Wednesday, 13 October 2021

Poor Pigs

I listened to Minetter Batters on a discussion programme on TV last week, she's a bigwig in the UK Farmers Union, not sure of her exact title but she spoke extremely well in my opinion. The thing that got me was the thought of all the animals which may have to be slaughtered and disposed of (not eaten) because of the logistics chaos in the UK. There has been more about it in the media last weekend. One pig farmer was virtually in tears telling her story and how it would break her heart to see hundreds of animals killed in such a manner, not to feed people but to comply with regulations in a country which can't find the means to get them to abattoirs where they can meet their fate as intended and onward to the butchers and supermarkets to feed people. It almost made me cry thinking about the ridiculousness of it.

Anyway rant over. I mentioned it to P, he knew about the situation although we hadn't talked about it. We used to supply meat processing factories with staff many years ago and he said he'd been discussing the shortages we now have with some of his old contacts to see how hard it would be to revive some of the old supply routes. I told him I didn't want him to, it was always a difficult business as it meant dealing with visas and government regulations and this government seems hostile to that even though it may end up having to re-look at it. P just shrugged and said no harm talking, just asking, nothing ventured nothing gained.

Then he said, 'Did you know the average pig has about the same intelligence as the average dog?'. I didn't and doubted it and told him so. He said it was true. I said all I knew was I wouldn't like to be one and I wouldn't like to be a vet or whoever they use to go to that one particular lady's farm and start killing them. I think she could become quite obstructive and I wouldn't blame her.

My husband nodded in sympathy but said he didn't think violence would achieve anything, it needed the underlying problems sorting out and urgently. The only place for that sort of thing he said after a pause, was in the home, between a man and his woman and then only of a certain type and where there were established consensual acceptances. It seemed like an afterthought but it wasn't really related to what we'd been discussing. Still it got my attention.

Then he came straight out with it, 'You haven't been spanked for quite a while, perhaps you need to be, it might help release some of that anger you've got simmering over the plight of our farmers.'

'Is that a question or a suggestion or a statement?' I asked.

'What would you like it to be?' He asked and after a moment's thought I said, 'A statement'.

'Come and see me in the office in twenty minutes then and I'll deal with you. Put your tightest slutty leggings on and no knickers'.

Oh fuck, sometimes I think there really must be a god, I had to squeeze my legs together as he said it. I stopped thinking about farmers and pigs, I'd be doing enough squealing of my own soon enough!

Stay safe.



Roz said...

Hi Ronnie, gotta hand it to you and P turning a conversation on an important issue into one on spanking lol. I guess the 'conversation' ended well :)

That sounds like a dreadful situation for both animals and farmers that needs urgent action. The animals deserve to be treated in a humane manner.


Hermione said...

Well, that escalated nicely!


Anonymous said...

Happy to hear you had a spanking recently. Take your mind off how useless the government's of this world are. Saw one meme where it said UK offering three month visas to truck drivers, then fuck off. Enjoy the spankings
bottoms up

Anonymous said...

Well Ronnie, as it happens I am a vet but so far have not been called out to any culls. Pigs are indeed more intelligent than we give them credit for and so are goldfish for that matter.
Love that your conversation about pigs led to a spanking!

ronnie said...

Rox - It did. I totally agree with you, not sure how it will end. Thanks.

Hermione - Good when things go that way. Thanks.

Red - Well it stopped me thinking about the the poor pigs.Thanks.

Sophie - You learn something everyday. Had no idea about goldfish being intelligent. Thanks.


1ManView said...

Actually, P was wrong. (Spank Him) Their intelligence was first discovered in experiments in the 1990s. Pigs are the 4th most intelligent animal behind chimps, dolphins, and elephants. Some say 5th. But either way, they are more intelligent than dogs. Now go and get that smarter than P spanking. 😂

Stay safe and spanked

ronnie said...

1MV- Hello. I'll tell him:) Thanks.