Friday, 5 January 2018

In with the New - First Mixed Edition OF 2018

Another year begins.  Hopefully it doesn't go as fast as the last one did:)

Here's my first 2018 Edition. A nice mixture. Enjoy.

Modern Midcentuay (Spanked) Wife
She started this blog as a support forum for herself and other wives who choose and consent to being submissive and also to being punished or corrected, usually by spanking from their husbands but also by other forms of punishment.

Emma York - Author
Darkly Delicious Romance with a splash of BDSM.

Spanking List 
Twitter for a UK spanking adverts directory.

Dave's Aphrodite - A Journey
Very True Adventures of Aphrodite and Dave.

Moorag's Moist Musings
Morag.  A submissive, a slut. Proud to be a submissive and a slut. In particular, I am proud to be Master C’s submissive and Master C’s slut.

Sahalie Blue
An erotic fiction author who enjoys reading mystery, romance and science fiction novels     

Une Bonne Fessée
On est jamais trop âgé pour mériter une bonne fessée et en bénéficier.

Kinky Kez - We'll Spank Her Ass and Call her Kez
A submissive girl in a romantic relationship with her boyfriend and Dom. This is her journey into the beautifully dark and twisted world of BDSM and how it affects her and her life.

Girls Spanked in Pyjamas
Naughty girls spanked before bedtime.

Spanking Wall
A vast collection of free spanking galleries and video clips

Mr HardHand
A writer known for spanking stories wonders how can being a spanko be so wrong if more and more people are curious about us.

Painful bottoms for naughty young women.

Dreamer and writer passionately pursuing romance in art and life.   

Thanks to Bonnie for her contribution.

Have a fun weekend.



Leigh Smith said...

Thanks Ronnie and Bonnie for keeping us up-to-date.

Hermione said...

What a fine way to start the new year!


Red said...

thanks for the fun links
bottoms up

ronnie said...

SG - Our pleasure. thanks.

Hermione - A nice selection. Thanks.

Red - Thanks. You are welcome.