Friday 22 March 2024

What do you think?

I think she must be going for her caning appointment because she wouldn't be sitting still if she'd been.

I love black and white spanking photos, especially if they are spanking related.

Please let me know if the photo is yours.

Have a fun weekend.



Roz said...

She certainly looks worried. Yikes, carrying a cane on the train. Love the sign above her head too. Great find Ronnie!


KDPierre said...

So, I have a different interpretation. (big surprise, right? LOL)

She just got back from making a purchase at the kinky sex shop, and is both embarrassed and mad at herself for forgetting to bring along a bag (since stores now in many NJ.... don't give out bags anymore when you make a purchase.) And now, here she is on the subway with everyone around her knowing her business. As to who is going to be the wielder of said cane is up to the inclination of the viewer. It could very well be her.

Hermione said...

I didn't notice the sign until Roz pointed it out. She does look very worried, and small wonder :)


KDPierre said...

I forgot to mention the odd juxtaposition of the two seated people. The guy looks like he is definitely sitting on the seat, but the female with the cane looks like she fell into a sunken portion of that seat. Her bottom is lower than the surface plane of the seat the guy is sitting on, making her appear disproportionately small. I think this was probably a patched together assembly of collected images (possibly photos) that was then drawn over. As a result, the people are not sharing the same space in the same way. Perhaps the subway was designed by M.C. Escher? LOL

Ronnie Soul said...

Roz - Thanks. The sign made me laugh.

Hermione - I didn't notice the sign at first. Thanks.

KDPiere - I like your take on the pictiure.

I think she sitting on the edge of the seat that makes it look sunken. I had to look up MC Escher as I'd never heard of him. He has some intersting pieces. Thanks.


TTWD said...

beautiful art. Love the thought of eveyone knowing you are going somewhere, to be caned.
bottoms up

Underling said...

Hello Ronnie!

Yes, I think it's likely she's on her way to a caning - and what we see is a mix of apprehension and embarrassment at having to transport the implement to be used for her chastisement so openly.

On the other hand, from personal experience I have to say it also feels deliciously naughty to be sitting on painful bruises on the way home from punishment, with none of your fellow passengers knowing that you're doing it!

This looks like a Hardcastle drawing to me - and if not, then I think it's by someone that used to go by the name "Anton". Both of them did beautiful work for magazines like Janus and Blushes back in the day, along with Paula Meadows (although I don't think this is one of hers).