Monday, 27 August 2018

Razor strops hurts

Well they are supposed to, aren't they, when they're applied to someones bottom. I got one applied to mine so I can vouch for it.

We've been decorating. Altering some space and completely redecorating our smallest bedroom which doubles as our home office. P wasn't keen on doing it but his back was better and once he got started he was fine and even happy to come with me to choose wall coverings and I got my way on colours and designs, less stark than his preferences. What he didn't realise was that it would need new blinds and curtains too, to match the new colours. Oh and a carpet of course. He said the old ones were OK, they didn't look old, but I was adamant so we found some ready made curtains and blinds and he took it graciously enough. I didn't mention the carpet, that will come later in the week.

Anyway I like working alongside my husband when we're doing practical jobs and I do my best to be useful and match him for effort and professionalism. Some work he's just faster and better at so he gets on with it and I provide support services helping where I can and making cups of tea. One thing I had done completely on my own was paining the ceiling, skirtings and stripping the walls, taking picture hooks out removing curtain rail and blind. I also took out the brass curtain tie-back hook which P hangs our razor strop from and that was what got me into trouble.

I'd put everything neatly in the adjoining guest room, even the screws I put in a little empty tray. But somehow the brass hook got lost, I don' know how, maybe I threw it out with the trash. So when P had finished covering the walls and time came for putting fittings back up, he asked me for it. First thing I asked was do we really need it up there on the wall again but he just looked at me as if I was stupid, so I went and retrieved the strop and brought it back to him.

"Where's the hook?" He asked. I told him I couldn't find it, I didn't know what I'd done with it.

"Well it's the hook I need not the razor strop. So go back and find it, it hasn't got legs, it must be somewhere," he said. "Don't come back without it or I might need the strop after all." 
It was obvious to me that I would be returning without it and his little threat was said in a playful way which sent a thrill through me. There's something about doing practical work with your partner, be it outside or inside, labouring, sharing physical effort, brief touches as you glide past one another, it always makes me horny or at least on the edge of horny. So I went back empty handed and said I was sorry but the hook was somehow just not there, it was lost. P thought I was lying because I didn't want the razor strop re-hung, which wasn't the case at all. He told me to go and fetch it immediately, he wanted to get it fixed on the wall. I just stood there, hands on hips, I suppose a bit defiant, I mean I'd said what I'd said and it had been the truth.

"Are you going to fetch it or not?" P asked.

"I can't do what isn't possible," I answered.

"Then I shall do what definitely is possible," he said, "and when I've done it perhaps you'll be able to do as you're told." Oh god, do as I'm told, P you use such simple sexy outdated language.

My husband picked up the razor strop, took me by the arm and marched me into our bedroom. I only had one of his t-shirts and shorts on. He bent me over our bed and pulled my shorts down, his t-shirt flopped down to cover my bottom so he pulled that up to my shoulders. I gasped "Please no, P, I don't have any knickers on." As if that would make any difference. Damsel in distress me:)

I know when P is going to give me a really hard spanking and this didn't feel like one of those times although he told me afterwards he really had thought I'd been lying about losing the hook. He spanked me hard enough to make me yelp, about a dozen times across my bottom, and threw the strop on the bed. I made to get up but felt his hands on my shoulders and his groin against my bottom. He was hard, I could feel his cock through his cotton shorts, good he must be feeling perky just like me, I thought. I pushed my bottom back as the length of his erection, which was now vertical inside the thin cotton of his shorts was nestling between my cheeks. Then he pulled the elasticated front of his shorts down and I winced as the waistband scraped roughly over my cheeks and then, his cock freed from its restriction, I felt him hot and slippery around my entrance. He didn't need to push, I did it for him, reversing onto him and making him shout with joy. I was wet but still tight and we fucked like teenagers and both came in seconds, him with a roar and me a scream. We collapsed onto the bed.

"I really have lost the hook you know, I wasn't lying," I said.

"Oh don't worry about that, I guess it doesn't really have to go back exactly how we had it before." 

"What! Now you tell me? So that spanking needn't have happened?" I asked reaching back and fondling his now limp cock.

"Oh it definitely needed to happen," he said, "better to spank first and find out the truth later," he laughed.

"Do put it back, please P, we'll get another hook." I said and snuggled against him.

We cleared down after that and both had showers. It was late in the day and we ate out at the Indian restaurant in town, the one that makes Indian food posh but without the posh prices. A lovely day.

Bank holiday here in the UK so were out with family for the day. Have a good week.



Roz said...

Hi Ronnie, what a wonderful interlude, though ooh ouch! Not sure I fancy a razor strop.


Our Bottoms Burn said...

"Like Teenagers" Well good for you both.

Minelle Labraun said...

Your interlude just sounds perfect!

Hermione said...

Hi Ronnie,

What a lovely item to hang on your office wall. It looks very effective! You may have time today to pick up a new hook, if the shops are open.


PK said...

You are so lucky. It never seems that way when Nick and I work on a project of this nation. I would take a strap any day over a cane.

Leigh Smith said...

As Pk said, I'd take the strap over the cane any day. At this point, I might even like the cane.

You two have the best relationship, working together. When Ray does a project, I make myself scarce. It's better that way, for both of us.

Glad P's back is better.

an English Rose said...

Hi Ronnie, well that makes the decorating more fun!
love Jan, xx

Windy said...

Ronnie, So great you two can work together on the home improvement projects without wanting to kill each other. Spank? Yes. Murder? No. And then hot sex? YES! I enjoyed this post! Hugs! Windy

Boosghost2 said...

Ronnie, that is amazing that you guys work together so well. Over here, we accept that working together is part of life, but there will be yelling involved. Luckily, at the end, we are both still standing, and the job is done. Maybe this ttwd will stop the yelling and just let us get the job done.

ronnie said...

Roz - The jury is out on the strop. Thanks.

OBB - We have our moments. Thanks.

Minelle - It was delightful. Thanks.

Hermione - P said he has one in his tool box. Thanks.

PK - We know how each other works and helps that we have worked together forever. Thanks.

SG - Yes his back is a lot better, thanks. Cane definitely

Jan - It did that day. Thanks.

Windy - We've been together a long time and working together for most of it Thanks.

Boosghost2 - Hello. We have our moments. TTWD helps in a lot of ways. Thanks.