Wednesday 15 July 2020

Yes! Yes! Please.. Now!!!

I begged my husband to thrash me and thrash me hard right at the tipping point when it could just about be stopped but you don't want it to be because it's building pressure and starting to take over mind and body. I'm talking about an orgasm, a mind blowing gushing wet one which coursed through me and left me panting, sweating, smiling dementedly and repeating fuck fuck fuck as I returned to earth.

I don't do that (what an idiot thing to say when I recently have:)) sort of thing. I mean plan a spanking orgasm. In fact years ago I would have said I would be unable to get one and actually I think if I tried to plan one it would fail because a lot of things have to fall into place in just the right way for it to happen. I mean the actual pain caused by spanking doesn't do it, if it did I'd just buy a spanking machine and have as many orgasms as I wanted, lol. It's much more complicated than that, I have to be feeling good, I have to be 'connected' with my husband, it can't be punishment but it has to be real, there has to be talk, mostly from him, stern words, threats, admonishment and it has to build and be given time to. Oh and there are nuanced phrases which guide the direction I'm going in and as I get nearer the finish line there are trigger words, words which can make my legs squirm and my throat grunt unintelligibly.

Anyway I was getting spanked, obviously, the reason was minor and it was just a few swats to start with and most likely would have ended that way if I hadn't 'complained' that it was short and sweet. P got the drift and said something like me being a little spank slut and wanting more. His hand was resting on my bottom, I was still across his lap, and I pushed up into it and said what if I am?

"Well I'll show you what happens to little sluts who ask for more," he said and resumed spanking me, increasing the force and livening up his rhetoric to include wanton, greedy, naughty, perverted, conniving etc etc, ah yes and 'slut' was heard quite a bit. I loved it all and played to it with exaggerated body language and whimpers to encourage him to go further.

After a while I didn't need to exaggerate at all, I was getting wet and rubbing my groin as best I could against P's thigh. He noticed of course and told me if I made his trousers wet I wouldn't sit down for a week and I rubbed harder and said I hoped they got very wet. P stopped spanking and reached across to the shelf on the bookcase where one of our paddles lay, he told me there was only one way of dealing with a girl like me and that it would have to be a really sound thrashing. Music to my ears and he started spanking me with the paddle. Hard but not so hard that it quelled what was building inside me. He told me that he'd be checking his trousers shortly, in fact he'd check my knickers (I still had them on) first and if they were wet he'd assume his trousers were too and then I'd be in real trouble. I said go on then, check, and he stopped paddling and put his hand between my legs. I'm sure I squirted as he did, he told me I was disgusting and I asked him what he was going to do about it.

"You need it hard really hard, don't you you little slut." It wasn't a question more a statement of fact and I told him that I thought I did and that I was going to come any second and please keep his hand between my legs. He didn't of course.

Instead he retrieved the paddle and told me if I showed the slightest sign of cumming he'd take my knickers down and really give me what for. And that was when I knew I was at that point and I begged him to do it then, to give me what I deserved and to do it hard. P took hold of my knickers and dragged them roughly to my thighs and I was past the point of no return and started cumming even as he brought his paddle down again on my tender wanton greedy bottom, telling me to stop being a slut and he'd teach me a lesson I'd never forget. He spanked me through several seconds of intense ridiculous orgasm and slowed the strokes down as my energetic thrusting ebbed away and I lay exhausted on his lap saying fuck fuck fuck.

Was it better than a penetrative orgasm or cunnilingus, I wouldn't want to make comparisons, all I know is that when they happen, when all the stars are aligned, they're very very nice.



Roz said...

Whoa Ronnie, wow, that was so hot! Just wow, lucky girl!:) This sounds amazing. I have never orgasmed from spanking, but it sure leaves me primed lol.

Off for a cold shower now! Better yet, off to find my man :)


Hermione said...

Oh my, that was some spanking! I've never had that happen to me, but am hoping that some day...


AJ said...

You celebrated Bastille Day very well. You provided a hot time and P seems to have had a good time.

PK said...

Sounds like an amazingly wonderful session!


OK. I'm very, very jealous now :)


Fondles said...

phoowee that was hot. it sounds like a perfect spanking!

ronnie said...

Roz - Very happy I managed it. Thanks.

Hermione - I hope you do. Thanks.

AJ - Win win for both. Thanks.

PK - Oh my it was. Thanks.

Prefect - Sorry didn't mean to:) Thanks.

Fondles - Perfect all round. Thanks.


Our Bottoms Burn said...

That does not happen very often and I suppose that is what makes it so special. For me, just being here when it happens is quite exhilarating, to be a part of it, to have played my bit in making it happen. Talk about a tops high.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely marvelous! Who wouldn't want to have that experience, whether female of male on the receiving end?

Best regards, Graham

Anonymous said...

I would like to add that for those of you who would like to be spanked to orgasm but haven't yet had that occur, I think it is possible for most people who enjoy being spanked to achieve that experience. While it my sometimes happen by accident for some folks, for many others it takes just the right atmosphere and approach. Certainly, for male spankees, orgasm can easily be achieved during a good spanking just by choosing a position where he will be getting just minimal pressure on the "key" part even if he's not actively humping. For women, it's a bit more difficult, but I've still found it's possible though not as predictable as for men. At the very least, it's possible to bring her to the verge where literally a few seconds of touching will put her over the edge.

Apologies if I've run on too much. This is the longest response I've ever written, but it's a fun topic and I had much experience as a single man lo these many years (decades) ago!

Ciao! Graham

Anonymous said...

A delightful read! Glad you both are having so much fun, and sharing with us. I can see a new volume coming (cuming) for your diaries.
bottoms up