Wednesday, 9 June 2021

No In with the New

Sadly I wont be posting any more 'In with the New' spots. I've enjoyed 7 and half years of spotting newbies (never managed to find the amount of new blogs Bonnie has). Blogging has changed somewhat, Tumblr just pictures (though not many around now). Twitter is mostly brief and some don't have much spanking content even though they are meant to be Twitter spanking sites. Other media compete too, the variety's good but hard to whittle down and new writers are few and far between.

So I have decided it's time for me to hang up my 'In with the New' hat, but before I do, here's a blog I spotted on PK's blog (Will be new to some maybe not to others).  Patti's Stories.  I hope you'll find time to stop by.

Thank you to all who have sent me links, but please don't stop searching. If you spot any adult spanking-orientated blogs let me know and I'll pass them onto Bonnie or just email Bonnie direct.

Stay safe.




Roz said...

Hi Ronnie,

Thank you for bringing us in with the new and for everything you do for blogland. The blogging scene certainly has changed a lot over the years. It's a shame.


morningstar said...

WOW ! I didn't realize you had been doing "in with the new" for over 7 years - well done!

It's a bit sad that blogland has changed so much - but it is what it is - some of us will keep on keeping on despite the changes - maybe voices crying out in the wilderness?? or outdated prehistoric dinosaurs?? (grinning)

Hermione said...

Thank you for over seven years of finding new blogs. We have more than enough to enjoy for now.



Thanks for all the new sites that you pointed us to, over the years. I hope blogs make a come back one day, the other formats just seem so bland


ronnie said...

Roz, Morningstar, Hermione, Pref - Thank you all. I was sorry I couldn't find more new writers. If there are any new writers out there, I hope they will come forward.


Bogey said...

I have expressed my views on In With The New privately. No need to say more.

Here's a blog by a pro-domme that has some remarkable content from time to time. It would take hours to go through. And frankly, most of it I pan, but there is some good stuff.

No need to bother Bonnie with it.


1ManView said...

Wow, I did not realize you had been doing 'In with the New' spots that long. You did an excellent job at it, my friend. But now we have our Ronnie back full-time.😀

Peace and love 🤍