Friday, 25 June 2021

Alan Wickers and the Queen Mum

Cockney rhyming slang used to be a form of Pidgin English which developed so that the working Eastenders in London could have a right good chin wag without the toffs knowing what they were talking about.

So for a little fun here's some. Can you guess any of them. No Googling now.

Have a butchers
Whistle and flute
Trouble and strife
Apples and pears
Dog and bone
Alan wickers
Queen mum
China plate
Army and Navy
Jack Jones
Hamstead Heath.

I'll let you know on Monday if you were right.

Stay safe. Have a fun weekend.



Fondles said...

Ah, the ones i know -

Dog and Bone = phone
Army and navy = gravy

and I'm guessing :

alan wickers = knickers?
Queen mum = bum? cum? rum? LOL
China plate = mate? date?

Simon said...

Apologies if this appears twice but I got an error message the 1st time I tried.
Take a look, 3 piece suit, wife, stairs, telephone, knickers, not sure probably bum, mate, gravy, on my own and finally teeth.
In case you're wondering it's butchers hook-look and no I'm not a cockney.

Roz said...

Cockney slang does my head in lol

Have a butchers - have a look
Trouble and strife - wife
Dog and bone - phone
Apples and pears - stairs
Army and navy - gravy
Alan Wickers - knickers
Whistle and flute - suit

This was fun Ronnie, thank you. I knew some and guessed the others. Hope you have a great weekend:)


Hermione said...

Trouble and strife - wife
Apples and pears - stair
Whistle and flute - suit
China plate - late

That's all I know. Can't wait to see the others.


ronnie said...

Thanks for joining in. Seems between youu, you know most of them.


Bogey said...

You Brits are daft

Minielle Labraun said...

After I read all the comments all I need do is see who’s right or wrong… Lol, I’m asking my guy… he should know! 😉

ronnie said...

Minelle - You know now:) Thanks.