Wednesday, 4 August 2021

Lovely Evening

I popped into a Zoom meeting last week with some friends to say hello as I hadn't joined in for a while. I mentioned that we were going out with another couple for a meal to sit inside as none of us had been there since it re-opened fully and we were all looking forward to a pleasant dinner.

So what happened, did we enjoy our dinner, well not at the restaurant we thought we'd be eating at. We got there and apparently they hadn't  got us down for a table even though our friends had received a confirmation of booking. They had no spare tables for at least an hour. They were very apologetic and gave us vouchers for another time.

So what did we do, go home hungry, grab a burger, change it into a drinking evening in one of the pubs instead? No of course not, instead we went just down the street to the Indian restaurant, which we know well but our friends hadn't tried, and had a most enjoyable meal and they had a wine offer on too so we got a free bottle of house red. A potential disaster turned into a great evening and a good deal on the wine, with vouchers to dine two-for-one on another occasion. P said he was going to give them a review on tripadvisor, I don't know if he has yet but they certainly deserve one, their food is consistently excellent. Our friends were suitably impressed.

Stay safe.



Roz said...

Hi Ronnie,

Sounds like a wonderful evening. Glad you were able to have a nice meal out with friends and glad you were able to salvage the evening and have vouchers for the original restaurant.


Fondles said...

It's great when there's a plan B that saves the day! I hope your friends will now become new patrons of the Indian restaurant. Over here we're all trying our hardest to support our F&B places - now more than ever.

Have a good week!

Hermione said...

How nice for you, to be able to dine out again. We aren't brave enough for that!


ronnie said...

Roz - Thanks. Looking forward to the next dinner out especially because it will be more or less fee:)

Fondles - Thanks. Yes friends are already planning to take some friends there.

Hermione - Thanks. The restaurants in the town are still social distancing tables and we wear masks when entering and leaving. We are very careful.