Monday, 28 September 2020

Sweating on another lockdown possibility

I don't know how our UK government, in all its seeming incompetence, is going to act in the days and weeks ahead regarding covid-19, more than a quarter of our citizens are already in tight lockdown again and the rest of us curtailed in our activities with our mop-haired PM telling us he will act at a moment's notice to clamp down on the whole nation if 'the science' says it's necessary. Truth is, in my opinion (and that is influenced a little by P), they don't know what they're doing and make one blunder after another, the latest being students returning to unis to spread the virus far and wide. Incredible! Oh and their 'world-beating' covid app which they introduced last week doesn't work:)

Anyway, rant aside - and please let me make clear that we do and would support absolutely any action which protects lives it's just I don't trust these imbeciles to make the right decisions - I have to declare a little selfish interest in any further actions which are imposed. Because next week we've got a mini break booked, we're going to a log cabin in Hampshire with son and DIL, lots of fresh (chilly) air, woodland walks, cosy curfewed pubs and a few sights to visit which we haven't seen before. And last but not least a little nearly-two-year-old (who thinks she's much older) granddaugher to have fun with.
Oh and spanking, yes P has warned me there will be spanking, there's plenty of space between cabins so no problem in that regard. So why am I sweating? Because if we get another full lockdown dropped on us suddenly it could be cancelled completely and I will be gutted. So fingers crossed.

Stay safe and have a good week.


the long bean said...

I do hope the yUK's incompetent government does not mess up your holiday plans.

In Greece (where I live) we have seen an increase in cases during the last 2 months but they were and are taking action as appropriate. The full lockdown (March to June) was properly enforced, and at the start all businesses were visited by the police to initially advise whether they could stay open and later to check the social distancing measures taken. It was as if every house was in quarantine; to leave the house you had to send a text with the reason and carry your phone and ID in case the police asked you for it, with the penalty of €100 for non compliance.

Roz said...

Hi Ronnie,

My fingers and toes are crossed for you that you will be able to continue with your trip. It sounds lovely...and promising:)


Jake x said...

I think this is such a complex and fast moving issue with many unknowns and also many individuals or groups who are either intent on their own situation or who don’t give a fig about the greater good. So I’m slightly more sympathetic to the government... and I’m not a Boris fan, who, whatever they do will be criticised from all quarters. For example I think their furlough support has been generally well thought through and quickly delivered. This is a unique situation in our lifetimes and we must all do what we can, not only for ourselves but for our communities. At least spanking is still permitted in groups of 6 or less, so we still have some pleasures! 😊
Jake x

Minielle Labraun said...

Oh hon I sure hope you get your trip! You guys are doing everything possible to be safe. These days are hard and complicated by individuals throwing all caution to the winds to further their own fun.
Hope you get that spanking!

selkie said...

Here in Canada in much the same situation. Our premier badly messed up the return to school for students - who have been off since beginning of March. Government had SIX MONTHS to put plans in place - hire extra teachers, do structural work on schools (many of which are ancient and would need new ventilation installed and sorted), work out schedules so there is minimal overlap - but instead, at the end of August, they start bleating about this plan and that plan, spend thousands upon thousands on stupid ads saying how wonderful they are and now our numbers have QUADRUPLED in less than a month....

Hermione said...

I hope your lovely break won't be cancelled.

Our numbers are slowly increasing again, but at least in our area the public health is very much on the ball, tracing each new case. They seem to be coming from people outside our area bringing the virus in. I'd better stock up on groceries in case our family infects us at Thanksgiving.



I hope that you get to go on your break. I can attest from recent experience that a holiday from all these woes does one a world of good. I hope to read about you getting spanked in a log cabin too, if the circumstances are right and you feel you deserve it :)


Enzo said...

Every country and region is different so I'm not sure how "tight lockdown" would be in your area?
Even in the times when we were at the highest numbers (we are currently in a steady decline now), families were still visiting each other and vacationing together. It wasn't "advised", but it also wasn't directly banned; and that has probably been one of the reasons that keeps things lingering here, lack of clear guidance.

an English Rose said...

Hi Ronnie, fingers crossed. We think it will be a half term lockdown😞. The powers that be are making some ridiculous rules now. I agree the universities should have stayed shut, the kids don't seem to care, just glad to be away from restrictions I am guessing. Hope you have fun if you manage to get away
Love Jan.xx

morningstar said...

OH I do hope you get to have your holiday!! It does wonders to improve one's morale - especially if said holiday involves a spanking in a cabine :)

ronnie said...

Long Bean - So do I. Is it easier on restrictions for Greece now? Thanks.

Roz - Please keep them crossed:) Thanks.

Jake - I do agree, but our Government acted far too late to lock us down. PM today, could even remember the rule of 6. Yes thank goodness for the pleasure of a spanking. Thanks.

Minelle - We really could do with a few days away. So hoping. Thanks.

Selkie - Seems a lot of countries just didn't act quick enough. Thanks.

Hermione - We have local lockdowns. Pubs/restaurants close at 10.00 at the moment. Yes stock up. I hope you have a lovely Thanksgiving. Thanks.

Prefectdt - I'm happy you enjoyed your break. Even if I don't deserve a spanking, I shall expect one:) Thanks.

Enzo - Our area is medium risk and no real tight restrictions. Were are lucky here compared to the North as they have tight restrictions as does Wales. Thanks.

Jan - Hello. I did hear about possibility of a half term lockdown. I know Boris is giving us an upate tomorrow. See what he says. Thanks.

Morningstar - I'm keeping everything crossed. Thanks.


the long bean said...

Ronnie, To answer your question It depends where you are.

The Highest figures are in Attica which is Athens, surrounding area include the Saronic Islands. This area counts for nearly 65% of new cases. There is a curfew for bars etc of midnight closure and enhanced distancing regulations.

There are cases on Crete the Aegean and Ionian Islands, usually the daily count for them can individually be counted on one hand. For some of these island there are restrictions on bars, restaurants and clubs relating to social distancing and in the more touristy and party areas.

In addition to the local lockdowns and curfews mentioned above, there are standard rules for the country like the distancing in shops, wearing facemasks on all transport, shops and public buildings.

Please email me (beanpoleuk at hotmail dot com) if you want specific advice or for the daily figures and breakdowns this link seems a pretty reliable source-

ronnie said...

Long Bean - Thanks and thanks for the link. Will check it out when I have more time.