Monday, 23 April 2018

Storm in a teacup

I read the Stormy Daniels article in yesterday's Sunday Times, (you wont be able to read the full article) I'd heard the regular news issues about her (and Donald) but hadn't read anything in depth or listened to any of the US chat show clips which are available on the Internet. Apparently (I say 'apparently', I have no side to take in this) she comes across robustly and down to earth and is gathering quite a following amongst Donald haters. She's currently doing a tour and part of the act includes, of course, her spanking a Donald lookalike with a rolled-up magazine. I asked P what he thought about her, it was him who came up with storm in a teacup but then changed his tune and said maybe not, maybe it'll run on for a while but it wouldn't bring a US president down.

A couple of things I noted were first, she must be raking in a fortune from all the publicity she's getting and her shows must be selling out (well good luck to her if she can make money out of Donald Trump) but secondly and much darker, the death threats she's getting and worse death threats against her children, some really horrible.

I wondered if it was all worth it, would she make enough money to retire on and just be famous or infamous as the sex worker who spanked a president? I don't know and I'm not being judgemental, I just think she's playing with fire and I hope no actual harm comes to her or any of her family.

P made another comment before abandoning the subject and going off to clean his (two:)) cars, he said pity she hadn't used something a bit more effective than a magazine.

Have a good week.



Eric51 Amy49 said...

Pity. Yes, pity.

NoraJean said...

I try my darndest to stay out of the political business of our neighbours to the south so no comment from me re Stormy or the Donald. I will say however, your not so subtle car poke at P was a hoot! ... one that might get you in a bit of trouble ... better cover your assets ;)) ... nj

Roz said...

Hi Ronnie,

I really don't know what to make of it. Love P's last comment and totally agree!lol


Richard Herndon said...

I am sure our local tree the sassafras would be a great use on his sassy arse

Hermione said...

We have watched a couple of live interviews with Stormy, and she came across as sensible, mature, intelligent and totally believable. Her lawyer appears on news programs quite frequently, and we hear details of the case on a daily basis. I'm afraid we are both quite hooked on the whole topic.


PK said...

Maybe a machete?

Leigh Smith said...

I agree with P. We continue to suffer through the debacle of the century here and hope it ends soon (and I'm not talking about Stormy).

Fondles said...

Gosh I'm kinda sick of the Trump news that makes it to my part of the world. But that aside, that bit about the TWO cars and what P said at the end - that man of yours has seriously kick-ass one-liners!

ronnie said...

Amy - Her family shouldn't be bought into it. Thanks.

NoraJean - It caught my attention in the paper. Thanks.

Roz - Thanks. I'm not sure where it will end.

Richard - Possibily. Thanks.

Hermione - This is the only article I've read about her. Thanks.

PK - Gosh I don't think we should go that far. Thanks.

SG - I can see it ending soon for you. Thanks.

Fondles - He has his moments:) Thanks.


Blondie said...

Too bad it's not real. That man needs more than a spanking. But he acts like a child, sounds like a child, and she is acting grown up. I don't know what to say but a machete is a good idea.