Friday, 27 February 2009

Come to London Get Spanked

Peter Jones is a solicitor in his fifties, he lives in London and he spanks and canes women, mostly professionals, mostly over 30, by arrangement, at his office or a place of their choosing. I first read about his exploits in Scarlet Magazine but lost the copy and can't find it online anymore, so I was pleased to find another article on The Metro by Lisa Scott which tells of his exploits and gives a link to his website he even has a profile ad on London Transport red bus. He's also written a book 'The True Confessions of a London Spank Daddy' published by Excite Books.

He meets various women, some of whom have partners who do spank them - but never hard enough, and they all have guilt feelings or stresses which need release. They ask him to help them quit smoking, stop spending on their credit cards, lose weight etc, all splendid reasons for getting spanked if they fail.
He doesn’t charge a fee, and there is no payment in kind.

I was thinking if many of his clients are professionals, and if it releases stress, would it class as a therapy. Maybe even the trip would be tax deductible. Well a trip to your lawyer would be, wouldn't it?

Good luck to Peter, perhaps with all the extra publicity from his book and the various media coverage he'll give up stuffy old law and concentrate on building his other business, it sounds like much more fun.



PK said...

That's interesting. I will come back later and explore his website. I can only imagine how non-spankos would view this but he sounds like a really nice guy to me.


Jflame said...

i borrowed the book from a friend of mine.
Its a good book. Peter Jones seems to be pretty genuine, but theres something that bothers me. I don't know what it is but I just got the strangest feeling when I read his book.
Nice review Ronnie.
Hugs, Jay

Lady_Karen_Rebel said...

I have met the Author...Though never been spanked by him...

Spanking is definitely stress release...What with all those hormones being released...

I have read some where that the hormone oxytocin is released..."The love/bonding" hormone...

It is quite interesting when you think more about how spanking & effects us...

Karen x

Anonymous said...

Hi Ronnie:
I read The True Confessions Of A London Spank Daddy back in October and I loved it. Its a very well written and interesting book. This book is what got me searching on the web about spanking and how I found all of these lovely blogs.
I am so glad that you did a little research for me cause I did not realize he had a website, and would love to find out more about him.
Thank you so much

ronnie said...

PK - hi, yes he does sound nice, I've registered with his site but not had time to really explore. If you managed to find time to view, would be interested to hear what you think.

Jay - now you got me interested, I wonder why it bothered you, would love to know. Does Phil know him?

Karen - how and when did you meet Mr. Jones? Oh I do love stress spankings. The love/bonding hormone would interested to read about that.

AG - hello, that’s interesting, thanks for letting me know. I've not read the book yet, will have to find a copy now you've said its interesting and well written.
Read the article a while back and meant to post about him but didn't get around to it.

Have a good weekend all, thanks.

Tiggs said...

Hmmm... maybe this would be an idea for Jay to try! Then we could really get the inside scoop, lol.

I'd love to have his job!

ronnie said...

Thanks for stopping by Tiggs, thanks.
Have a good Sunday.