Thursday 21 September 2023


A reader asked me this question recently.  In a question and answer post I was asked the same question. So here it is again.

What is a spanking fantasy that you have and that you would love to live out?

I'd love to be spanked after a riding session, I would have to be correctly attired and so would he, I would have failed to impress in some way, or been disobedient or lazy not tending to my horse properly, something along those lines. It would perhaps have been a repeat offence for which I'd been warned and now I'd gone too far. He would deal with me firmly in the stable, bending me over a hay bale or saddle and giving me a good cropping.

Anyone got a stable I could use? :)

Do you have a spanking fantasy you'd like to live out? 



Roz said...

Hi Ronnie,

That's a great fantasy. I know it's a favourite for you :)


Anonymous said...

While dating I wanted to find a woman who would take charge. It took sometime but found such a woman, couple of years older, mid to late 30's. It was during our sexual fun she asked what I thought about, surprised me, but I said a woman who would take charge. She said nothing and we continued. The next morning, we were at her place, I walked into the kitchen naked, smiling. So you want a woman to take charge, smiling, let's see. I was soon over her lap get a very sound spanking. When she stood me up, is this what you wanted, I said yes, thought about getting a spanking, never thought it would happen. We got married several months later, the fantasy as you call it is the norm. Spankings, corner time, oh the sex life is great, but spankings and sex do not go together in this household. Jack

Anonymous said...

In this house I'm allowed to look at agreed upon blogs, your's being one. Showing this to my wife/mommy she said I should tell you that a woman has fantasy also and in this case, she has always wanted to be a Mommy. So in this home she took it further, there is pajama punishment, in your jammies as she calls them during the day, and could be for a week. Early bedtimes, given a bath. Men may want a woman to be in charge, but they have no clue as to how a woman will do this. Being seen facing the wall after a spanking and in your jammies with the bottoms around your ankles. Call your wife Mommy until told other wise. Getting a little boy bath adds to the punishment. I never had any idea that this would happen. One thing is for sure, she pulls out that bath brush, I say nothing, do as told. Jack

PK said...

Your fantasy is lovely and I hope you get to live it one day!

Anonymous said...

Fantasy role-play, and this one almost happened!

After some switch OTK time and after she and I just finished round #2 of sex, my GF asked what other fantasies I had.

Told her I'd love for my GF (her) to p[retend to take me to a "therapist" to complain about my so-so performance in bed, and my neglect of her needs.

Shocked therapist says only one cure for that, and I go over her knee and get spanked.

Halfway through she instructs GF how to spank me using me at the training device!

After, I complain I'm not the only one at fault - the GF could finally put her ass into it and not just lie there.

Shocked, the therapist takes Gf otk and spanks her.

And the best part, therapist has GF and I make love as she gives "advice" and "instruction," on how to do it right while providing "encouragement" to the both of us with a small strap.

That's not too kinky, is it?


MY GF loved the idea!! Even went through pics of her GF's on her iPhone to see who we might get to play the "therapist!" (Now, THAT was a moment!)

Alas, life and logistics got in the way and it never happened.

Hermione said...

Actually, my fantasy is much the same as yours. It almost came true at a dressage competition when I placed higher than my teacher in the same class. He made me bend over and gave me a light kick, which was the tradition in his country when the pupil outdid the teacher.


Anonymous said...

Right after college I worked in a district office run by a female about 15 years older than me and I SOOOOOOOOOOOOO much want her to spank me, it never happen.

Anonymous said...

My fantasy came true! Ever since my mother married my stepfather I have known that he, as well as spanking me, spanked his wife regularly. My fantasy was that I would get to see this happen. I was very eager to see my mummy’s bottom and to see it get a sound spanking. It happened and I feel so lucky!

Sophie x

Ronnie Soul said...

Roz - Yep it is. Thanks.

Jack - sounds like you met the pefect women. Thank you.

PK - Well I've got the gear:) Thanks.

Anonymous - What a shame it didn't happen. Thanks for sharing,.

Hermione - I didin't know that tradition. Was he German? Thanks.

Anonymous - Not many do come true, shame. Thanks,

Sophie - You were lucky it came true. Thanks.


Hermione said...

As a matter of fact, he was!

Terpsichore said...

Hope your fantasy comes true. :-)
Currently, my fantasy would just be to have a spanking of any kind. :-)

Prefectdt said...

MMM! Jodhpurs are hot. Missed this post as I was away in France. Nice fantasy.


Fondles said...

Sounds like a lovely fantasy... I don't think I have one. I'll take any spanking (from BIKSS of course) I can get at the moment. Le sigh.

Ronnie Soul said...

Hermione - I thought he might have been. Thanks.

Terps. Would be nice if it did:) Thanks.

Pref - Thanks. Hope you had a good trip. Thanks.

Fondles - Any spankikngs are good. Thanks.