Monday, 19 February 2018

My Valentine's surprise

I didn't tell you about Valentine's Day last week because it was on Wednesday and I'd already posted and I had an 'In with the New' planned for Friday. And I ration myself to posting three times weekly unless something quite attention-grabbing crops up. So I'll tell you now, I got by backside spanked, really hard, for trying to be kind and considerate and romantic and it all backfired on me.

You see we had agreed we wouldn't be going out on the 14th because it's often a bad experience and over-priced with restaurants offering 'specials' which don't turn out to be so special. P said he would cook something nice, bottle of wine and we'd have a night in and watch a movie. Well I was in Waitrose and they had twenty-quid meal deals on offer, obviously for Valentine's, which included a bottle of wine and three courses for two people. I stopped and mooched, there was quite a good choice, the wines on offer weren't bought in 'specials' some were over £10 at normal shelf prices and the items making up the menu were available individually in store so it was was easy to see there was a genuine discount on quality products.

So I decided to go for it, save P the hassle of cooking, which he always does, and I made my choices and left the store smiling. P had to go to Northampton, he said he'd be back late afternoon and he'd stop off and pick up our dinner on the way. I said no need, I've got it all arranged. I had a smile on my face, a frown appeared on his. He said he wasn't going out, we'd agreed not to, we don't do that. I said no, it's OK, we're eating in but no need for you to stop off, it's all in hand. He couldn't stop to interrogate me although I could see he wanted to. He dithered then his Northampton meeting and traffic on the M1 took priority in his brain and he was gone.

He didn't get back until after 6pm, I heard the car door close. He had a bunch of flowers with him which was a nice surprise. Then I told him of my own little surprise. Oh dear, he was not best pleased. "What? I'm not eating a bloody ready meal," he said. I told him it wasn't a ready meal, it was just partly prepared, I thought it would save him time. He said it could go back or it could go in the bin, there was still enough time for him to go and get something decent. He didn't really want to, he just wanted a shower and a nice meal, he'd been driving nearly three hours, a lane closure had pissed him off, he didn't need this dumped on his at the last minute.

"Why don't you come and have a look what we've got," I asked sympathetically. I'd got everything ready for him, I mean I often act as his commis, it's a little joke between us.

He followed me into the kitchen, it was all out on the work top, admittedly in foil containers and cryovac. I told him it was from Waitrose, hoping to help my cause. It didn't.

"Very poor," he said. "I don't care where it's from, it's processed mush."

"It's not mush," I retorted. "I spent years in the business just the same as you and it isn't mush. I thought it would be a nice surprise, less work for you."

"Well you'll be cooking it then. And probably sit down to eat it on your own," said my other half. "But first you can come upstairs with me. I'm going to grab a shower but before I do I'm going to spank your bloody arse so hard you most likely won't want to sit down at all." I was taken aback, even knowing P as I do and knowing his aversion to convenience foods as he calls them. I thought he could have been a bit more generous in his attitude, he could see I'd made an effort.

He took me into our office, pulled my jeans and knickers down, put me across his knees and spanked me for about five minutes. He has strong hands and it hurt and got harder as it progressed, with him admonishing me and making me feel bad, telling me I should know better and buying and preparing food was a pleasure not a drudgery to him and it was always worth the effort to buy fresh and do a proper job. And he hoped the proper job he was doing on my bottom would teach me a lesson never to do it again. I didn't know whether to cry at the end of it, I could feel tears welling and my throat tightening, not from the spanking which had really hurt but from the telling-off he'd given me. Then there was a tiny spark, a chance that the evening wasn't totally wrecked.

P told me to get off his lap and make myself respectable. I turned away and pulled my knickers and jeans up. He told me to face him when he was talking, he hadn't finished yet. He said he was going to take a shower, meanwhile I should go downstairs and put the oven on, then an apron, then take all the wrappings off the food and get cooking, or should he say 'heating'. It was unfair, he hadn't even properly looked at what I'd bought. I was in two minds whether to sweep the lot off the work top and into a bin sack when I got downstairs or whether to fire the oven as instructed. But then what? Was he really going to make me cook? There were steaks and I hate cooking steaks, especially these types which I hadn't seen before.

Less than ten minutes later P was in the kitchen refreshed from a shower. I was in my apron, the oven was on, all the wrappings were in the bin, I was arranging my flowers in a vase and my bottom was smarting. His mood was refreshed too, it seemed. He came up behind me and planted a tiny kiss on my neck.

"Ok let's have a look and see what's what, I'll help you," he said and started putting stuff into dishes and into the oven. He prodded the steaks. "Flat iron," he said. He obviously knew the cut and said they were well flecked, butchers favourite, not known to many shoppers, clever girl. What! One minute he's spanking the backside off me next minute I'm a clever girl. I didn't smile because I was still displeased but I was glad his attitude was changing.

He said we could add some garnishes, a splash of oil, he'd make a fresh green peppercorn sauce not use the stuff they'd supplied...da dada...this and that...have a look in the fridge....he was mumbling away more to himself than me by this stage. Clearly he'd decided the evening was recoverable. I took my flowers into the lounge, he called after me "Did you get some wine with it?" I took the wine in to him, it was a Rioja, their Club Privado, he knew it and said it was decent. Oh god I'd done another thing right, things were looking up.

