Wednesday, 12 February 2020

In with the New - A Twitter Edition from Bonnie

Spanking Twitter finds from Bonnie. Enjoy.

An insatiable, kinky, naughty, good little girl in a big world who loves getting spanked, and occasionally enjoys spanking naughty girls.

My Spanking Stories
Stories about people who love to be spanked and to spank.

Tits McGee
Proud little one, spanko, and brat.

Derelict Enough
Celebrating the smacking of bottoms, those who smack them and those who happily receive.  May we all exist in peace to indulge our kinks and perversions.

Zack Thomas
Spanker/top, disciplinarian, lifelong spanko, taken, fit, and daddy to his wife.

Tiana Irie
Switch / spanko / princess / brat.

Arlie Spanked
Arlie is always getting in trouble so Daddy has an excuse to punish her.

Scarlett Sass
Acerbic wit. No tolerance for disrespect. Erotic not explicit.

Miss Lemony-Rose Cordell
25 yo with a penchant for spanking and all manner of kinky play.

Taner Hyde
Spankings leave a woman's bottom glowing hot, painfully sore, relentlessly stinging, and brilliant red.

White Ankle Socks
White socks spanko adventures.

Keagen S
Hardcore spanko. Gypsy soul. Martial artist. Not much else matters.

Texas Paddle Guy
Lifelong complete spanko in a vanilla world. Looking for a female to assign self spankings for misbehavior.

Spanking LoverAustrian spanko twitter.

Strawberry Spanko
20 year old Lesbian spanko bottom / switch.

Red Buns
Married domestic discipline couple. Nothing but love.

Spankings are magical, mood shifting, brain-fixing bliss. Also, beautiful erotica enchants Lilah to pieces.

Steve 008
Dedicated to spanking in all its permutations.

A submissive woman who likes roleplay, needs discipline, writes erotic fiction, and has spanking on her mind a lot.

Bonnie, thank you.



Roz said...

That's a great list! Thank you Bonnie and Ronnie:)


Zack Thomas said...

Thank you so much! Everyone on this post is a treat to converse.

Warm hugs and happy spankings!
~ Zack

Jay said...

Hope you don’t mind, but I shared this one on my Twitter account! Thank you, Ronnie and Bonnie, for sharing! (@JayRelativity)

ronnie said...

Roz - Thanks.

Zack - Thank you.

Jay - Not at all. Cheers.