Wednesday 8 February 2023


That's what they said when I told them the sandwich I'd had for lunch.

We were out a couple of nights ago with friends. There were seven of us. Conversation was great and very varied. Somehow we got onto sandwiches and what we put in them. Ham, peanut butter, ham and pickle, cheese and pickle, chicken, tuna mayo, cheese, tomato, egg, bacon and sausages were some of the fillings mentioned. I said I'd had a banana sandwich for lunch, Yuck they all said. Not one of them had ever tried a banana sandwich.

Have any of you ever had a banana sandwich? 

What's your favourite sandwich filling?



Sore is more said...

If I'm not mistaken Elvis loved banana sandwiches with peanut butter.

My favourite would be with feta cheese and sliced tomatoes, and some pesto, preferably grilled. Basically, a caprese salad in a sandwich.

Roz said...

I have to admit, I like bananas but the thought of a banana sandwich doesn't really appeal. Ham and cheese or bacon and egg are my picks. I also love peanut butter, preferably on toast though.


Hermione said...

Yes, I've had banana and peanut butter sandwiches. Elvis had his fried in lots of butter, but I prefer plain bread. I must try Sore's caprese sandwich.

My favourite sandwich is grilled cheese, and my go-to cold option is tuna with mayo and celery.


PK said...

I've eaten banana sandwiches all my life. I don't like peanut butter - that's what my mom had on her sandwich. I put mayonnaise on mine.

Sore is more said...

Forgot tuna melt, yummy! But I like it as an open sandwich with tuna salad, then put a slice of cheese on top and melt it.

And corn beef on rye with mustard and pickles.


I used to live on banana sandwiches, when I was a kid. The secret is to cut the banana lengthways. If you cut it into little disks, they all fall out when you try to eat it :)


Bogey said...

Chicken Salad, Tuna Salad, BBQ, Hamburger, Corn Beef on Rye, Pastrami, Cajan Turkey, Egg Salad. The list goes on, but no banana.

Laxmi said...

On my country, spanking is simmilar…. but gastronomy is very different:)

Ronnie Soul said...

Sore is More - I didn't know that about Elvis, thanks.I love the sound of your sandwich except for the tomato. Only like them in a sauce.

Roz - Try it you make like. Ham and cheese toastie yum. Thanks.

Hermione - Fried in butter, no thanks. Tuna mayo is one of P's favourites. I don't like it. Thanks.

PK - Hurray, someone else that likes banana sandwiches. Butter on mone. Thanks.

Prefectdt - Yes, definitely cut lengthways:) Thanks.

Bogey - A few different ideas for sandwiches here. Chicken and turkey only for me from your list. Thanks.

Laxmi - Yes, I know from living there. Thanks.


Erica Scott said...

Turkey, with lettuce, tomato and mustard on wheat or multigrain bread. And a banana for dessert. :-)

Ronnie Soul said...

Hi Erica, hold the tomato mustard for me. Banana good any time and esspecially as a sandwich:)