Monday, 22 February 2021

Making My Feelings Known - Re-post

Where did the weekend go? It's not as if we were out and about, we can't, we are in lockdown, 

As I was so so busy then:) I didn't have time to write a post so here's one from a long time back.

I put a pair of P's white M&S trunks/pants, they're not boxers they're tighter fitting, made out of a material they call micro fibre on the packaging. They have a traditional men's fly at the front and they fit snugly.

It's a little signal between us that I need a spanking, I do believe I've mentioned it on previous occasions. The difficult bit is getting P to know I've got his pants on, I mean I can't just flash them in the office and it seems a bit silly to just say Oh by the way I've got your pants on. On occasions I've walked out of the bathroom wearing them or 'happened to be' changing in the bedroom when he's come in for something or other. None of those things were possible on Friday as he'd already left for work by the time I showered and decided to use his underwear.

Realistically the chances of me getting spanked weren't that great because our son has been getting home early just lately and unless he goes out later there isn't that much opportunity, but still a girl has to make her feelings known. I made my presence felt in the office all morning, saying things which didn't need saying, answering calls unnecessarily and transferring them to P with exaggerated efficiency, I even brought the communal hoover into the office because I'd noticed some dirt on the carpet near the external door, the one P uses on weekends. It made a noise and P asked me to do it later.

Then around 4.45 ish I followed my husband to the copy room, he had a sheaf of applications to photocopy, it isn't a big room, about the size of an average bathroom. I waited till I could hear the machine start then I went in, closed the door behind me and put my heel against it and slipped my arm around my husband's waist to his fly.

I asked him if he'd ever been masturbated whilst photocopying, as I pulled his zipper down and slid my hand inside.

"What on earth do you think you're doing?" he asked as I felt his cock stiffen in his pants and searched to see if he had a fly opening or not. He did and my dexterous fingers were inside in no time.

"Snap," I said.

"What?" said my husband, incredulous. "Cut that out now, right now, someone could walk in." (I knew I was pretty safe as Friday is an early finish and there was only 1 office left working.) I told him they couldn't actually because my foot was stopping the door but I removed my hand anyway, gave his cock a pat and said Ah well, perhaps another time then. And I was away back to our office but still I'm really glad there was no one waiting outside the little room as I could feel my face was a little flushed.

When P returned with his copies he turned the snib on the office door and came over to my desk. He asked me what I'd meant by 'snap' and what the hell was the matter with me today as he told me to stand up and he slid onto my chair and pulled me onto his lap. I didn't need to because he'd obviously put two and two together and was already lowering the zip on my suit trousers, he undid the waist fastener too and pulled my shirt aside.

"I thought as much," he said, "you've got my pants on. Get up!" He said it quite sharply.

He bent me forward over my desk and started spanking me across the seat of my his pants which were stretched very tight over my curves and are very thin as their name 'micro fibre' suggests.

He wasn't doing it all that hard but it was noisy and I told him to stop but he wouldn't, he said no one would hear because the office one side of us had left for the day and the other side had a large printer running (they do technical drawing) which was fairly noisy. So the spanking continued and I could feel myself getting wet and then he stopped, reached across me for the 12" helix ruler standing in my desk tray. I was about to tell him he couldn't when the first splat landed across my bottom with a deliciously wicked sting which made me gasp instead of remonstrate. I wiggled, I mean anyone would have, and then a flurry of strokes rained down on my bulging cheeks, I don't suppose it lasted more than half a minute but it was enough to thoroughly warm me.

Then my husband sat and pulled me back onto his lap and his hand was down inside the front of my pants (his pants), he didn't bother with the fly opening, and in a moment he was massaging my clit and working his fingers in my slit. The inevitable happened with indecent speed, I was starting to orgasm almost instantly, my poor swivel chair creaking under the strain then bashing against the wall behind my desk as P tried to hold me still. I gushed onto his hand, I felt it go, he did too and he just held me there until I'd calmed.

"Naughty girl," he said, "I think you needed that." He stood me up and went back to his desk. "Wouldn't mind a cuppa when you're ready, and better take the snib off the door lock" he said as he resumed his work.

I did need it, P, god I didn't expect it like that though.

Stay safe.

Have a good week.



Roz said...

Fabulous story, and hot Ronnie. I love your signal and giggled at P getting straight back to business afterwards lol


Fondles said...

Oh what a delicious account.

Yes, I'm with Roz on giggling at P's "back to work" efficiency!

Hermione said...

Oh my (fans self) that was HOT!!


PK said...

A story like that NEVER gets old. What a wonderful read to start my week.

Minielle Labraun said...

Oh goodnessRonnie! That was great, no matter old or not! It felt FRESH to me!

Anonymous said...

This male was looking for a woman to take the lead. Dating would be asked, especially in bed, what I wanted. When I opened up, the relationship was over. If I said nothing, just thinking, I would get an erection, she knew then I was holding back. Can't not figure what a woman wants to hear when she ask those types of questions. It was an older woman I was seeing, the question came up, I held back. We decided to spend a week on the coast. The second day, in the afternoon I walked onto the deck, naked, and she looked at me with surprise. Care to explain she said, I stood there, reminded her of what she had asked, and then finally said, I want a spanking. She said nothing, finally stood up, well that can be done, and since you are being naughty, now is the time. She gave me a spanking on the deck, a couple of people saw it. Then taken inside, to the bedroom, felt the sting of the hairbrush. We dated for another year, spankings when she decided. She and I split, a few months later dating a woman my age, she mentioned spankings. I came clean to her. We are married, spankings when she decides. So this male was honest, which got him in trouble, and it took a mature woman to understand. Jack

selkie said...

What an adorable story - absolutely loved it!!

1ManView said...

I guess this shows how long I have been around here. I remember this, and it is still an excellent one indeed. Thanks...👍

About the C-19 shot. Are they telling you which one you will receive? The two-shot or the one? I have doubts about the new information we are getting about the two-shot because we have a shortage of it thanks to many Yahoos. 😒

Take care🌹
Peace, hope, and happiness

ronnie said...

Roz - We've had that little signal for quite a while. Thanks.

Fondles - Spanking, making me cum and then straight back to work, very efficient:) Thanks.

Hermione - I bet not as hot as my bottom was after it. Thanks.

PK - Thanks. I'm happy you enjoyed it again.

Minelle - Thanks. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Jack - Sounds like you found your perfect match. Thanks.

Seklie - Hello to you. Thank you. I liked it as well:)

1ManView - You have been reading for quite a while. Thank you. Yes we are being told which. It's the Oxford one that I had and yes it's a two shot one 12 weeks apart. Studies have found that the Oxford jab is more effective when the dose is given 3 months apart. Who knows if that's true. I think our Government has handled the pandemic really badly, but the vaccine roll out they have got it right. We are slowly coming out of lockdown now