Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Careful what you wish for

Quite a few years ago I asked my husband to assist me to lose weight, it was vanity not medically necessary or anything like that. I didn't want him to run up hills with me (although at that time I was jogging quite a bit) or dine over plates of rice and vegetables and pretend they were delicious. No, it was much simpler; I set some weight targets and asked him to spank me if I didn't achieve them. Now I know that all sounds very contrived and I'll admit I've often sought ways, by hook or by crook to get spanked more, but my husband agreed at the time to do it only if the spanking was by cane because, he argued, it had to be a serious deterrent and he wasn't prepared to indulge me artificially.

He was right. He did cane me when I failed to meet targets, it went on for several weeks and it did work because the canings were not erotic, he made sure they weren't. I lost the weight.

Now, those who've met me recently know I'm not overweight but my weight is creeping upwards and has been for a couple of months. P says it's not a bad thing but I don't like my clothes getting tighter on me and I don't like having to take next-size-up with me to the dressing room when I'm shopping because, you know, after a while next size up becomes okay and you accept it as the norm and when you've bought enough new clothes you just wear the older ones less and so it goes on.

So I asked P if he could assist me again. Logical as ever, he said self control was the best way and that I didn't need to lose weight in any case. I told him I did and if I produced a graph of my weight record since August he'd have a different view, and it was all one way, upward. I knew that would get his attention. He said 'go on then, show me' but I couldn't because I haven't done one but I did tell him my weight in August and my current weight, which is more than half a stone higher. And increasing, I added for good measure. He said he wouldn't spank me for being at my current weight because he thinks it's about right but he would consider spanking me if it went much higher...but also if it dropped back much lower so I should work on maintaining a sensible status quo. Then he disappeared upstairs, returning two minutes later with cane in hand.

"If I'm going to assist you, you'd better have a reminder of what my assistance will feel like and we'd better be quite clear there will be no compromising. We'll agree numbers and that will be it. Now come over here."

"P, I don't need reminding, I remember, we haven't talked this through.."

"We've talked quite enough for me to get the picture and know what's needed and I don't want to confuse it with any misconceptions about your weight or my views on it. If you genuinely want my help you'll heed my views, accept my advice on self control and accept the consequences we agree on if it doesn't work".

"Now come here if you want me in on this."

"Ok OK but please just give me an indication of what will happen." I didn't want to lose his cooperation but I didn't actually want the cane either (who said that's a one-off).

So I shuffled across and he put me firmly over the back of the sofa. I thought he might cane me over my jeans but then his hands came round my waist, belt and stud undone, jeans dragged down to my thighs. He told me to keep my hands flat on the seat and to stay in position until he told me I could get up and then tell him if I still wanted his help. He gave me half a dozen really hard stingers and fast too, hardly space to get my breath between strokes. I squealed out really loud at the last two and nearly dived forward onto the sofa seat. He told me to get up, my face was burning, I was furious and indignant I hadn't expected it so hard and I was stomping my feet and trying to pull my shirt tail down over my blazing buttocks which was ridiculous because nothing would put the fire out. I could feel tears forming as I stood there waiting for one of us to speak. It was him.

"So is a deal on or off, and if it's on let's set a weight range and then dates or intervals for measuring over. And you know what you'll be getting if you screw up." There was silence for a while as I tried not to blink because I was sure it would let a tear roll down my cheek. "Well?"

I said it was on and could I pull my jeans up now please and he hadn't needed to cane me that hard, and I turned away to do my belt back up. He said that was how it would be so I was under no illusion. Then he went and made a cup of tea and we agreed the details. There was no sex, which would I suppose have been inappropriate and I didn't fancy anyway. Just sensible conversation at the end of which he gave me a hug and said he hoped he didn't have to do that again and that my current weight is just great.   

I thought later in the day that just having him genuinely like my current weight could be enough encouragement for me without the deterrent of the cane. We'll see.



an English Rose said...

Oh dear Ronnie, good luck with that. As one who has seen you (and know how slender you are) and felt the cane (by a gentler hand too I think) I think you should have kept your mouth shut. This is one post I will not be sending my hubby's way.....
love Jan, xx

Roz said...

