Monday, 13 August 2018

The Redder the Better

What a stupid thing to say, especially coupled with 'spank hard'. Or maybe not a stupid thing per se, but when your husband hears you say it, and out loud and clear, not to him but to hundreds or thousands of people, you've got a problem. If your husband happens to be like mine you have, anyway.

I've commented often that P rarely looks at my blog, at least that's what he tells me and I think it's true. He visits it if I've got some technical glitch or something I particularly want to draw his attention to but that's about it. Well on Friday he visited it by mistake, he clicked on a bookmark (he has mine in a cluster) and got my blog in error. Its front page showed an upturned spanked bottom with the advice to 'spank hard' and 'the redder the better'. He didn't say anything to me about it but he must have had the devil in him and thought it was funny, or that it would be funny, if he put it to the test. So on Saturday, starting with a really evil post-shower spanking in the morning and culminating with an early evening paddling about thirty minutes before we had dinner guests arrive, I got my own tongue-in-cheek advice applied to my own posterior.

I got it four times. The post-shower one hurt a lot, it always does after a shower, and he told me at that time why he was doing it, that he was sort of putting my theory to the test. I told him I was just joking, that online stuff was different to real life etc etc, it didn't have to be taken literally. "Oh, so you don't really mean what you say on your blog then?" He was quick to respond, clearly enjoying my dilemma. He had me over a barrel, well his lap to be precise, in our little office, and I couldn't really argue my way out of it. I have to point out this was all good natured but I also have to point out that it was very hard and due to get harder although I didn't know it at that time. After P let me up and I stood red faced rubbing my bottom through my robe, I thanked him for showing an interest and went off to the bedroom to dress. He followed me in a couple of minutes later, I'd just put knickers and bra on and was brushing my hair. He asked me if I was being sarcastic when I'd thanked him for showing an interest. I might have smirked a little bit when I said "Not at all, P would I do that?"

He put me over his knee half on the bed and locked my legs with his, took my knickers down as far as they would go with his leg in the way, and spanked me again. Longer than it had been in the office and with a lot more words, redder the better, hard, taste of own medicine, see how it feels in practise etc etc...he was having a field day. I was getting a sore bottom. That was my second spanking of the day and it made my eyes water and left me very warm.

We went out together because he wanted some specific food shopping for the evening and I wanted to go to Next because a friend had told me they had some good deals on baby clothes. P asked me in the car how I felt, did I think my advice was good. He had his hand on my thigh as he was asking and the pain in my backside had receded to a warm glow. I told him I felt fine thanks and smiled and put my hand over his. "But you do have very strong hands you know, I'm not sure they would be right for every girl," I said. "Hmm well not every girl is getting them," was his reply.

We each did our thing, had a coffee in John Lewis and returned to the car. He put his hand on my bum as I leaned into the boot to tuck my shopping neatly. "Not red enough," he said. I stood up and told him I was sure it was but he knew better apparently. He said nowhere near enough heat. I told him colour and heat were two different things but he told me they correlated where spanking was concerned and he knew best. He told me he'd be correcting it when we got home. I felt my face cheeks flush that was for sure and my heart jumped a bit.

So back home after a cup of tea and P doing some preparatory work in the kitchen, I got my third spanking of the day. I suppose about four hours had passed since my second spanking but I was still tender from it. Luckily I was also sexed up by whatever chemistry spankings induce in me by then, so although it was no less hard than earlier I was able to handle it better and even managed to be a little bit sassy when P asked me whether I still thought 'redder the better' was the right way. I asked him if he could please show me a photo and I'd let him know. He couldn't because we were in the bedroom and no phone but that got me extra hard spanks which made me squirm and wriggle a lot and squeal for him to please stop. Which he did eventually, with his hand on my bottom, checking the temperature he said. "Oh I can tell you it's very hot, and so am I." I meant it too, my backside was on fire and I wanted to rub but I had an urgent heat of another sort between my legs which needed attention too. P knew it and turned me over. The duvet was cool against my cheeks. I went to put my hands under my bottom but P pushed them aside and told me no touching no rubbing, he wanted my bottom still burning while he did what he was going to do. Then he eased my legs apart and went down on me. Oh fucking hell! If ever I die of a heart attack I hope it's like this! There was a damp patch on the duvet after we got up, I don't know if it was my spend or his saliva, probably both.

I got my fourth spanking with Bogeys paddle, as I said not long before our guests were due. I didn't want it, you never do after you've orgasmed. P insisted though, he said he really wanted to know if I still thought 'spank hard' and 'redder the better' were right in all circumstances. I quickly told him no, no, definitely not, I should have qualified it. I thought he would change his mind and let me off but he didn't. Instead he used that evil little paddle on me, god it hurts, especially on top of the three spankings I'd already had and the orgasm which turned me inside out. He only stopped when I lied and said I thought I'd heard a car on the drive. He went and looked from the office and came back to say it was just a neighbour. Then he told me to turn round so he could see me in the light of the window. What he really meant was to see my bottom in the light of the window. He told me it was very red. I said I believed him, I didn't need a picture, I could really feel it. My husband said, "Well it suits you very nicely, ripe and red, pity we've got guests due and I need to get some stuff in the oven. Perhaps tomorrow we could start again." He was smiling as he said it but I felt my face go flush for the umpteenth time that day.

