Monday, 31 May 2021

Busy Weekend

Busy weekend. The weather over the weekend has been lovely so we've been in the garden most of the time, tidying, weeding and planting. Visiting family today.

We were talking about overseas holidays last week and wondering if it will be possible for us to go. We're not sure but I do hope so as I miss my beach/sea holidays. Here's a re-post of a holiday we took in Portugal a while back and yes I did get spanked. 

We were holidaying on Portugal's Silver Coast and it was hot, we'd rented a villa but been on the beach all morning. A bit of swimming, reading, sunning and people watching, interspersed with idle banter. Both of us noted that no-one, including me, was bathing topless. I said I thought it was because that part of Portugal was still quite parochial and the girls were modest, and gorgeous as it happened, enviably so. But P had his own views; he said it was more likely because the menfolk in these parts spanked them if they exposed themselves. I smiled, I knew he was joking but he set my mind into thinking about testing his theory later.

So you can maybe already guess how things might unravel back at the villa later that afternoon, or maybe you can’t, I’m going to elaborate anyway. They unravelled with me taking a dip, me casting off my bikini top, him warning me there were neighbours about and me shrugging and saying I couldn't see any. They continued with him going to fetch some cold drinks and the camera and me tossing my bikini pants up to him as soon as he settled on his sun lounger, which made him jump as you can imagine cold water on hot skin would. Him coming to the side of the pool and calling me over. Me listening and smirking insolently while he told me he expected more modest behaviour and I'd better put my pants back on at least and throwing them into the water, and me ignoring them as they floated, telling him not to be such a prude.

Nonchalantly turning away from him was the straw that broke the camel’s back. It was followed by him making a big splash as he landed in the water right beside me and me feigning a wince as he grabbed my arm. Then guided me up the steps and marched me across the hot tiles to the villa.

''OK I'll put them on'' I said, ''No you won't, not until I've finished with you that is, and then you'll be only too willing to go and fetch them out of the water and put them on double quick,'' he said.

Ooooooooooooooh...I love it when he talks like that...I was going to get a good spanking.  It was hot inside but he shut the door and locked it, no disturbances. Then through the kitchen to the lounge, nice leather sofa with big soft arms, I was sure we were heading there but no, he led me across the lounge leaving a trail of water and into the downstairs bedroom.

''No I'll soak the bed!'' I said, but P wasn’t at all concerned.

''It'll be dry in no time in this heat,'' he said as he sat on the edge and pulled me down so I was half across his left knee and half on the bed.

''But I'm soaking wet'' I protested.

''Exactly how I want you,'' said he as he brought his hand down quite forcefully on my right cheek followed quickly by a volley of alternating slaps which got me starting to get quite wriggly until his hand must have tired or got bored and he paused to change from left hand holding with right hand spanking to the opposite. Different angle, different feel... different hand, different feel. Hands have characters of their own you know, my husband’s left often seems harder than his right although that could be because I'm already stinging by the time he switches to his left.

Anyway his left hand took charge of a spanking resumption and increase in wriggling and much 'Oh-nooooing' and pleeeaase-no-moreing' from me. When his strong right leg crossed over my two legs a few minutes later and secured my lower body firmly, there was no more wriggling and his right hand returned to the fray. I love and hate when I can’t wriggle any more; the subjugation is uncompromising and powerful, the pain accentuated.

''I told you to put your bikini pants back on but you defied me, didn't you?'' It didn’t need an answer. Gosh but this was hurting.

''And you turned your back on me when I was talking which was very rude.'' Rude moi?

“Ouch! Owww...OWWW!”

''Well I'm going to teach you a lesson”...spank spank... ''and I'll expect better behaviour from you”..,SPANK SPANK...“for the rest of the week!”

 My! It was really getting to me, wet is HOT and very OUCH and I was getting very noisy. We were going out to dinner later, I reminded him, and I wouldn’t be able to sit down if he carried on much more.

