Wednesday, 13 June 2018


What a rotter. My husband has disappointed me, he's sold the wrong car. Well in my honest opinion anyway. No more heated seats, no slide back roof, just sticking to the road stuff for boys.

A couple of months ago a German car (which is getting bad press at the moment) found its way onto our drive, I was told it was going to be re-sold, yeah yeah, for a profit. I was suspicious, you see P had a lovely Japanese car which was roomy and quiet and with about all the extras you could think of, he bought it with clients in mind when he had to meet greet and that sort of stuff but it was just excellent. He's been running them both but favouring the German for several weeks now, then last week he announced he'd got a buyer for the Japanese car. He's since collected it so it's gone.

We had words about it, I mean he's getting older not younger, why does he want speed. He says he doesn't, (maybe not when I'm with him in it) but I don't see what else it can be. The damned thing is even a nuisance to get into it's so low on the road. We didn't exactly argue but I shall re-make my point periodically until such time as he comes to his senses and changes it, even if I get spanked along the way...which, unusually for me, is not something I will be manipulating for...I just really don't like the bloody car.



Roz said...

Hi Ronnie,

I remember you posting about P buying the car. What a bummer he sold the other car. Maybe he should be spanked for buying the car and selling the other one without consulting with you.

On the bright side, you might get a spanking out of it:)


morningstar said...

M E N !! what can you say ?? My ex-husband used to always (it seemed) to be buying some car or other.... usually cars that had problems. It pleased him to fix them up and resell them -- right sounds good doesn't it?? Yeah except for the fact that the front driveway often looked like a used car sales yard :(

AND he had an MGB that he wouldn't part with and we desperately needed a bigger car for the family......... but it taught me patience and a sense of humour.....

You might be luckier -- it will teach you an easy out to get spankings (cheeky grin)

The Glenmore said...

My wife really didn't like driving my car as it was also low to the ground so she bought her own SUV and we use that as our main car.It means she does most of the driving these days.
Interestingly a few of our friends have commented that it's a sign that she is in charge !
I'm ok with it as I get my sports car to myself and kind of like being driven around , despite some people's perceptions.

Ella said...

It really is a guy thing. Sam has had 3 useless cars during our marriage. One was an MGB, and the parts were horrendously expensive. Besides you couldn't get 2 kids in it. We also had a Corvette (hated that thing) and a 1967 Mustang. I'm not even going to go on about the motorcycles.

Hugs Across the Pond,

Loura Dominic said...

Stevie finishes him off by Jerking out a massive load. "Wow!!!...that was a semen explosion!!!" Stevie says. This one band camp........Jerky Girls

Red said...

Never had the affection for cars like other people. Too many bills to pay, exorbitant mortgage rates, and basically if it is broken why change it.
It may give you a few extra spankings, so consider that your reward for having to sit in this car.

bottoms up

Eric51 Amy49 said...

Well that just sucks! Good luck in your campaign to get rid of the car you don't like. I'm still disappointed we sold our "spanking" car. The new one doesn't work at all. ;0

Richard Herndon said...

I keep forgetting do they make cars in the UK I know my 2002 LS Lincoln has a destroyed 4.0 jag motor so they did at one time

Charlie said...

Every time you get a spanking, you get a "heated seat" - even if it isn't in the car.

ronnie said...

Roz - I think he should be spanked, now that would shock him:) Thanks.

Morningstar - I shall be having more words about it and if I get spanked so be it:) Thanks.

The Glenmore - Maybe I should buy a new car. I wonder what he would say about that. Thanks.

Ella - P's had a few in our time together as well but this one, no thanks. Bring back the old one please. Thanks.

Red - P's not really into cars but he got this at a very good price with the intention of selling it but he likes it so decided to sell the other one. Thanks.

Amy - shame about your car. I shall definitely be trying to change his mind.

Richard - A few British car marques have been acquired by foreign companies but yes we still do make cars in the UK. Thanks.

Charlie - LOL. That's very true. Thanks.


Hermione said...


I suspect P won't give in and sell his new baby, but good luck trying. It's a guy thing, I'm afraid ;(


Leigh Smith said...

Ray has succumbed to the fact that getting in and out of low cars is not conducive to his replaced knees. Now he's complaining there isn't enough room between gas pedal and brake in the Sentra. See another car coming soon.

Terpsichore said...

sorry about the car...have one of those sitting in our garage that I refer to as his "baby" Hugs

DelFonte said...

I struggle to get in and out of P's car, it's so low, my backside scrapes the pavement.

ronnie said...

Hermione - I'm thinking you could be right. Thanks.

SG - Sounds like you will. Thanks.

Terps - That's what I've started calling P's car:) Thanks.

DF - Hello.Good to see you. This car is the same depending on how high the pavement is. Thanks.


PK said...

Finally got Nick to sell the old car we'd gotten for Mollie to drive several years ago. He used to drive it to work before he got sucked into the luxury of heated seats and other delights on his newer car. For two years all that thing did was take up my parking place. So glad to see it gone.