Wednesday, 27 October 2021

Initiation Day

 Made me smile.


Monday, 25 October 2021

Today is World Opera Day

Did you know that? I had no idea there was a special day for Opera. Apparently it's a day for celebrating opera and for encouraging people of all ages to develop a passion for it.  Good idea but personally. I think prices need to come down so more people are able to afford to go.

I've seen a couple of operas and would love to go and see one in another country, like at the La Scala in Milan or at the Sydney Opera House. 

What about you, do you like opera, have you seen any\?

Stay safe.

Have a good week.


Friday, 22 October 2021

I could run out of canes

It's too early to talk about Christmas, well for me anyway, but quite a few people I'm hearing have started or even mostly done their present shopping and some are making cupboard and freezer space for seasonal foods.....just in case! I don't start mine until at least 1st December and then it can be a bit of a rush but I like it that way.

The reason for the early stocking is the UK media reporting on businesses statements warning of shortages through supply chain difficulties and lack of trained (and willing?) staff. I know first hand about one major UK retailer's internal predictions looking forward eighteen months, because our son is in the management chain there, and they are not very reassuring. I think I read that Amazon was saying pretty much the same.

I blame government policy and (mis)management of same for many of the problems but I know it's a small world and global issues are exacerbating the situation. For my own small part I was told last week that supplies of raw rattan in certain sizes from Indonesia were not currently available through our UK import source and no indication of timeline. I contacted a company in Holland which I've used before and they told me much the same in fact they don't anticipate a shipment in the sizes I seek until some time in the new year, they couldn't say which month!

A worrying time all round and with prices rising daily and shortages predicted, maybe I should break out of my casual lethargy and make some space for Christmas goodies after all. As for all those bottoms which need the sort of discipline which my products provide, well I'm ok for a couple of months but after that I'm not too sure.

Stay safe.

Have a fun weekend.


Wednesday, 20 October 2021

A Meme from a Reader

I've had a few memes sent to me. You may remember, I did one from a reader not long ago. Here's another. Some of these questions I've seen before, but as I said I'd do it, here it is.

One of the first to welcome you to blogging?
After Bonnie found my blog, The first to welcome me was one of my favourite bloggers and good friend, Hermione

Todd/Suzy and Sara (No longer blogging) also left a comment.

Knickers up/on or down/off?
P always start spanking with my knickers up. When he does take them down during a spanking it always makes me gasp.

Current favourite - wood or leather?
Leather. The rose leather paddle. It's always my favourite other than P's hand.

Have you ever gotten spanked for swearing?
Oh yes, P doesn't like me swearing.

Have you ever been caned?
You're asking Ronnie if she's ever been caned. I think you know the answer, yes, many times but not recently. Think I'll have to mention that to P.

What do you get spanked with the most?
Whatever P decides. Normally I don't have a choice.

Have you been spanked more than once in a day?
I've been spanked three times in a day.

Have you ever asked to be spanked for something you did wrong?
Does this answer the question?

On average how many times are you spanked a month?
That's an easy question. Not a enough for my liking.

How long have you been practicing TTWD ?
For many many years and hopeful for many more to come.

Thanks to my reader for the meme.

Stay safe.


Monday, 18 October 2021

Before we go...

 ...I have a little job to do.

Love it and I love the colour of her dress.

I hate to be spanked before we go out for dinner. What about you?

Sent to me by a reader. Please let me know if the picture is yours so I can credit or delete.

Stay safe.

Have a good week.