strain, as are we.

I left the contracts in a pile on P's desk and nicked the sticky notes for myself, they're lovely! I might even start sending messages now, inter-office might be fun, raise a few eyebrows, flush out the prudes :)



Anonymous said...

TGIF!! I could just imagine the looks on some faces around here if I left a sticky note on someone's desk.. LOL

Enjoy your weekend,

löthianne said...

Lucky girl!!

Tina Turner is awesome!!

hugs :)


Tapestry said...

Did you say sticky notes???
I LOVE sticky notes
and they're printed with pretty pictures!
you are SUCH a lucky girl - I'm almost incoherent at the thought of those yummy sticky notes!

PK said...

I love the sticky notes and I love your ideas of flushing out the prudes! That's something everyone needs to know.

Enjoy eating out next Wednesday!and the concert too.


cheekycherry said...

Jealous Jealous Jealous! I luv those!!
just what naughty girls need, you can have fun with those.

Cheeky Cherry

I like your blog, I have been poping in everyday since Jan.

ronnie said...

Hi All, There lovely little pad, aren't they?
Cheekycherry - hello,nice to see you, your very welcome here, glad you stopped by, thanks.

Have a good weekend.

Hermione said...


Those are so cute. I'd never forget an appointment with those stuck over my desk.

Great minds think alike, because I have some sticky notes to share too, and you'll see them on Tuesday.


ronnie said...

Cheekycherry - if you stop by again, letting you know I did pop over to your blog but can't seem to leave a comment.

ronnie said...

Hermione hi, yes I thought they were kinda cute, will have a little fun with them at the office next week.
Looking forward to seeing yours.
Enjoy your weekend.

Lady_Karen_Rebel said...

Lol!...That would def flush out the prudes...Great notelets

Karen x

ronnie said...

Hi Karen, be interesting this week when I use them at the office.
Have a good week.

cheekycherry said...

Hi Ronni,

Thanks for popping in. Hope to see ya soon. Dont know whats up with the comments, but try again later.

Cheeky Cherry