Monday 21 October 2019

A Smile for Today

I think he must have refused to do the dishes.........but changed his mind a bit sharpish after their chat:)

Have a good week.


Picture found over at Consensual Spanking.


Roz said...

Wow, that is one purple butt! Very nice Ronnie. Hope you have a great week:)


Hermione said...

What a cute apron! It's probably hiding his erection:)


Anonymous said...

I'm sent to the "corner" after a spanking. If someone calls, she will tell them that I'm being and spanked and will call back. If someone drops in, the spanking continues. What i dread and hate the most and plead with her, is that I have to wear my jammies as she calls them the rest of the day. Naughty little boys in my home she states will not be going anywhere and will be ready for an early bed time.

Ella said...

Hermione's comment was spot on! Thanks for the pic, Ronnie.

Hugs Across the Pond,

Anonymous said...

Second F/M post in a row, are you having thoughts of putting P over your knees?

Aimless Rambling said...

I agree that Hermione's comment is probably spot on.

Anonymous said...

Some day, you will have to live your dream of spanking P, and rest assured that if he ever agrees, your bottom will be spanked frequently at least a few times each week for many weeks to come.
What a wonderful WIN WIN situation.
Thanks for the shout-out
bottoms up

Anonymous said...

The Heart and Soul of our marriage is when My wife knew she needed to be the head of the household. The marriage is strong, we are financial secure, what more could anyone ask for. It all started when my wife said a spanking would do me good. I looked at her, that is funny. A couple of days later wanting to have some sex, I walked into the front room after dinner, naked, smiling, she smiled got up and said in the bedroom. She sat on the bed, and said a spanking first, I went over her lap, and learned quickly she was not joking and when she picked up the hairbrush I pleaded I learned my lesson. Today when told I have a spanking coming, I try to get out of it, but soon do as told, go to the bedroom, undress and wait for her. I must have the chair pulled from the dresser and her hairbrush laying on the seat of the chair. Once she is done with the spanking, I quickly go to the front room, face the wall, no talking or rubbing. Our marriage is strong because of this. Jack

ronnie said...

Roz - lOL. I think they went a little too far with the crayon. Thanks.

Hermione - I think you could be right. Thanks.

Anonymous A - You will have to stop being naughty. Thanks.

Ella - I think if she found he had, he would be getting another spanking. Thanks.

Anonymous - LOL. No. Just like to mix with M/F and F/M. If I found any F/F or M/M I would post them. Thanks.

SG - Hello. Yep I think she is. Thanks.

Red - Been there and done that:) Thanks.

Jack - Happy you have a strong marriage. Thanks.