Monday, 6 August 2018

Italians and tight trousers

Not just Italians but pretty much any country's hospitality workers, the coal face ones that is, the ones doing the real graft up front with the customers. Not the back office guys. I have to say I tend to think the more southern climes throw up the best examples and I have to admit to being a bit sexist here because I'm talking about men. Young men (oops!) to be honest, in well fitting black trousers and crisp white shirts serving me at table or bar, fluent in body if not spoken language (who cares) and confident even a bit arrogant is ok by me. And their bums, wouldn't I just love to pinch one or pat one as they passed by. Would they file an assault charge against me, I wondered, so I asked my husband.

"Do you think he'd mind if I just patted his bottom as he turns away with our order," I asked with a smile, "and reminded him we want the water right away?"

"Why don't you try it. As long as he doesn't think it was me."

We weren't in Spain or Greece or the likes, but we could have been and if you'd been a stranger to our little nearest town you could have been forgiven for thinking we were in some European tourist spot dotted with cute little bars and restaurants and everybody sitting outside. Yes the continuing warm weather has made alfresco dining unusually popular. Added to that we've just had a previously under-used restaurant taken over by some Italians, the real thing, broken English and bags of charm. Oh and tight smart trousers. We passed by a week ago and it was busy and P said we should book a table and give them a try, it being a good three or four years since we'd last visited the place because the food just wasn't great. So we did.

"He might be more amenable if I wasn't sitting opposite you," he followed on, "perhaps one of your friends. Why don't you try it and see," he said smiling.

I know P appreciates female waiting staff who are 'dressed correctly' as he puts it when we're out, and especially when we're abroad where he swears girls bottoms are just that bit rounder, shapelier and more proudly displayed than they are at home. So I don't see why a little appreciation on my part of the other gender shouldn't be appropriate, especially as it's a rarity in our neck of the woods.

Anyway I didn't pat any bums, as I'm sure you will have guessed, but I did refer to them a couple of times more wondering if I might ignite a little spark within my partner to threaten to spank me later if I kept it up gratuitously. That didn't happen because the food started arriving and it wasn't as good as the tight trousers and Italian charm had seduced me into expecting. P said it was competently mediocre at best, which wasn't exactly a compliment, he also said some of it was clearly out of a jar. 

"Must try harder," he said, "as my old school teachers used to say".

"Smacked bottoms then," I said. He didn't comment.

Well we had a pleasant evening and there were a couple sitting outside the bar next door who we knew, so we joined them after our meal. But as for the restaurant, knowing P, I suspect it might be a while before we revisit unless we start hearing reports that they're getting their act together. Which is a pity because those tight trousers really are very nice.

Have a good week.



Ella said...

Good for you, Ronnie. We must never stop appreciating men's bums. I swear that it keeps you young. I remember a waiter at a restaurant in LA many years ago. In my heart, I will always call him "Matt." I certainly don't remember what I had to eat that night, but I remember Matt's ass. It was mighty fine.

Hugs Across the Pond,

Hermione said...

Hi Ronnie,

Alas, most of the servers here are female. We did have an Italian restaurant with superb, authentic Italian food and male waiters, but it closed and is now a Thai place. When I order from Subway the bums are hidden by the counter :)


Leigh Smith said...

I will never be too old to appreciate a nice 'bum'.

NoraJean said...

Hi Ronnie ... I can understand your temptation ;) ... I too love a nice bum ... and all the better in pants that show off his best ass(ets) ;))
... nj ... xx

Anonymous said...

As a male, when I go out for a meal or a drink it brightens my day to be served by a lady wearing a nice black dress or a skirt. For me that demonstrates that the lady has made the effort to look elegant and feminine for her customers. Fortunately, up until recently there were a number of chain restaurants where I live here in Canada that insisted upon that dress code for all their hostesses and waitresses and needless to say they got a lot of my business. But alas recent legislation changed all that and going to these places now often means service from a woman wearing ghastly, androgynous black trousers which I absolutely hate. Naturally this had led to a decline in my level of customer satisfaction which in turn is reflected in much less generous tips!

Roz said...

Lol Ronnie, good on you, nothing wrong with a bit of appreciation lol. Shame the meal was mediocre, but it sounds like a good night all in all. You got to enjoy some eye candy and catch up with some friends:)


Richard Herndon said...

A number of food service business seem to think black spandex pants are the best here in the middle of the country which is fine with me as long as what's in them is worth looking at

Richard Herndon said...
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Richard Herndon said...

Sorry for the duplicate does any one still remember stretch jeans

Richard Herndon said...

Sorry for the duplicate does any one still remember stretch jeans

ronnie said...

Ella - LOL. That's doesn't surprise me you not remembering what you had to eat. Thanks.

Hermione - Subway LOL. A lot of our restaurants around where we live are mostly female as well. In the bigger cities you find a lot of men servers but they are mostly Europeans. Thanks,

SG - Good to hear. Thanks.

Nora Jean - What is it with all Europeans (male and female) their bottoms always look so much better, fitter:) Thanks.

Anonymous - I know what you mean. Pub chains have uniforms but boring and always illfitting. Thanks.

Roz - The eye candy was definitely much better than the meal:) Thanks.

Richard - No problem. They still do stretch jeans. Thanks.


Rosie Jones said...

Who can resist a male in well fitting black trousers and crisp white shirt? I wouldn’t have the nerve to go in for a pinch - strictly look but don’t touch!
Rosie xx

1ManView said...

Once at a crowed bar, a woman pinched ny ass really hard. It caught me completely off guard. I tried to spin around to see who pinched me, but all I could do in the crowd was turn my head. As soon as my eyes caught the perpetrator, she blushed as her and her friends rushed through the crowd. At first I was totally embarrassed by it. And when my buddy asked me why I jumped like that and I told him, his loud choking laughter made it even more embarrassing. After none stop harassment and more laughing by my friend all night, I took it as a compliment. She was a nice looking woman, but I already had one so I didn't bother to chase after her. Two days later I ran into her at a cosmetics store handing out free cosmetic samples. When she handed one to my than girlfriend, she froze when our eyes met. I smiled than thanked her for the sample and walked away. I could feel her eyes following me as we walked through the store... (And yes, my girlfriend notice our first eye contact. Being a good guy paid off for once... 🙄


Red said...

Oh, what a delightful time you would have had if you had pasted one of those bottoms. If the man was offended, then P could have sternly said not to worry, she will be spanked for that when we get home, and give you a few spanks on the way out. You then would have been on edge, when you saw friends as you exited.... Oops!!!
What a pleasant dream this scenario would have been.
bottoms up

Fondles said...

Ah lucky u. I havent seen any nice bums on wait staff recently. Must be a lovely distraction during dinner!