Wednesday, 17 January 2018

A Smile for Today

If it’s been a tough and tiring day at the office - just give the Stress Bum a squeeze and feel all your worries melt away. 

Our partners know a much better way than this to relieve stress after a hard day:)



Roz said...

LoL Ronnie, wonder what reaction I would get to having one of these on my desk lol. Thank you for sharing, hope you are having a great week :)


an English Rose said...

Hi Ronnie, they certainly do!Cute toy though....
love Jan, xx

abby said...

Nice gag gift, but I do like our way of relieving stress..hugs abby

Eric51 Amy49 said...

Where on earth did you find that thing? LOL Having that on my desk would surely just be a reminder to Eric to break out the paddle.

Ella said...

Ronnie, I just finished writing a post about relieving stress. Yes, I like Sam's way best. The funny thing is that I think it relieves his stress as well. Isn't spanking a wonderful thing?!

Hugs Across the Pond,

Fondles said...

I'm with you on the "better way to relieve stress". I wonder if I could have one of those on my office desk LOL.

Leigh Smith said...

I think I might have to get this for Ray.

Lea said...

Imagine having this on your desk at work though!

Rosie Jones said...

I showed this to Harry - his response was predictable!
Rosie xx

morningstar said...

your post definitely made me smile :)

The Glenmore said...

It would be quite a conversation piece to have on my desk....not sure if my wife would be pleased about it though!

Hermione said...

So cute! I love it, and just might order one (or two).


ronnie said...

Roz - You'd get some stares but I wonder if anyone would ask about it. Thanks.

Jan - It is amusing. Thanks.

Abby - I second that. Thanks.

Amy - I found it at a shop called MENKIND. Would be worth you getting one then :) Thanks.

Ella - Oh yes you are right on that one. I'll pop over when I have more time. Thanks.

Fondles - Would be interesting to see what your colleagues say:) Thanks.

SG - I'm sure he will find it funny. Thanks.

Lea - Could be a good conversation piece. Thanks.

Rosie - As you knew it would be. Thanks.

Morningstar - That makes me smile then. Thanks.

The Glenmore - There's onnly one way to find out:) Thanks.

Hermione - A fun novelty gift for Valentines or Christmas. Thanks.


lindy thomas said...

Cute toy Ronnie. Much prefer the other method of relieving stress. LOL!
Hugs Lindy xx

ronnie said...

Lindy - So do I. It snowed here today:) Thanks