Wednesday, 14 April 2021

Gambler Me

So I got the winner of Saturday's Grand National, yea! I bet ten pounds (each way because P said it was best in a race where so many things could go wrong) so it cost me twenty pounds and P placed it online for me together with a little flutter of his own. We do this for fun every year the race runs like many a family does. I backed the rider really, Rachael Blackmore, not the horse and she won and I got so excited I was jumping out of my seat. First time a girl jockey has even won this world famous race.

P had backed Cloth Cap, the favourite which got pulled up near the finish after looking so good most of the way. He congratulated me and told me my winnings including my stake would be well over a hundred quid or better than a five-bagger as he put it, which is the sort of thing he gets excited about when talking stocks. The money didn't really sink in, I was just happy for Rachael, a girl, to have won. P said I would have been better off if I'd backed the second not the first. Hmm.

Later over dinner I brought the subject up again, saying if I'd got a five-bagger for a few minutes work that was good wasn't it, and it was fun too so I might do a bit more of that and leave my money in there or transfer it to another account in my name, and could he help me do that and show me how to work it. He looked at me as if I was from another planet.

"You must be stark raving mad, are you serious?" He asked. "It's just fun, it's done until next year. You can treat me to a meal from your winnings and still have some left over, that's when we're allowed to have meals indoors again of course."

Well I said he gambled on the stock market, why shouldn't I have a try, it seemed the returns could be every bit as good and in a very short time. And he's always saying time is money:)

I'm sure he didn't know whether I was joking or not but he said an absolute 'No' to me, he would not help, and in fact if he found I'd opened an account myself I'd get such a spanking I'd never want to gamble again. I furrowed my brow but didn't argue and we changed the subject.

I was joking as I knew what his reaction would be but I think I might just have a little look at how the gambling sites work, just to see. The thought of getting a really sound spanking is more exciting than the thought of winning.

Stay safe.



Roz said...

Congratulations on the windfall Ronnie! This made me smile, maybe a little more gambling would pay off, in more ways than one:)


Hermione said...

Congratulations, Ronnie! I was thrilled that a woman won the race forthe first time. I immediately thought of National Velvet but of course that didn't count because she fell off.

I bet on the Grand National once when we had a man from Britain in our office. He placed the bets for everyone.


PK said...

Haha! I love your attitude and I totally understand. Wish it would work that way for me.

Fondles said...

Haha, i'm not sure what the "real" gamble is here. Whichever way it goes, I think you'll end up a winner :)

Unknown said...

Fun to have the win, but always walk away. I have had some very fortunate wins, but have never really ever gambled. In olden times of cruising, we would use $1 each a couple of times on the penny slots, over the course of a long cruise. Once I won over 900US, which was on a last minute booking of a ten day re-positioning cruise, inside cabin. It paid for our cruise. I won this on the last night, just before the gambling was going to shut down.
Best to tell P that you should be rewarded with a spanking, for not going against his wishes.
bottoms up


I literally, less than an hour ago, finished listening to a radio 4 documentary about an Irish Guy who got hooked after winning 45 euros on a bet and ended up 900 000 euros in debt, before reading this post. Opt for the spanking instead :)


ronnie said...

Roz - Thanks. I'd get a very sore bottom is I did gamble again.

Hermione - Thanks. Gosh haven't seen National Velvet for yonks. Did you win on that bet:)

PK - I hope it works for me. Thanks.

Fondles - No, I don't think I'd loose:) Thanks.

Red - Lucky win on the penny slots. I might let it slip to P that I found someone else to help set up an account for me, that will surely get me spanked. Thanks.

Pref - LOL. I think I will. Thanks.