Friday, 2 February 2018

Ilionois Surprise

I like presents. And I like surprises, well not all surprises, but I liked this one. My dear friend had forewarned me that a gift was in transit to me, didn't tell me what it was but gave a cryptic clue which involved P so I guessed it was spanking related.

And here it is!

Yes the real thing, all the way from Illinois. P saw it and said he could use that to hone up his carving knife. I said I was sure he could find something more interesting to do with it. He picked it up and weighed it, and just went 'Hmmm' then said, 'I'll pop a nice little brass hook on the kitchen wall....and maybe one next to my office desk.' Office desk - Oh goody horrors he wouldn't would he?

I'm hoping he uses it soon. Gently. At first anyway. I might hate it! 

Then again - I used to hate canes:)

I'll let you know how I like it....or not.

Have a fun weekend.



Anonymous said...

WOW! a real razor strop. Don't see many of those anymore and even fewer people that would know how to use it. Bur from P's words he does know the real use, and with it altered just a tad on the end gives others uses like on someone's eager spankable bottom. Go for it P.

Roz said...

Hi Ronnie, oh gosh, rather you than me! Looking forward to reading your review :) Hope you have a wonderful weekend :)


an English Rose said...

Rather you than me!
love Jan, xx

lindy thomas said...

Oh gosh Ronnie that thing looks horrible. Let us know how it feels.
Hugs Lindy xx

Eric51 Amy49 said...

Hmmm. Most of your comments are of the better you than me variety but I saw the pictures and thought, "me too, me too!". I'm looking forward to your report! I'm also glad you mentioned you used to not like the cane. Reminds me that one try with something doesn't always give the full picture. Oh Ronnie. Enjoy and do tell!

Our Bottoms Burn said...

Sweet! With lots of use, of any kind, it will not be so stiff and the experience will be different.

abby said...

M has a razor does take getting used to..every time he uses it...but it can be in the yummy category..enjoy! hugs abby

morningstar said...

I was thinking 'what a good friend !' I keep suggesting to Sir Steve that the crop he loves might be re-gifted to some other well deserving soul -- but so far he hasn't agreed (cheeky grin) he says 'it's the toy I love to hate' .....

You will have to let us know if it's as much fun as it looks :)

Baker said...

Interested in hearing your report.


PK said...

Wow! this thing looks right up my alley! Should you hate it, you have my address!

Ella said...

Should have known that PK's eyes would light up since it is leather. If P can wield a cane, I am sure he will get the hang of it. The aim is about the same, I should think.

I, too, am a huge leather fan. Nothing sends me to space like a long spanking with something leather. Hope your bottom enjoys the new toy, Ronnie. I think it looks delicious.

Hugs Across the Pond,

Rosie Jones said...

That looks like a serious piece of kit, Ronnie! Depends how it’s wielded, of course. Have fun!
Rosie xx

Lea said...

I didn't realize what it was at first! It's beautiful. I hope it gives you what you want!

ronnie said...

Archedone - I'd never seen one before, well not in the flesh. Thanks.

Roz - Silly at is sounds, I'm looking forward to having it used:) Thanks.

Jan - I've no idea whether I'll like it or not, well see. Thanks.

Lindy - I like the look of it but that may change when It's used. Thanks.

Amy - Same as food, you may not like the first taste:) I will report after it's been used a couple of times. Thanks.

OBB - Yes I can image. Leather will become supple. Thanks.

Abby - I think P will have to use it quite often so I can get the feel of it. Thanks.

Morningstar - LOL. I love the crop. Never thought I'd love the cane though. Thanks.

Baker - I'm interested to see what it feels like:) Thanks.

PK - LOL. I thought of you when I received it. Thanks.

Ella - I love the look of it and I love leather, so I think we'll both get on well:) Thanks.

Rosie - I think P will get the measure of it once he's used it a few times:) Thanks.


ronnie said...

Lea - I hope so too:) Thanks.


Minelle Labraun said...

I’d love to try one myself! Not sure my man would go for it! He has an aversion to belt like implements! Lucky you!
Let us know!

Hermione said...

Ronnie. what a lovely gift. It will be the gift that keeps on giving;)


Leigh Smith said...

I would imagine that would deliver quite a sting in the right hand (P's ) of course. Nice gift and lovely friend (hisssssss)

Anonymous said...

Ooh! A new toy!

Enjoy. I'm jealous.


ronnie said...

Minelle - I think it will get better with use. Thanks.

Hermione - I hope I like it. Thanks.

SG - I'll see if I still call her a friend when it's been used. Thanks.

Yorkie - I love new toys. Thanks.