''It'll serve you right for being cheeky. Anyway I like seeing you shuffling around on the seat it's cute.'' Oh right, that's okay then, I thought.

He eventually stopped. Phew! We were both covered in sweat, he patted my bum and told me to clamber up onto the bed while he went over to the windows; there was one on each of two adjacent walls and between them they allowed a through draft. As he opened the second one he was directly behind me, I looked ahead into the full length wardrobe mirror and saw his reflection as he clipped the window fully open causing an immediate and heavenly waft of cool air.

I watched his reflection taking his shorts down as he looked out the window, nice bum still in trim. Then his reflection turned round. P tans easily, as I’ve said, and he looked dark and  muscular against the window light and I almost squealed with delight when I noticed his manhood standing fully erect. Oh my! In this world or another I must have done something very right, I thought, and in a couple of strides he was at the bed and I’d raised my bum invitingly to greet it. I was slick with lust and he penetrated me easily and quickly, and I clenched greedily in time with his thrusts. His hands grabbed my hips more for effect than need, then he gave my right cheek a couple of sharp slaps and said something deep throaty in Spanish being as he doesn't speak Portuguese, I don't know what it was but it tipped me over the edge and I started coming and how! I know I squirted and I know he felt it and that triggered him and I felt him grow urgent and those lovely hard thrusts as he emptied himself into me with a roar. I screamed, put my hand to my mouth and fell onto the bed, P still pulsing inside me and making no attempt to quell the guttural expressions which emitted in bursts from his lips as his spasms decreased.

''The neighbours...Sshhh!'' I said.

''Neighbours? Don't worry about the neighbours'' he laughed as he collapsed with me, two panting sweating entwined bodies exhausted and fulfilled. So, I smiled as I wallowed in post orgasmic heaven, the neighbours matter when I'm skinny dipping but not when P is rogering me. How unfair is that, I thought, as I let myself doze.

It was early evening when we woke, P had dozed too, the air was still warm. We showered and walked into town, strolled along the beachfront relaxed and leisurely, and ended up in a nice family run fish restaurant where we had local smoked swordfish and rosada grilled over charcoal. I made a point of asking one of the waitresses if I could have a cushion from one of the terrace seats as the wicker chairs were a bit hard. Actually it wasn't hurting as much by that time as I’d thought it might but I know P likes to think he's done a thorough job so I thought I’d humour him.

Later we moved on to the town square, surrounded by little bars, where they had some live fado music playing. I watched the local girls going about their work carrying food and trays of drinks to the tables, all bronzed all trim, all happy looking, and I thought about what P had said earlier about how men living in these parts treated their women. If it was true, which I doubted, I'd have had to say I was with them all the way.

Stay safe. Have a good week.



Roz said...

Hi Ronnie,

Glad you were able to enjoy a lovely weekend.

You do know how to tell a story. This was both funny and super hot! Always enjoy reading about the inventive ways you manage to engineer a spanking lol. Hope it isn't too long before you are able to repeat the holiday experience:)


morningstar said...

lovely read with my coffee this morning :) very nice indeed!

Unknown said...

Nice to dream of traveling, and a wonderful story of one of your spankings and love making in Portugal.
Hate to be the wet towel on your plans, but read on the BBC news that the Indian variant is becoming dominant in England, and warning that due to vaccines it may take longer to progress, but re-opening everything June 21 could lead to another worse wave than before! Be careful
bottoms up

Hermione said...

Such lovely memories! Thanks for sharing.


ronnie said...

Roz - Thank you for saying so. Keeping fingers crossed.

Morningstar - Thank you. Wishing you a wonderful summer at your camp site.

Red - I do hear and watch and I do know about the new variant and how it's spreading not just hear but other countries. Yes our Government is still planning to lift all restrictions on the 21st June. Personally I think far too soon. Thank

Hermione - Thanks, Good to have memories.