Wednesday, 26 February 2020

Unacceptable prospect

My husband told me on the weekend he couldn't spank me because his shoulder was playing up. I mean there were circumstances surrounding why this revelation came about but I'm just getting to the point because it is so serious and unacceptable and ridiculous, I could hardly believe my ears and thought he was joking at first. But he wasn't and he went on to explain that he couldn't raise his right arm in certain positions without incurring quite a bit of pain in his right shoulder. He said he'd experienced it before, more than once, and it had lasted a few weeks before fading away and he hadn't known why it had started or how it had healed.

Well that was all news to me and needless to say I had a lot of questions, primarily concerning his wellbeing but then, when I was assured that he wasn't in constant pain or anything like that, what was causing it and how long had it been going on this time and how come he hadn't said anything etc etc. He told me it had started mildly around Christmas time and he hadn't mentioned it because he thought he could work it off and in fact there had been periods when it was barely noticeable but recently it had been more troublesome, so much so that he'd consulted with google to try and find out what it could be. He hasn't found out but what he has found out for sure, via our own NHS website, is that 'working through' such pains is unlikely to be a solution and in fact could cause further damage and further extend healing time.

Now P, in spite of a forever back problem which crops up occasionally, is reasonably fit, he gets plenty of exercise even does pushups although they're suspended at the moment. He doesn't like fuss and doesn't like doctors, he's seen countless physios over the years including consultants and declared nearly all of them to be useless money grabbers, but I think he needs some help with this, an x-ray at least might be a good start. He said he'll go next week but it won't be till the end of the week because he's busy and we have our granddaughter mid week and he doesn't let stuff get in the way of that.

I told him I'll book it for him because knowing him, he'll forget or shrug it off again. I asked him if it was hurting now and he said no not at all. It only got to him in certain positions and when it did it was acute. I asked him if it had hurt when he'd spanked me for instance and he said it had sometimes and he'd adapted positions to compensate for it but I probably wouldn't have noticed. I hadn't. He said he could probably handle short arm strokes but not really free swinging stretchy ones but I said no don't do any until you've been and got an x-ray. How sensible is that, of me I mean, foregoing spanking for the greater good, long term good of course.

Then he got bored talking about it and laughed and said if the worse came to the worse he'd learn to spank left handed. I said no, just get the shoulder sorted, it would be a shame to waste a good right arm. He gave me a hug with it and it felt reassuringly strong. The prospect of losing its, ahem, corrective powers was just unthinkable.



Roz said...

Oh goodness Ronnie, spanking arm out of action? No!

Seriously though, ouch, poor P. I agree it definitely needs investigation, and rested until it has been checked out.

Sending positive vibes for fadt fast treatment and a fast recovery, for both your sakes!


PK said...

I don't like this. It's not like you can spank him if he doesn't get himself to the doctor. But I know he wants to get that shoulder working as it should so hopefully he's follow through. Keep us informed.

Aimless Rambling said...

Be sure to keep on top of it, and make him go get that x ray. It's recurring and best to get an answer. It was Ray's arthritis in his hands and wrists that curtailed our spanking fun. Oh the glories of the golden years.

Red said...

This is not good news about P's shoulder. Has the family doctor requested x-rays, as it would seem appropriate. Hope he recovers soon. Obviously, tongue in cheek with this one, the contact of his hand always spanking your hard bottom has impacted his shoulder.
Definitely recommend he switch to the cane only using his left hand. I am certain he can make it to be very effective. The cane is very thin, and the target is a perfect size, so he cannot miss. (insert smiley face)
bottoms up

O&P Spanking Stories said...

Or a switch, requires no more than wrist action...

ronnie said...

Roz - Appreciate that. Thanks.

PK - He thinks the X-Ray would show anything but we'll see. Thanks.

SG - I'm on the case:) Thanks.

Red - No, left hand wouldn't work with the cane. Thanks.

Bridgitte - Could work. Thanks.


Hermione said...

Using his other arm was my first thought, but then it probably wouldn't be half as effective. Ron is very one-sided :)

You really must book an appointment if P "forgets". Is he taking pain-killers or anti-inflammatory drugs?


1ManView said...

When a woman love a man, she will do what she has to do … he-he..
Hopefully it's about just getting old. (Did I say that?) Or maybe he should stop picking up that grand-daughter so much. My grand daughter is one year old now. She started walking a month ago. We forgot how much a beginner walker can get into. …

peace and love

Anonymous said...

I hope all is well for your husband. Getting pain checked is best.

ronnie said...

Hermione - he has used his other arm and yes not as effective. No pain-killers at the moment. Thanks.

IMV - One year old, where did that time go. Ours is 14 months and I definitely know about the walking. Thanks.

JL - Definitely. Thank you.