Wednesday 28 September 2022

Thank you, Wine Gums

I love wine gums and bought a bag when I was at our local supermarket. P was with me and noticed the purchase and also commented that they were very high in sugar, I'd be better off buying chocolate that very dark stuff you've had before, he said. I said I don't eat many, they are just a little treat occasionally but he looked at the bag and humphed and stood by his comment. He reminded me that he'd once spanked me for consuming chocolate too regularly, it was a few years back admittedly but he said he could always impose a similar rule for wine gums.

Well I'm sure you get the idea and whilst I was pleasantly surprised that he was inferring a spanking, I was offended that he was trying to dictate what I ate. Anyway it passed but in the week it reignited when he saw the empty wine gum bag in the kitchen waste bin, quite a large bag actually. 

'So I see you took my advice seriously,' he said when he waved the bag in front of me as he collected my mug to make a fresh cup of tea.

'Oh I didn't eat all of them, our granddaughter had a few and some got dropped outside.' Both lies.

'So you're teaching my granddaughter bad habits too,' he said.

Well really the opportunity was too good to miss so I told him she was our granddaughter and she didn't have any and I ate the rest of them really, none of them spilled on the floor. I didn't get my fresh cup of tea, instead he took me upstairs and spanked me.

I hadn't had my bottom warmed for a while so it was quite thrilling when he put me across his lap on the end of the bed and pulled my shorts down. Then painful when his hand started landing forcefully across my cheeks making me squiggle and squeal out. I complained that it wasn't fair and he told me to shut up and listen while he read the riot act about how bad sugar was for everyone and that telling silly little lies was always unacceptable, all this while he spanked and spanked and spanked until eventually I really wanted him to stop and he wouldn't until I apologised and promised I'd learned my lesson.

He let me up and said 'Right that's a rule from now on then, no more wine gums unless you can get sugar-free ones or you know what you'll get.'

No sex, I don't think I wanted any. he went down and put the kettle on so I did get my fresh cup of tea in the end and enjoyed sipping it on a smarting backside. Later the same day I sent him a picture of some sugar free wine gums, I added a little smiley and a wink. He told me to come upstairs with him again and told me he had something of his own which was sugar free and I could pop in my mouth with no health considerations at all so I did, on my knees with him standing over me and roaring his approval with unseemly speed and greedy me getting as much as I could.

Thank you, wine gums.



Roz said...

I absolutely love this Ronnie, the reasons you two come up with for a spanking LoL. Sounds like fun was had by all. How many sugar free gums are acceptable? :) I love them too.


Hermione said...

I love wine gums too, and Ron doesn't like me snacking between meals. Maybe I could show him this post.

I bought some wine gums with "no sugar added" on the package. They were disgusting!


PK said...

You two know how to live this lifestyle! How wonderful that he pays so much attention. Although it sounds like it got a little ouchy for a while, overall it sounds great.

Anonymous said...

Nice story. Thank you for sharing. P is a lucky man.

Anonymous said...

Why don't you just tell P to mind his own business and that you will eat whatever you want to and as much as you want to. And then see what happens.:)

Anonymous said...

I so love mini wine gums! And I frequently buy them to eat when driving so ‘he’ doesn’t know! It’s almost worth a sore bottom just for the sake of enjoying them!
Sophie x

Ronnie Soul said...

Roz - Thanks.  We have our moments. He didn't say how many:)

Hermione - If the sugar free ones are that bad, maybe I could buy the two packs and swap the contents) Thanks.

PK - It was a win win for both. Thanks.

Anonymous - Thank you.Think I'm the lucky one.

Anonymous A - I think we both know what would happen:) Thanks.

Sophie - I'm in two minds to buy another packet.  Thanks.