Friday, 7 September 2018

Well how unfair!

So I got spanked, it was on Saturday actually and I still wasn't sure if my blog was safe to use or not. I was doing regular things but in an irregular order, amazing how not doing things blog-connected changed my timetable. Anyway, I was about to iron some jeans on Saturday morning, something I never do. I was doing it in the lounge not the kitchen, something I rarely do, not in the utility room because we don't have one:)

To cut it short I dropped my iron on the floor before I'd even started on the jeans but after the iron had reached full denim temperature. It burned the carpet. I jumped to keep out of the way of it and fell over in the process, didn't hurt myself but by the time I got up and lifted it we had singed carpet. P was out but when I heard his car on the drive I made sure to be near the front door to forewarn him when he came in that I'd had a little accident. He could smell the singed wool smell anyway, I saw his nose twitch. He looked me up and down saw I was physically intact, then asked me if I was ok, I confirmed I was, then he went upstairs with some boxes. He shouted down from the landing:-

"Mug of tea then please, I'll be down to inspect in five minutes."

Shit, I wish he'd just put the boxes down and come into the lounge right away and get it over with. I made the tea, he was down shortly after and into the lounge. "Christ it must have been sitting there a while," he said. I told him it was and explained that I'd fallen over hence the delay. He asked again if I was sure I was ok, I was, then he wanted to know how it had happened and how come I was ironing jeans I'd got loads of jeans and I never ironed on Saturdays. I didn't know how he could know that but didn't want to challenge him. I said my schedules were disrupted by losing my blog. He said I hadn't lost it, it was a temporary precaution, but in any case he couldn't understand why I was doing it and in particular where I was doing it as I had to stretch to access a power point. Oh dear, forensic investigation, I rarely win when those start. I quickly said we could put a nice rug over the burn, trying to put a positive on the situation. P didn't think so, wrong position, I knew he was right.

"It'll be a new carpet then," he said, "and it's less than a year old." I gulped and said I was sorry I hadn't done it on purpose. I think he could hear the croakiness in my voice because he put his mug of tea down and came across and put his arm around my shoulder and said, "Don't worry about the carpet, its just a bit of wool, you could have hurt yourself but you didn't and that's the main thing. You're more valuable than any amount of carpets." I felt melty. 

"But I'm afraid I'm going to have to spank you, I won't have my woman endangering herself, you need to be more careful."

I thought he would take me upstairs but instead he had me over his lap on the sofa. He said best done right away. He lectured me of course as he was taking my pants down and carried on throughout the spanking, I think his words hurt more than the spanking, which I really felt I deserved to get and a lot harder than he did it. The carpet had cost quite a bit although our bedroom carpet had been on the same bill, but even so I thought it would be quite an expense.

I was on the verge of tears when he stopped and let me up. I went to stand but he pulled me onto the seat next to him. He could see I was upset, his arm came round me again and he hugged me, then said his tea had gone cold told me to be a good girl and make him another. Then, and this was the bit that got me, he said:-

"I'll put a claim in on the insurance, it's been ages since we had anything off them, I think it was power cuts at the old house, so they can fork out, no problem."

I thought you bugger, you could have said that earlier. I still went and made him his mug of tea though:)

Have a fun weekend.



Anonymous said...

Ha! Any excuse for a spanking!

I love it!


Roz said...

Hi Ronnie,

Oh gosh, this could have been so much worse. Thank goodness you didn't hurt yourself, well, other than a sore bottom :) How annoying about the carpet, but hey, as P said, insurance should cover it.

I love how P handled it. How reassuring he was, even though he did spank you.


Minielle Labraun said...

I love the melty words. You are more important!
P knows what you need and takes care of you!
Now- he’s also up for spanking you even when he had the solution ito your worry!
Hope you have no more falls, and iron accidents!

Hermione said...

All's well that ends well! It's easy enough to have an iron fall off the board if you aren't careful.

But honestly? You iron jeans? Not something I ever thought of doing. I had a friend who ironed all her panties, so maybe not so unusual after all.


Red said...

Wonder about the insurance bit, as whenever you make a claim they raise your insurance rates , and they stay higher for years.
The spanking helped settle the problem, as being on the verge of tears from a simple (not significant) spanking proved you were very upset.

good lesson: iron only when absolutely necessary, and jeans are never needed to be ironed.

bottoms up

Aimless Rambling said...

He said and did all the right things. Such a gem.

Fondles said...

Bugger indeed. Any excuse to get in a spanking eh?

ronnie said...

Roz - I couldn't believe it happened. Thanks.

Minelle - He's a love:) Thanks.

Hermione - How do you not iron jeans? Thanks.

Red - Will we will re insurance. Jeans always need iron, well mine does. Thanks.

SG - He did indeed. Thanks.

Fondles - He is a bugger at times. Thanks.


NoraJean said...

Ironing!? .... I thought that's what dryers were for ... lol ... seriously tho', I can understand your distress at burning a carpet ... not a trivial thing. It would make sense that you'd be in or near tears after the spanking. Happy for you that P focused on your well being rather than the carpet ... nj ... xx

Lindy Thomas said...

Thank goodness the only thing that was hurt was your tushy Ronnie, after the spanking. That could have been quite serious if you had burnt yourself. Oh your man is sweet with his words.
Hugs Lindy xx

Rosie Jones said...

So glad you weren’t hurt, Ronnie. I guess P spanked to make you feel better, he knows you so well.
I iron jeans too.
Rosie xx

Ozarkhillbillyhippie said...

Honesty I knew someone who insisted on having a crease in all their clothes even denim

Yorkie69 said...

Of course, I am glad you are unhurt and that nothing worse happened.


ronnie said...

NoraJean - I couldn't believe I did it. I don't have a dryer, don't like them. Thanks.

Lindy - Hello. He knows me well:) Thanks.

Rosie - Thank. Yes it was a spank to say be more careful next time. I'm glad there is someone else who irons their jeans:)

Richard - I would hate that. Thanks.

Yorkie - All was well. Thank you.