Wednesday, 16 June 2021

'You need...'

What a liar. You all know the phrase, it always starts with 'You need..' and then follows on with whatever your HoH deems appropriate. For me, with P, it could be ..a damned good spanking, learn a lesson, ..some manners, ..a thrashing, ..a dose of my cane; any of those and plenty more, too many to list. Mostly they give me a shudder or a thrill unless my blood's up in which case I probably ignore and carry on arguing if that's what we've been doing. I like all of them just for the record, although some in retrospect certainly not at the time.

So I got the ..damned good spanking one on the weekend. I hadn't done anything or at least nothing wrong. I'd been cleaning around the kitchen, hoovering some mess he'd left from the night before when he fixed a cupboard for me and said he'd cleared up but hadn't, and generally doing what women do periodically and men ignore. I'd thrown a nightie on when I got up because it was far too warm for a dressing gown.  P was mulling around, he'd read the physical paper, browsed online headlines and done something with the handbrake on his car. He was fidgety I could sense that. He came to the kitchen door and commented that I'd got a nightgown on, he said half the day had gone. I told him what I was doing, he asked how long I'd be. I said I didn't know but I'd have been a bit quicker if I hadn't had to clean up the debris he left. He said 'Show me' but of course I couldn't because I'd cleared it. Then he wanted a cup of tea. I told him to go and sit down, I'd make one soon and bring it over to him. He wanted it there and then so he came in, couldn't find his teabags (he won't share the decaff that I drink, thinks it's weak). I knew where they were and told him again to go sit down and I'd do it right away. I pushed the door back open and stood there waiting for him to leave my domain (it's my domain when it's cleaning, his when it's cooking). He squeezed past me then stopped and told me what I needed.

"How do you come to that conclusion?" I asked.

"You just do, faffing about in here, criticising my work, being generally contrary.."

I'm sure he had more to say but I started laughing and that stopped him in his tracks. He asked me what was so funny and I told him he was, or at least the things he was saying was. I didn't need a spanking at all although the idea was growing on me. If anything it seemed to me more like he needed to give one as he was picking fault with the most ridiculous things.

"If you need to give me a spanking, darling, why don't you just say so at the outset, it would save time. And then I'd know for sure I was going to get one anyway and I'd add a bit of insolence or disrespect into my words just to make it worthwhile."

"That settles it, you're getting spanked. Now."

"But what about your cup of tea?" I mocked.

"You'll still be making me one only with a sore bottom," he assured me as he led me by the arm across to the sofa. He didn't stop where he normally does to sit down, instead he took me round to the back and bent me over telling me to keep my hands on the seat. Then he pulled up my nightie, paused momentarily presumably as he realised I was knickerless, then started spanking me. I've no idea whether it was 'damned good', I suspect it was because it made me hot very quickly and I squealed and wriggled quite a bit, then I felt his hip leaning against my bottom and felt him wrestling with his shorts.

"Ooh are you going to fuck me as well, darling, could I have a few more spanks before you do that please?" I said it salaciously, intentionally so. If it got me a few harder spanks or a harder cock great, I was ready for either or both.

I didn't get the extra spanks but I got the fucking and I came a split second after he spurted into me with a roar. I put my arms back and told him to pull my gown off and drop it to the floor to save the carpet from drips, ever the thoughtful one.

He smacked my bum really hard after easing out and told me to go and put something on and make that cup of tea. I did, and reminded him as I went to do it, not to hold back or make stuff up next time he needs to spank me like that, just come right out with it. But he probably won't:)



Roz said...

Hi Ronnie, no excuses or reason ever needed for a spanking besides just because or cos I want to. However, glad P found a reason:)


Fondles said...

Hahaha I'm laughing so hard at the bit about saving the carpet from drips! LOL.

Glad you BOTH had some fun!

Hermione said...

Honesty is always the best policy.


PK said...

What a lovely morning you both had! Men never see their own mess, but I'm glad you told him about it. Yes if they would just come out and admit they want to spank it would save tons of time. But I guess we'll keep on taking what we get.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the great story to start my day. I love hearing about your spanking adventures. I have said it before, P is a lucky man to have such a naughty wife who loves to have her bottom spanked.

ronnie said...

Roz - He sometimes spanks just because, but he does like a reason. Thanks.

Fondles - I didn't want to have to clean that mess up as well:) Thanks.

Hermione - I agree with you there. Thanks.

PK - I'll take it whenever I can and if I have to take matters into my own hands to get spanked, I will:) Thanks.

Anonymous A - Thank you. I' tell him you said so.


1ManView said...

I will have to make sure I come here more often, now that "in with the new" is retired. And naughty Ronnie is 100% back. 😊

Stay safe