Monday, 21 August 2017

Mother lode of yum

I'm not sure that's an appropriate synonym for what I got on Saturday but it will do as a header and I'll elaborate of course. You see I got caned on Saturday, which hasn't happened to me for quite a while because my sometimes caner (my nearest and dearest) has been having strange headaches as those of you who stop by from time to time will know. He had an MRI on Tuesday and got a call Thursday with the findings which showed no tumour (that word hadn't actually been said but hey we're all human) but there were some irregularities and he's seeing a neurologist on Tuesday. How's that for NHS efficiency! 

P's headaches had softened before the MRI but were still persisting at a low level. He was cheerful enough but not quite his normal self, I'm the one who does most of the worrying, I'm also a stickler for keeping appointments on time, almost as if I get there a couple of minutes late I'll miss my place and go to the back of the queue. I harry P whenever we're going somewhere together and I'm always proved wrong with my timing and we get to places way too early; airports, dinner bookings, you name it and it applies to hospital appointments too. Well I didn't go with him to the MRI place but I did persuade him to take the traffic seriously and get there on time. He was there twenty five minutes too soon, he told me afterwards. He also told me I deserved a good spanking for getting him there too early but it was only a passing comment or so I thought.

Anyway he got this neuro appointment and after his chat with the doctor seemed pretty positive so I was too. Then Saturday morning I check where the neuro guy is and he's nearly an hour's drive in average traffic. I told P and he said no way, I told him I'd googled it, he'd need to allow at least half again to be on the safe side. That wasn't going to happen, he said, but it reminded him he owed me a spanking from earlier in the week. My ears pricked up. I told him I was only thinking of him and I remained adamant about his appointment next week. He thanked me for my concern but told me it was a fine line between appropriate concern and nagging and that I was always wrong and he was always right when it came to journeys, he also said men were just better drivers and planners (wtf!) and then told me to come upstairs with him. I asked him why and he told me I was going to get spanked, then he said double spanked; one which he owed me and one for today, then he changed it and said he'd roll them into one and cane me instead. How unreasonable can a man get, but it was music to my ears because it meant he was feeling pretty much ok, I could hear it in his voice and I rejoiced inwardly for both of us.

He continued his theme as we went upstairs, berating me for hassling him at times, telling me he'd tolerated my flapping and fussing far too often and he should have given me a sore bottom many times but he'd overlooked it, well I was about to get one now and doubted I'd be sitting pouring over google maps for the rest of the weekend in fact he doubted I'd be sitting for the rest of the weekend. He has a way with words. My stomach was fluttering, I was so happy to hear him overdoing it I allowed myself a little 'me' thought, it was excitement, I wanted it and his scolding was making me wet for it after a few weeks of not being able to feel like that. O Lord for what we are about to...

So he took me in the bedroom, fished out his cane from under the mattress and told me to bend over the side of the bed, his side by the window, not how he usually canes me. I started to query him "But..."

"Don't even bother," he cut me short. "Do as you're told, you're in enough trouble, turn your head and you can see yourself in the mirror, or part of yourself anyway. And you can see part of me as I  bring my cane down across your bottom and you'll see the look on your own face as you get what naughty interfering mithering nagging girls get." Oh my he was definitely laying it on a bit now and I loved it. The only thing was he hadn't taken my jeans down. I thought about reminding him but didn't. Then I sensed arm movement and heard a couple of swishes and then a longer swish and a THWACK! and I screamed. Even through my jeans it bloody stung and drove me forward almost onto the bed. I repositioned myself, whimpering, and twisted my head towards the mirror where I saw his forearm and the cane raise and steady before whistling back down across my bottom. I saw myself jolt forward with the force and my face contort with the pain. I didn't see the third stroke, it came fast, before I'd readied myself, it stung like hell and made such a noise against the meatiest part of my bum it truly shocked me and I expected the after sting to be worse than it actually was. P was saying stuff to me about trusting I was learning my lesson and that I'd remember this in future etc etc, window dressing really but I loved it and after about eight or ten strokes I realised the pain wasn't as bad as a bare bum caning but the swishing and thwacking were much more dramatic and I made sure my cries matched.

I was half way to heaven when the swishing stopped and I felt P's arms around my waist. He started undoing my jeans. I thought 'Oh god I'm going to get it on the bare as well' and I think I might have squirted a bit into my knickers just before my husband pulled them down, with my jeans, in one go. "Oh please, P, it already hurts..." I started to say. "Be quiet!" He snapped. Then I heard him fidgeting and his own zip coming down and then his cock was thrusting between my cheeks and I raised on tiptoe to offer myself at the same time saying "Oh no P, it's too big" in my best well-caned-naughty girl-oh-goodness-and-now-you're-going-to-fuck-me indignant voice.

