Friday, 20 May 2022

Spanked by the landing jetty

No the landing jetty didn't spank me, P did, but it was right by the landing jetty which was deserted or so we thought.

As ever on holiday, especially with family and where kids are around, spankings don't happen as easily as you might prefer. So it was for us that a little opportunity presented itself quite unexpectedly when me and my husband elected to take a short ferry ride along the River Dart back to town while the rest of the clan decided to walk it (they'd done the ferry thing before).

There were signs to the ferry (we're talking a small boat here) and I googled to check it was still operating. We had to walk down a pretty steep forest path to get to it and we couldn't see the landing area from the top but when we emerged from the trees at the bottom it was empty, no people there and no boat. P went to the end of the jetty and peered over then returned saying the water looked low and he couldn't see how even a small boat could land. He looked around, up through the trees and out across the river, shrugged his shoulders and said it was my fault for not googling properly and there was only one thing for it. I said 'Ok so we walk after all' and he said 'Well yes we do but first....' and he took my arm and guided me over to a small rustic wooden bench, maybe big enough for three or four people, and spanked me. Well it wasn't very hard and it didn't last long but it was enough to put a sting in my bottom and spring in my step as we walked back up the forest path.

Coming down in the opposite direction was an elderly gentleman, I blushed and hoped he hadn't seen or heard anything, P nodded to him and said he didn't think the boat was running if that was what he was hoping for. 'Oh no, I've got to take some measurements for a funeral party to offload a coffin next week,' he said. 'But it's low tide right now anyway so no ferry for about an hour and a half.' P thanked him and we carried on.

Out of earshot, P said it would have been nice if they'd stated times on the sign at the top of the hill it would have saved us the trouble. But I didn't mind at all, I'd got spanked and that was no trouble at all:)

Stay safe.

Have a fun weekend.



Roz said...

Hi Ronnie,

Ooh, a lovely outdoor spanking, how awesome! I bet you didn't mind the walk instead of the ferry after that :)


PK said...

Excellent! I love the idea of a good spontaneous spanking and being outside is a real bonus! So glad none of the family changed their mind and followed you down after a little delay.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing your spanking with us. Questions - what were you wearing? did P spank you over the knee? did he bare your bottom? did he use anything but his hand? did it make a lot of noise? were there echoes? I hope you do not mind I am just wondering. Thank you.


An alfresco spanking, by the river, MMM! You are living a fantasy of mine. :)


Anonymous said...

I think, from all my readings that this is possibly your first outdoors spanking? Was it your first? Hopefully, the older man heard and saw your spanking. I would love to come upon someone being spanked.

What a thoughtful husband to reward you for your poor google search.
One other thought: you could maybe earn another spanking by huffily one day by pointing out to P that as the tides change daily, weekly and monthly, there is no way they could keep an accurate chart for people to read, even on the internet.
bottoms up

Anonymous said...

Oh Ronnie, how wonderful. A real outdoor spanking. I haven’t been spanked outside at all but I know that my mother has been spanked in their big, quite private garden by my stepfather!

Sophie x

Bogey said...

Thanks for sharing. The spanking blogs continue to dwindle and it's good to see some original content.

Hermione said...

What a wonderful opportunity! Glad P was able to satisfy one of your cravings.


Fondles said...

What a lovely read. Glad that your google search produced such fruitful results :D

ronnie said...

Roz - Thanks. No, I had a spring in my step:)

PK - Gosh I would have died had they decided after all to take the fery as well and our Granddaughter came running ahead. Thanks.

Anonymous - Thank you. Spanked otk over my jeans with his hand. Happened quickly. I'm sure I made some noise, echoes, no I don't think so.

Prefe - Thanks. It was much too quick. Lovely fantasy for you. Hopefully one day it will come true.

Red - Yes first time. LOL. Saying that would have got me spanked. Thanks.

Sophie - Thank you. How fun your mother spanked in her garden.

Bogey - Thank you. Sad that some have stopped blogging.

Hermione - I didn't expect it but happen but glad it id. Thanks.

Fondles - I love how helpful Google is:) Thanks.