Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Oh if only

I'd like to be spanked to tears:)


I've seen the picture a few times but not with these words - so please let me know if it's yours.


Roz said...

Great pic Ronnie, very rare here too. Hope you are having a great week :)


an English Rose said...

Hi Ronnie, me too.....
love Jan, xx

Lindy Thomas said...

Same here too Ronnie. Bear always stops way too short.
Hugs Lindy xx

Hermione said...

Not sure if it would ever happen for me. Perhaps if it were a real punishment I might cry.


PK said...

Love it, love it, love it! Kinda goes with a post I'm working on.

Ella said...

I have cried several times, but I always think it is because I recognize that I have been a bitch and not the spanking itself. There is one implement that puts the fear of god in me. It is an antique rice paddle. I guarantee it can make you cry.

Hugs Across the Pond,

Leigh Smith said...

In my head yes, in reality, I'm not sure.

Lurker48 said...

Have you ever tried a equine dressage crop?

ronnie said...

Roz - Words would do it but not the spanking. Thanks.

Jan - I would like it to happen just once. Thanks.

Lindy - Maybe one day. Thanks.

Hermione - Even with a punishment spanking I don't think I could. Thanks.

PK - Thanks. Will pop over. Busy and behind with my reading.

Ella - Maybe I should borrow it:) Thanks.

SG - I know what you mean. Thanks.

Lurker 48 - Hello and yes I have, not to my liking though. No longer have it. Thanks for the question.


Red said...

delightful art.... I think it is the words, and feelings of remorse, with a determined spanking will bring the tears... I think I am too determined (read hard headed) for it to happen.
bottoms up

ronnie said...

Red - Yes words could bring tears, the spanking no.


Anonymous said...

I've had tears in the corner of my eyes after some significant strokes of my little Ever Ready cane but no crying as such. Probably never will, but who knows?