Monday, 21 September 2020

Our local MP got me spanked

Yes it's true. Well kind of true, indirectly I suppose. My husband said I got myself spanked by being rude and trying to home in on someone else's conversation.

You see we'd returned late from our son's house one evening last week and didn't have anything for dinner. I mean nothing specific in mind, not that we didn't have any food in the house. I asked P on the drive back what he fancied and he was not fussy about anything in particular, we'd been talking over some serious matters and he still had them on his mind, he just said he'd knock something up. I asked him if he fancied diverting into town and stopping for a bite to eat at one of the chain restaurants, just for a change, and we could chew over what we'd been talking about over a glass of wine and someone else could do the cooking. He agreed.
To cut to the quick, our local MP came in shortly after we got there with a couple of other guys, all very casual, started talking about politics and Westminster and who was right for this or that job and I could hardly believe my ears. Or, unfortunately, catch full sentences but the snippets were enough to get my attention and that was my downfall. Because I stopped talking with P and tried to focus on what they were saying. I mean I was listening to P but not engaging and it became obvious to him and he asked me why I didn't go and join their table if I was so interested in their conversation.
He told me it was me who'd suggested coming here and chatting over a few things and now we were here all I was doing was trying to eaves-drop on someone else and public figure at that. He said it was rude to listen to other people's conversations and it was rude to him personally as he was trying to get my opinion on some serious issues. Anyway I did return to our own discussion and apologised for my distraction but I still strained to hear what was being said behind me and P knew it and lightened up what we were talking about.
On the way home from the restaurant, which is only a ten minute drive, I told him I'd enjoyed that and he told me I wouldn't enjoy what was coming when we got home because he was going to spank me. I asked him what for and he said I knew what for. I put my hand on his knee and said I was sorry for not listening properly. He said, 'Listening to who, me or the other table?' He didn't sound particularly angry and I don't think he really was, just a bit annoyed.
Anyway when we got in he escorted me over to the sofa, took my jeans down and put me across his lap. He spanked me for several minutes, hard enough to light my fire in more ways than one, then let me sink to the floor. I was sniffling, not because of the spanking but from being upended, and I knelt there a moment looking towards his groin. Sniffle. I told him in my best sniffling voice that I was sorry. I was hoping he might make me show just how sorry I was but he didn't, he just told me I was done and to pull my jeans up.
Ten minutes later we were both sitting watching the end of the TV news, P had opened a bottle of wine, and he just came out with 'So what were they actually talking about then, what definite things did you hear?'
The bastard. He'd just spanked me for being rude and trying to snoop on their conversation and now he wanted the lowdown. What a hypocrite. I just put my hand on his thigh and squeezed and said I couldn't possibly tell him, it might get me spanked again:):)

Stay safe. Wear your face coverings, social distance and keep washing your hands.

just before I go I wanted to let my readers know that Chross is blogging again. Good to see you Chross.

Have a good week.


BTW the woman with the 'disguise' is of course me. I didn't even know P had used his camera, sneaky.   

Friday, 18 September 2020

Favourite Spanking Picture

This week's favourite spanking picture if from Bonnie.

Bonnie explains...

The woman walking toward the camera is Kiri Kelly, arguably the best known spanking model in the 1980s. This still was taken from the Nu-West video Revenge is Sweet. I know this because Randy and I owned this video on VHS tape. If it wasn't the first commercial spanking video we purchased, it was among the first.

I love this picture. Young Miss Kelly has just been spanked by her boss for a second time in an office setting. But she is still indignant as evidenced by her clenched fist and tight jaw. Having seen the video, I can tell you that her bottom is even redder than her face. I love her expression. It just screams, "You spanked me!"

I hadn't seen this one before. Thank you Bonnie.

You can still send me your favourite spanking picture for me to share.

Stay safe, wear your face coverings and keep washing your hands, and of course, try and have a fun weekend.


Wednesday, 16 September 2020

A Smile for Today

 How to test yourself for the Covid 19 :

- Stage 1 : Pour enough wine in a glass and find out if you can smell it .
- Stage 2 : If you can smell the wine, drink it and find out if you can taste it .
- Stage 3 : If you can smell and taste the wine, you can presume that you haven't got the Covid 19 
Last night, I did the test nine times and thanks God all tests were negative.
This evening, I shall do the test again because this morning I w
oke up with some kind of a headache which could be a symptom of the wretched disease.

From one of my readers.


Monday, 14 September 2020

Clitoral please, sir

 "In 1976 a glamorous, softly spoken 34-year-old woman set off a bomb beneath a century’s worth of academic orthodoxy. The Hite Report, a 633-page compendium of interviews with more than 3,000 women that detailed their sexual experiences, dissatisfactions and fantasies, went on to sell nearly 50 million copies and made its author, Shere Hite, who died last week aged 77, an international celebrity.

It caught my attention, it was an article by Lisa Hilton in Sunday's Times (you wont be able to read full article) and apart from marking the passing of a controversial woman who rightly altered the (male) perceptions of sex for women, replacing them with truths and paving the way for better sex for millions of women globally.
"For many western women the sexual revolution did not begin in the 1960s, but a decade later, when Hite’s work discredited the vaginal orgasm as the “healthy” goal of female sexuality once and for all. The revelations that 70% of women do not experience vaginal orgasm, that orgasm during heterosexual intercourse is not particularly common and that most women climax more easily through clitoral stimulation."
It's well written, it makes clear that the penis is not in the pole position most men at that time thought it was (and some probably still do) and that women deserve and expect a more rewarding range of stimulation and if they don't get they are prepared to take matters into their own hands (With more than 10,000 models of vibrator available from Amazon alone, according to the report).
The funny, or strange, thing is that the majority of porn sites still portray women offering themselves up to men, providing a sheath for the male to ejaculate into in spite of the knowledge, research and polls which we now have. Who'd be surprised to find the majority of those sites are designed by males:). I have to say I often find porny stuff when I'm searching for 'in with the new' and I often come acoss sites which show women as having the upper hand and being 'serviced', shall we say, not by penis but by other means and apart from often being better done, they are frankly appealing. Not enough of them to even things up but Rome wasn't built in a day. Here's to Shere Hite, who died last week aged 77.

Stay safe. Wear your face covering, social  distance and keep washing your hands.

Hope you have a good week.


Friday, 11 September 2020

In with the New - Short Edition

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Please send me any links to new adult spanking blogs you may spot.

Stay safe and try and have a fun weekend.

Thanks to Bonnie for her contribution.