Wednesday, 21 October 2020

Choose Spanking

A reader sent me this and though I may like to share it with my readers - so here it is.  

Choose spanking.

Choose a slipper. Choose a cane. Choose a ruler. Choose a uniform. Choose a big whacking hairbrush.

Choose strictness. Choose submission. Choose one of a thousand different disciplinary fantasies.

Choose a disciplinarian to put you over their knee and pull down your pants or panties.

Choose to get excited, by the developing soreness in your hot reddening cheeks. 

Choose to squirm and moan, gasp and cry, as you get a good hard spanking on your naughty bare bottom.

Choose to stand in the corner afterwards, sobbing yet aching for attention, imagining what might happen next, will there be more or will you be dismissed. 

Choose walking down the street with a hot glow radiating beneath your jeans or skirt, your panties in another’s pocket, your erotic secret barely hidden, in plain sight of everybody yet only you really know. Your face your eyes your mannerism, your walk, tell tale signs and you imagine all must know.

Then choose to do it all again.

Choose the hot, stinging, throbbing pleasure and all that surrounds it.

Choose spanking.

Bonnie located the source. Spanking Theatre. Bonnie  thanks.

Stay safe.



Roz said...

This is awesome Ronnie, thank you to you and your reader for sharing. Hope you are having a great week.


PK said...

Lovely, absolutely lovely!

Hermione said...

Very eloquent, and so true of you are one of the believers.


Bonnie said...

I do choose spanking, in all of these permutations and more. I love this.

I located the original source here. Thank you for sharing it.

Socially distanced hugs,

ronnie said...

Roz - I liked it it. Thanks.

PK - Happy you liked it. Thanks.

Hermione - Yes. I'm glad my reader sent it to me.

Bonnie - Thanks to my reader for spotting it. Bonnie, thanks for letting us know where it came from.