I think he must have liked the voice or perhaps the sight of my deeply reddened backside offered up to him, whatever, but his too big cock plunged into me with brute force which made me gasp and within three or four strokes, a little way before I could catch up, he came and how! I felt it in my stomach, a mother lode of hot melty yum and I collapsed onto the bed under his weight with him still inside me. I didn't come, I wanted to but I was so glad he had and in spades too, I knew that was a lot of stress unloading.

P slid his hand down my tummy, I knew where he was going but said "No, I'm fine." He kept it there anyway but didn't bring me on. He whispered in my ear, "You can keep planning our journeys if you like, I think I'd miss it if you stopped." I just smiled.

Then he got up and ran his fingers across my bottom and said, "Hmm...I think I was a bit lenient, I'll finish your caning off tomorrow," I knew what that was code for and I did indeed get my own stress relief the next day.

Have a good week.



Anonymous said...

You really have a way with titles. Very enticing. ;) And that leads to a great post. I'm glad you both got what you wanted (needed). I hope P's headache's continue to get better. Best of luck.

an English Rose said...

hi Ronnie, I am so glad that P. is feeling better, always a good sign when then they get the implements out. Hope his appointment goes welll.
love Jan, xx

Roz said...

Hi Ronnie, love the title and this was hot! Glad P was feeling better and that you both got what you needed. Hope P's headaches improve and that all goes well at his appointment.


Hermione said...

We are always early for appointments. Ron insists on leaving way too soon, but never mind. Better early than late. A lovely story - thanks for sharing.


Baker said...

I quite enjoyed your post today! I'm thankful P is better or at least on the mend! Sounds like a delicious weekend. Glad things are on the up and up!

Katie said...

Hi Ronnie,:) OH that is great news about no tumour! I'm so glad for him and you too! Good that they are getting down to the bottom of it all. I hope that the appointment goes well, and that P continues to feel a whole lot better each day.

This was hot, Hot HOT to read! What a nice way for P to de-stress. I love how he gave you your opportunity the following day! You two are awesome! Many hugs,

<3 Katie

Leigh Smith said...

What great news about the tumor - now for the good news about the 'irregularities'.

Loved his whisper in your ear - you two are too damn cute.

PK said...

I'm so happy P is feeling some better. I hope they find just enough to completely fix the problem so it will bother him no more. As for your caning - mentally I just changed cane to strap and I completely enjoyed it!

Our Bottoms Burn said...

Will be keeping good thoughts about your beloved.
Love the way you write, so hot.

ronnie said...

Ripley - Hello. Lovely of you to say.

Jan - I loved it. Thanks.

Roz - It was a lovely weekend:) Keeping fringers crossed. Thanks.

Hermione - That's what I say to P but he hates being too early for appointments. Thanks.

Baker - Delicious indeed. Thanks.

Katie - It was quite hot and so was my bottom:) Thank you. Keeping everything crossed.

SG - I don't like the sound of 'irregularities' but we'll see what they say about them. Thanks.

PK - He doesn't say it's bothering him but I know it is. Me and the cane and you and the belt:) Thanks.

OBB - Thank you so much. Appreciate it.


Red said...

Extremely happy that the unspoken C has been dismissed, and a neurologist is the route suggested. Dreaming in technicolor ( only oldies know what that means), maybe the neurological diagnosis will be that P is too sedentary, and needs to swing his arms around more often. The ultimate win/win situation for both of you.
Bottoms up

ronnie said...

Red - Thanks. Sadly neuro appointment was cancelled so waiting now to speak to doctor who is away for a few days:(


lindy thomas said...

Good to hear P is feeling better Ronnie and you had a yummy afternoon. Good luck with his appointment.
Hugs Lindy xx

ronnie said...

Lindy - Thanks. Appointment cancelled so he's waiting to speak with his doctor whose away.


Ella said...

What a post, Ronnie. Once I heard that P was doing a bit better, I was able to enjoy your tale a whole lot more. I think that we do try to manage everything when we are scared about a husband's health. I certainly did a few weeks ago. Damn near drove Sam crazy with what he should eat and what he shouldn't.

So far the cane has been reserved for play. Heaven help me if it ever comes out when he is irritated!

Good news, my friend Across the Pond!

Enzo said...

Well, this post had good news all around! Wishing you and P continued good news in the near future with the neuro-appointment whenever it is.

Loved this story. Thanks for sharing!


ronnie said...

Ella - Thank you. Keeping fingers crossed and hope he gets new appointment soon.

Enzo - Thank you so much.