Have a good week.



Fondles said...

Oh well, i suppose whatever you put on your blog CAN come back and get u in the ass! As for admitting that u lied about saying you heard a car in the driveway- maybe you want to edit that bit out if your post before P accidentally reads it here! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh my, that's fantastic! A thorough spanking (or two!) Really does encourage the old libido now doesn't it?

Nicely told as always and a damned good laugh. Well done, as was your backside I surmise!


Roz said...

Hi Ronnie, wow, talk coming back to bite you in the ass! LoL. P definitely made his point didn't he. Sounds like a wonderful combination of ouch and more pleasant sensations:) lol


Our Bottoms Burn said...

What fun! Since the "Bogey" is such a fav with P I shall have to send him Bacall's other fav. It's a small boat paddle. It really builds what we call after heat. The heat builds a few seconds after the lick.

Rosie Jones said...

Oh my, Ronnie, that post bounced back at you! You don’t sound too sorry though...
Rosie xx

Hermione said...

Well, well, that was quite a spanking marathon! I hope you didn't have to endure round two the following day!


PK said...

What a day! Just when you think your husband is ignoring your blog they go and start reading.

Red said...

Astounding, what mischief you can get into. We all might be just as fortunate to NOT have our partner read our blog, because as Cindy says: be careful what you wish for, you just might get it.
An absolute delight to read, and will leave fond memories for you when you think back from some time in the future.
How was your bottom the next day?

Lastly, I agree that if P reads your accounting, their will be a atoning for fibbing about the car, but probably he knew, as guests coming early RARELY happens.
bottoms up

Red said...

PS: a dare to all readers...Care to post the captioned photo on your blog, for your partner to read, and with a link to this post of Ronnie being spanked?

Leigh Smith said...

Oh goodness Ronnie. How did you ever make it through dinner guests w/o a little squirming?

NoraJean said...

Wow! ... that was a Spanko's dream day, Ronnie ... hope the social gathering was an 'sitting is optional' affair ;)) ... nj ... xx

Michael M said...

I am sure you had a lovely time after your guests had left and that your bottom was still a little bit warm. I hope the next day was similar.

Windy said...

Was there any part of you that hoped P would see the picture and the comment? I know I talked to at least one other blogger and was like "dang, that right cheek surely was red!" And I also showed my husband, Storm, he said it was pretty red. I did get a spanking yesterday that was satisfactory and led to other fun things. But, nothing like your day, girl. Wow!

I am particularly interested in your response during the 4th spanking. You are SO RIGHT, that I don't want a spanking after I have just orgasmed either, but I did not know if other spankos felt that way...... hmmmmm......

Thanks for sharing!

ronnie said...

Fondles - LOL. Never thought of that. Thanks.

Yorkie - Certainly does. It felt very well done:) Thank you, you are very kind.

Roz - I was surprised P spanked me that many times. Thanks.

OBB - Don't you dare:) I haven't mentioned that to P as he will say yes please. Thanks.

Rosie - Sorry, not at all. Thanks.

Hermione - Been a while since I was spanked so many times in one day and no, no round two next day:) Thanks.

PK - I was surprised he did. Thanks.

Red - I had a sting in the shower the next day, lovely:) Thanks.

Red - I don't think anyone will take you up on that.

SG - I was lucky being the host, I could get up a few times:) Thanks.

Nora Jean - I was squirming a little but as I said to SG, I could get up a few times. Thanks.

Michael - My bottom stayed warm for ages and no, thanakfully no repeat the next day. Thanks.

Windy - Spanking after an orgasm is not nice. I am sure other spankos feel the same way. Maybe you should put it forward as a question for Hermione's brunch. Thanks.


Rick said...

Nice! 👍

Ella said...

When you put up that last post, I sensed danger. Now I know you paid for your flippant attitude and the picture. I have never had more than twice in one day, well, godawful spankings anyway. There should be some kind of trophy you should get, Ronnie. Or maybe, it is P who should get the award. Either way, I am surely glad you shared your story.

Hugs Across the Pond,

Minelle Labraun said...

Good golly girl! That was one heck of a red bottomed day! I’m glad he tried out the experiment!

ronnie said...

Ella - I think we should both get one, win win for both:) Thanks.

Minelle - I had a very red bottom, so P said, though didn't have any photos to prove it but it definitely felt hot. Thanks.


1ManView said...

😉 Some like it hot!🔥 or not 😢 ... I haven't had much time for bloging of late. But it's always a pleasure to read your blog, even after the fact...

peace and love

Terpsichore said...

wow 4 spankings in a day! :-) the redder the better indeed! Hugs