Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Take a Message

P brought this back with him yesterday afternoon, goodness knows where he got it from, certainly not from our regular stationers.

''It's your new telephone message pad,'' he said.

''I can't write on that, there's not enough room.''

''You know what you'll get if you don't.'' he warned.

That's it then, I definitely won't be writing on it.



PK said...

ROFL!! I love the way you and P both think. I would love to know where he found such a thing. It might be great for leaving notes around the house!!!

Have fun,

The Headmaster said...

My word, fighting talk!

Jflame said...

Hmmm I would write fake messages on them, thus ensuring a spanking. Not using them at all would be such a waste of his time and effot.
Hugs, Jay

Anonymous said...

Hi Ronnie:
I predict a spanking in your very near future! That is a great notepad...I just love it.
You guys have so much fun together.
Take care

Tiggs said...

I agree about there being a spanking in your future, sweet girl, but it MIGHT just be more than you bargained for! But I LOVE that pad!!!! I can think of all sorts of naughtiness to fill up the "white" spaces!


A.S.S. said...

lol... that is great! Would love to know where it came from.

Todd & Suzy

Daisychain said...

Hahahaha! I LOVE that pad! I wish my ass looked like that.... but it doesn't, so thats that! But I could write some messages on it...they wouldn't have any bearing on calls taken, you understand, but important messages nevertheless.... Hugs, xxxxxxxxx

ronnie said...

PK, Headmnaster,Jay, AG, Tiggs, A.S.S., Daisy.

Sorry can't reply to each of you as quite busy today until around 4.00ish but just had to stop and say thanks for your comments, much appreciated.

I'd be interested where P got the pad as well :)


M:e said...

I have a feeling that what you might get it you do might be even more than what you might get if you don't....providing you're creative in what you write!!...grins.

love and hugs xxx

ronnie said...

M:e hello, I can be very creative with my messages M:e.

Thanks for coming over.


Dante d'Amore said...

If you really want to insure some good spanking, just stick the pad in an envelope and mail it to me. That will do the trick!

ronnie said...

Thanks for stopping by Dante :)