Monday, 28 August 2017

Bank Holiday Weekend.

And my husband decides to install a new fridge freezer and rebuild half our kitchen in the process, well not quite half but because the new model is replacing two older units he's got to do some reorganising and I'll end up with some new shelves which I didn't ask for and don't really want because open shelves invite dust and I'd as soon have closed cupboards. Men don't see things the way women do. Anyway he's started so he'll finish but it's funny the first time in years we've had a decent weather August Bank Holiday weekend and P chooses to spend it indoors, at least one day of it.

Never mind, we were in town yesterday at a food fair, which was nice and all the streets lined with street food vendors, chargrills smoking, wonderful smells filling the air, Thai, Indian, Jamaican, even English! with hot roast rib of beef carved hot off the spit. Some local farm and craft foods too plus outdoor bars, amusements for the kids and loads of add-ons which aren't really food but often of interest. It was packed, busier than I've ever seen it because of the weather and I had to queue for ten minutes to get a portion of jerk chicken which we shared and was lovely and I wished I'd got two portions but I wasn't going to stand in the queue again.

Tomorrow evening we're out to dinner and I'm hoping, assuming he's finished his carpentry, P will come into Birmingham with me in the morning, he said he would. It would be nice to get spanked in the afternoon, that's just an idle and selfish thought and there's no particular reason why it should happen, perhaps I should find fault in his kitchen work. Not until he's accompanied me into Birmingham though in case he changes his mind.

So I'm out into the garden as soon as I've finished this post, surplus to requirements, until he's finished of course then he'll want me back inside to ask me what I think but really the message will be time to clear up:)

Have a good week.



an English Rose said...

Hi Ronnie, we are so lucky with the weather too. An amazing English summer, just like when we were children! We are just debating on what to do on this fine Bank Holiday Monday, maybe a spanking will be on the agenda here too.
love Jan, xx

Roz said...

Hi Ronnie, sounds like a wonderful long weekend. Glad you are having such lovely weather to enjoy it. Yay for new kitchen appliances, I'm with you on having cupboards rather than shelves.

Hope you do celebrate the long weekend with a spanking :)


abby said...

Sun gods must be shining on everyone, after days of rain, we are having a sunny week also....and I sympathize, seems Master always has an indoor project going. hugs abby

Hermione said...

How lucky you are that P has carpentry skills. Enjoy your new fridge!


Leigh Smith said...

Sounds like a terrific weekend. I agree with you about open shelves.

Food fair reminds me of Taste of Colorado - used to love to attend on Labor Day Weekend. Hope you got to Birmingham and your wish for a spanking came true.

DelFonte said...

We're having good weather! It's so amazing - I'm not home, but who cares, when the weather is great.

hope you had a good day.


Rosie Jones said...

Hope you enjoyed the Bank Holiday, Ronnie, also hope you got the spanking you wanted. I got one I didn't want!
Rosie xx

ronnie said...

Jan - They say we're going to have a warm September. Hope you enjooyed your day and got that spanking.

Roz - I certainly did. Thank you.

Abby - Thanks. That's men for you. We we did have a lovely long weekend.

Hermione - Thanks, He's pretty good all round of course some things he can't do.

SG - Thanks. Got a little more as well:) Love food fairs.

Del - It does make a change for a Bank Holiday being sunny and warm. Hope your summer has been lovely. Thanks.

Rosie - Thanks. Oh dear. Hope you're not sitting too uncomfortably today.