Wednesday, 3 March 2021

The best spankings

....are the ones that come naturally and unexpectedly and end with a dismissal. Well that's my opinion. Sometimes. The weekend just past being one of those occasions. I read somewhere, but didn't keep the link, that there are Type 1 and Type 2 spankings (I think it might have been Spanking Theatre) and to cut it short, Type 1 is a spanking during which sexual pleasure is experienced and Type 2 in which it is not although a while afterwards, which could be minutes hours or even days, sexual desires are kindled in retrospect.

So I got the Type 2. I got it on Saturday afternoon after an argument or rather during one being as we hadn't finished arguing when I got spanked. It was over something silly to start with, as is often the case, and then as more wood got piled on the fire and voices got raised and silly barely related matters were raised. It's me more than my husband who kicks off and what he calls 'petty' things to say whereas he stays firmly entrenched in his position and, if anything, becomes more logical which only infuriates me more because I don't have the same logic as him to hit back with hence the insults and stuff, most of which I know is untrue or unfair but I still say them.
It was all to do with our son's family moving house which they want to do before what they believed was going to be a stamp duty increase but we now know will not likely be the case. But that doesn't matter, commitments have been made which have involved us in several ways which I won't go into but they are significant. I know now that I had got the wrong end of the stick (pun not intended) on some of them but I didn't know that at the start of our argument and I was too heated during it to rationalise or back down.
Anyway P stopped talking, and decided enough was enough. He walked out of the lounge and put the snib on the front door (he only ever does that when he means business) as there was a chance our son might call over and he has a key, then he marched back into the lounge and over to the sofa where I was sitting still leaning forward on the edge of the seat  "I suppose you think you can solve everything with a good spanking, I know why you've locked the door, well you fucking well can't!" I said and made to get up. I intended to go upstairs but he caught my arm and held me there while he sat on the sofa himself and drew me across his lap. Futile struggling got me nowhere in fact it just made the humiliation worse. I should know that by now but I was angry and if I'd had the ability to hit out and I would have at that moment.
It didn't last long though. Within seconds he was spanking my backside, I had a thin linen pair of trousers on which did nothing to douse the sting and P spanked really hard using the full weight of his hand arm and upper body, I could tell he meant it. I was shouting a lot and I meant it too I wanted him to get the fuck off me and I told him I was going to sleep in the spare room tonight and maybe longer and he didn't even answer me. Instead he paused and I thought I'd stopped him in his tracks and I froze too waiting to hear what he had to say but all he did was reach round and unclip my trousers and drag them to my knees. and spanked harder than before in fact I think the hardest I can ever remember by hand and I didn't love it at all or get sexy or try to grind against his thigh or anything. Except scream and shout and struggle and eventually run out of puff and lay there taking it and sensing that he knew he'd spanked me enough. Then he stopped and told me to get up. I strode from the room sniffling and stomped up the stairs. In the bedroom I wanted to cry but couldn't in case he heard me.
It was a good two hours before I went back downstairs, by which time he was in the garden emptying plant pots. I didn't go out to help but I did knock the window and make a 'T' sign to him and he put his thumb up so I made him one and took it out and left it on the patio table for him. Peace offering.
When he eventually came back in he was completely normal, I think I must have looked sullen because he told me to put my face straight but I just said my bottom hurt. Which it still did and still was when we were eating dinner later but by then my 'Type 2' emotions were starting to come into play and we were talking normally but avoiding the subject which had caused the argument and we avoided it for the rest of the weekend. I have already apologised for the things I said and we've made up.

Stay safe.



Roz said...

Hi Ronnie,

I'm sorry you two had such a heated argument and am glad you have made up. I hope you are on the way to resolving the issues.

Emotions play such a big part in any spanking and where there is hurt or anger involved, it suddenly isn't sexy at all, at least in the moment.


Fondles said...

I don't have the ability to handle that kind of spanking. At most we'll fight, sulk and eventually we'll both apologise, and then at best I'll need a spanking to "say sorry" by.

But it HAS to be after, not during.

Hope that issues with the moving got sorted out and things are back to being on the up and up.

Hermione said...

You naughty girl, arguing with your husband. He ought to...never mind. He did. Type 2 spankings aren't as nice as type 1, but sometimes they are necessary.


morningstar said...

Ronnie - when I read your posts - especially ones like today - I feel like you're just talking to me/us... and I enjoy that style. I admire how you react to the discipline spankings.. and I keep thinking you two must have been doing this for a long time..... there's no real angst from either of you. it just IS... (ugh not sure I am explaining myself well)

I enjoy reading you .. don't think I tell you that enough :)

Red said...

We occasionally have that flare-up, but Cindy becomes too incensed to use a spanking implement. Her hand might be the solution, but she sprained a finger once, and it turned blue, and we had to go to emergency (claiming in dancing the hand hit the wall) so the hand is no longer an option. (I doubt the doctor bought the story)
If not incensed, simply mad or frustrated, then the nearest implement is almost always used.
Glad many people have the use of type #2 spankings to solve problems. They work! Sex two or three days later, is even more amazing.
Lastly, I remember a few conversations years ago, where you had stated you would never permit a discipline spanking. Times change, and for the better.
bottoms up

PK said...

I've always envied the way you do TTWD! It always seems so real to me - whether you are playing or serious. And I do like me some realism in TTWD.

Windy said...

Oh, I got in big trouble last week when I slept on the couch one night because I was mad. I paid the price and ended up with a Type 2 situation. So my eyes went wide when you said you threatened to sleep in the other room. Yeah, I knew that wasn't going to fly. Laughing. Glad it all worked out in the end. ;) Hugs, Windy And now I have to go look up the definition of "snib." Already learned Fondles, "Can't be arsed to cook" phrase today from PK's blog. Laughing.....

Minielle Labraun said...

I too enjoy the way you and P do TTWD. I also enjoy the realism that comes across. You definitely have more endurance than I do. It solves the issue and you move forward!

willie said...

Sometimes I take a long time to process emotions after that type of spanking. I think one issue is going from furious to exhausted then humbled. It's a lot for the mind and heart to take. I usually become very quiet for the rest of the day, not in a sulky mood, more a submissive type thing I guess.

Thanks for sharing a "when the rubber meets the pavement" type post. Accepting Ttwd is not easy when heightened emotions are involved, yet seems to be when it is needed most.


ronnie said...

Roz - All good now. We don't argue much and when we do it's all over very quickly with me being spanked:) Thanks.

Fondles - I never used to be able to handle spanking like that so I like that P takes charge when it's time for me to stop (as it's more me than him) and I get back to being my normal self, well if you can call me normal:) . Thanks.

Hermione - I couldn't help it and happily I don't get a lot of Type 2 spankings Thanks.

Morningstar. Thank you. It's just us and how we do spankings or should I say how P does the spanking when needed.

Red - Discipline is part and parcel of TTWD do now and I accept it with open arms. Sorry to hear about Cindy's finger. Thanks.

PK - That one was certainly serious and I'm glad that type doesn't happen very often. Thanks.

Windy - Oh dear. Things do come out of our mouths at the wrong time. I hope all's well with you now and you didn't have to much of a sore bottom. Snib:) some call it latch, clip or lock. Thanks.

Minelle - I'm happy that TTWD is in out life. Thanks.

Willie - I do understand about the emotions and I was the same but as we've been doing TTWD for quite a while, I get over that type of spanking pretty quickly.