So long and short of it, we sat down an hour later to a very pleasant meal of spinach and feta tart which he'd made pretty, rare flat iron steaks au poivre with veg and dauphinoise and fruity pana cottas in cute little glasses. Half way through, P said it was very nice, most enjoyable.

"So you spanked my backside for nothing then," I said. "It's still hurting in case you're interested." I pouted. It was but only when I moved and, frankly, I was enjoying it.

"I wouldn't say it was for nothing," said my husband. Was he being defensive? "You were definitely out of order and I'd do the same again under the same circumstances."

Thank goodness for that, I thought. But didn't say it:)

Have a good week.



Eric51 Amy49 said...

This is actually a very lovely story - though I do think P was a bit harsh when you were trying to make things easier. Good thing you enjoy a good spanking! That and a nice hot shower was probably the best thing to get the day and road trip off his mind and turn his love for you back on full speed.

Roz said...

Hi Ronnie,

I thought P was overly harsh initially too, especially after the effort you had gone to in order to make things easier for him. You were being thoughtfu.

It does seem the spanking and shower relieved the stress of the day and improved his mood. I love how the evening ended. Especially the two of you working on preparing the meal together :)


an English Rose said...

Hi Ronnie, contrary creatures, Men! Have a good week
love Jan, xx

abby said...

To quote...All's well that 'ends' well....hugs abby

The Glenmore said...

I'd have to say P acted like a jerk in my view Ronnie.Too bad the meal didn't come with a hairbrush you could use on HIS behind for treating you so inconsiderately. He owes you one!

Hermione said...

I think P overreacted, but then, lane closures and three hours on hte road would make the sweetest man grumpy. I'm pleased that he actually thought you had made some good choices.

we don't go out on V day either. Far too busy!


PK said...

I know you loved the outcome and if you're happy, I'm happy. I don't think I would have been as forgiving in the moment.

Ella said...

Consolations Across the Pond, Ronnie. My Valentine's Day was certainly not one of my favorites, either. There was a spanking, and it was not a sexy one at all.

Your P sounds like one of the chefs on TV who berates everyone if things aren't to his satisfaction. I guess it is your cross to bear, Ron, for having a husband who is such a good cook.

Ella xxx

Rosie Jones said...

Our men mess up from time to time; nobody’s perfect. Glad P came round in the end - and your end didn’t suffer too badly!
Rosie xx

Leigh Smith said...

For once I have to say I think P was over the top. I think he took his meeting and the traffic frustration out on you. Shame on him and on Valentine's Day too. I know you're not unhappy about the spanking so it ended well. Glad the dinner surprised him and that he acknowledged you did well.

Katie said...

Hi Ronnie, :) Gosh- sounded like you tried to make things so nice and easy for P, and all you got was an annoyed fella and a spanking that didn't sound like much fun... on Valentine's day, no less.

Rosie is right, our fella's aren't perfect, and neither are we, but on Valentine's day, would have been nice for him now to have gone there. I'm glad that everything turned out well in the end, and that P helped with the dinner, and complimented you as well. Many hugs and love,

<3 Katie xoxo

Red said...

What a delightful Valentines Day. You were given flowers, and a very significant spanking, then a delightful meal with wine. Honestly Ronnie, you should tell P instead of us that as much as you did not like being spanked for when you felt you had NOT done something wrong, but that you are very happy that he spanked you, and should do it again whenever he feels it is necessary. Hope the aftercare was orgasmic.
We tend to be cruising on Valentines Day, so I always inform Cindy that her present today is that she will not have to life a finger in the kitchen today.
One time, three years ago, we sat at the Captain's table for a formal dinner on Valentines Day, so I have not been able to top that.

bottoms up

Lea said...

I'm glad the evening was recoverable. In the same situation I probably wouldn't have been so poised or gracious about taking the spanking for "no reason" as you were!

ronnie said...

Amy - He was a bit but I should know him by now. Thanks.

Roz - The food was pretty good. I like to help him in the kitchen when he's cooking. Thanks.

Jan - But what would we do without them:) Thanks.

Abby - It did indeed. Thanks.

The Glenmore - I think I would have used it if it had:) Thanks.

Hermione - He said that it was a bad bad journey. Yes Valentine's Day far too busy and prices are too high. Thanks.

PK - It's easy to forgive him. Thanks.

Ella - Oh dear, seems we were both in trouble then. Hope your day ended lovingly. Thanks.

Rosie - P did this time. It was a lovely evening in the end. Thanks.

SG - I'll tell him you said so. P really does like to cook for me and wanted to cook for me, it relaxes him as well. Thanks.

Katie - He apologised. The meal was good and the eveneing turned out lovely. Thanks.

Red - P know he can spank me whenever he feels he needs to and wants:) Captain's table, must have been a lovely night. Thanks.

Lea - Sometimes I'm not that gracious after being spanked Thanks.


Anonymous said...

So, a nice meal, nice company and a hard spanking. What more could you ask for? Sounds good to me. :)


ronnie said...

Yorkie - Well there, no, I should't be greedy:)