Hi Ronnie, oh ouch! I guess at least you know you can count on P's help with your weight goals. Good luck!

Wishing you the best with your goal, but listen to P. He loves you the way you are and you don't really need to lose weight. I love your last paragraph :)


Fondles said...

eek! good luck with the weight anti-gain. I hate the feeling of clothes becoming a little more fitted too, and i hear you re the "one size up" thing. stay strong. lay off the carbs! all the best!

PK Corey said...

Wow. We both asked for the same thing. Very different reactions from our husbands. I have higher hopes for your success than mine.

Ella said...

I am one that agrees totally with a spanking diet. For years I would vacillate between pants sizes, and I hated it. I could never stay where I should. When Sam took over as diet coach, things changed, and I never want to go back. Sam seems to favor a hairbrush for his pep talks.

When I was sick, I couldn't keep my weight up for the first time ever. It was fun to eat anything I wanted for a while. But I am better now and need to ditch the bad habits, especially after dinner!

Hugs and Support Across the Pond,

Hermione said...

Good luck! It's lovely that P thinks your current weight is fine, though. (And I'm sure it is!)


Leigh Smith said...

Ray is always fine with my weight too, either up or down. I've tried this route too but like PK didn't get much cooperation, soooooo.
Wishing you lots of luck with your weight loss - that caning would definitely be deterrent enough for me.

Katie said...

Hi Ronnie, :) OUCH! on the caning. P sure has a way to get right down to it, when you ask something of him. Sorry that you went through that. I do get his point about starting there. You don't want to go there again...

I completely understand what you are talking about. There are sit-ups in my future. Things seem to have re-distributed themselves. I want my old pear shape back! Apples- I'd rather eat one.

I have a feeling that you will get er done! GO You! Many hugs,

<3 Katie xoxo

lindy thomas said...

Ouch Ronnie, P sure made his point with that caning. Hope you are successful with either maintaining or losing weight. Always a hard thing to do as we age. Its really sweet P loves you the way you are though.
Hugs Lindy xx

Meredith Malloy said...

Super ouch! I was squirming as I read. P loves you. That is for sure. I do not think Jack would spank for not reaching a goal. For sassing about that goal, absolutely!!!

Cat said...

Ooh Ronnie...ouchie!!!! I do understand that weight slowly creeping up. Hope you don't have to have a reminder and are able to keep in the range you two set. Sending lots of positive energy for you!

Hugs and blessings...Cat

ronnie said...

Jan - Thank you. I'm thinking maybe you are right.

Roz - Thanks. I'm re-thinking - maybe just try and maintain the weight.

Fondles - Thanks. That's what I need to do 'stay off the carbs' but it's hard.

PK - I'll see how it goes, maybe wont need the cane for weight. Thanks.

Ella - Yes when our men take charge it does work. I'm so very happy that you are better and yes no after dinner treats. Thanks.

Hermione - Thanks. I personally don't think my weight is fine.

SG - The way P uses the cane as a deterrent does work for me:) Thanks.

Katie - I hate sit-ups but have started doing them. He does like to help:) Thanks.

Lindy - You are right, it's hard both maintaining or losing and you can't lose where you want to lose it. Thanks.

Meredith - Sassing about anything will get you spanked every time. Thanks.

Cat - Thanks and yes it will be ouch if I don't keep the range.


Florida Dom said...

Enjoyed the post. I need to lose some weight, too.

Blondie said...

It's been hard to find an implement that can be used to help me lose weight. I really think that a can is in order. I like his spankings so the incentive isn't there. Love your post.

ronnie said...

FD - Thanks. Good to see you.

Blondie - I like spanking and the cane but it's the way P uses the cane as a deterrent. Thanks.


Rosie Jones said...

Ronnie, I’m in the same boat. Since we met in August I’ve put on over half a stone too. No help from Harry, he is part of the problem!
Hope you manage to keep within your weight range, you have a good incentive to stay on track!
Rosie xx