Friday, 4 June 2021

Crypto crazy

My husband keeps a few shares, various companies, in the stock market and they seem, apart from the occasional tantrum, to do mostly ok. But about a week or two ago, god knows why, he invested in some crypto currency. Not much, he told me, just a toe in the water. Well he chose the wrong time to get into the water or so it seems to me looking in from the outside and I told him so, which he didn't like but admitted it was true.

But the thing that got to me, and I'm pleased to say got me spanked, is that the damned coin trades 24/7 so the flick of an app updates him on how it's going. Unlike the stock market which keeps respectable hours and takes weekends and public holidays off. Well I've been getting moody looks, shaking of head and effing this and effing that at random times ever since and I really don't want to know, there are more important things, certainly more interesting anyway. So I told him he was getting obsessed, why didn't he just sell it like he would one of his other shares and wait for the air to clear. No no, he told me, I didn't understand. I told him I understood as much as I need to which was that my husband was boring the pants off me over a few quid which he'd made a mistake with and seemed unable to deal with. I didn't say it nastily, I was rational and calm but I suppose I chose maybe the wrong words. Or maybe the right ones:)

I got the riot act read to me as he strode across the lounge and put me across his knee on the sofa. He told me he knew what he was doing and not at all unable to deal with it. I said he was becoming a pain ranting on about it making a twat of himself and pissing me off. I told him he should go into the kitchen or dining room or upstairs when he wanted to click his little app and take a look at his face in the mirror as he did it. I didn't get any further.

"I'll deal with you for making smartass comments and you can go and look at your own face in the mirror after you've had a damned good spanking and see how clever you look."  With that he wrenched my shorts and knickers down.

He was annoyed at what I'd said but probably more annoyed with himself than me. I kept my tongue to myself as he spanked, apart from some squealing when it got really hard. He further advised me of his competence and intention to deal with it in his own way as he reddened my bottom and I eventually told him I was sorry for the way I'd said things.

I got another dozen or so slaps after that as he cooled down, then he rested his hand on my smarting cheeks and told me to go upstairs to the bedroom and check out my own face and to wait up there for him. Oh shit, I thought as I pulled my knickers and shorts up, he's going to cane me. But he didn't.

He followed me up less than five minutes later, bent me over and fucked me and I was really ready for it and from the urgency of his thrusts against my bum I'd say so was he. We collapsed onto the bed him still inside me and lay a while. He told me he'd just disposed of his investment. I said christ that was quick, he said yeah should have done it days ago really. I thought glad you didn't or this wouldn't have happened but I didn't say it.

"Never mind, if it's so simple to duck in and out you can buy again at a better time."

He eased out of me with a plop and I felt his still warm goo trickle onto my thigh. He patted my bum and said "Good girl".

Stay safe. Have a fun weekend.



Roz said...

Hi Ronnie,

I am clueless when it comes to crypto currency. I certainly didn't know it could get you spanked lol.

I can understand your frustration with P and glad he got out by the sound of things. Maybe although he was annoyed by the way you said some things, some of it struck a chord.


morningstar said...

I'm always fascinated how your every day activities can get you spanked... and maybe just a little jealous??? Mind you when it comes to crypto currency I'm totally lost.... a part of me admires P for knowing enough to actually buy some!

Hermione said...

You do seem to have a way with words that always gets you spanked.

Ron is the same with his five weather apps. Always checking for rain or lack thereof.


Fondles said...

I've only recently dipped my toe into any kind of investing and crypto sounds terribly intimidating. Perhaps I'll read up a little bit more. Or ask another friend who is a bit of a whizz at this money business.

Still, I love your interaction and how HIS grouchy attitude gets YOU spanked! LOL.

Have a good weekend!

Anonymous said...

You have definitely improved your choice of words so as to be spanked more often. Fortunately , this resulted in P exiting crypto and giving you a delicious spanking and fucking. What a win win win for everyone. iPad in use, as blog deleted due to virus. iPad not permitting me to use red.often
Bottoms up

Minielle Labraun said...

Well, girl that spanking sounds like a perfect delight! Double fun!

ronnie said...

Roz - I'm beginning to know a little bit about this Crypto currency. He was more annoyed with himself me thinks. Thanks.

Morningstar - He does dabble a little in shares so knows some. Thanks.

Hermione - This time I was just saying what I though and I think he knew what I was saying was true and he was more annoyed with himself. Thanks.

Fondles - You'll have to let us know what your friend thinks. I'd be interested. Thanks.

Red - Thanks. Sorry to hear about your blog being deleted. Did you back it up?

Minelle - It was and the fun after. Thanks.