Monday, 10 July 2017

Make weekends count

My instruction. Given to me yesterday by my husband as he got up from his usual Sunday morning seat tossing his newspaper aside (He gets it online on some kind of deal but still collects the hard copy from the Co-op). He said he was going for a shower, I said he hadn't finished his paper. He told me he'd finished it for now, we needed to do more on weekends, shake them up a bit. Well a lot actually, he said as he was going through the door.

"What's all this about?" I asked as I walked after him but he was halfway up the stairs and didn't stop to answer. I went back to my washing machine which was beeping to be emptied.

When I'd finished a few jobs I went upstairs for a shower myself and saw P was sitting at the office desk, door open, laptop on. I asked him what was wrong with our weekends and what had prompted his sudden 'seeing the light' moment. He said we should make sure to do stuff totally unrelated to work, take exercise, see family, do something voluntary, blah blah. He told me he'd just read one of the columnists in his newspaper, a guy he often says makes good sense his name's Luke Johnson and he's in the restaurant business amongst other things which is probably why P reads him although his column is not restricted to that. I said I'd read it later.

I did and it was very sensible but, I told my husband, we already do much of what he's saying but we don't put labels on it. "Hmm well we need to do more," was his reply. But actually he was already guilty of not following the advice he'd just read because he'd been sitting at his laptop and that nearly always means work related.

"Well a few changes should be made, we can discuss them later."

"Ok P, fine by me, maybe get something to eat after we've been to the cinema (we were going to see La Traviata apparently captured from the Teatro dell’Opera di Roma and showing this evening) and you can tell me all about it," I said trying to sound helpful. "As long as it doesn't stop me getting spanked, I like a weekend spanking."

"Spankings happen when they happen," said my husband, "they shouldn't be regimented."

Well I basically agreed with him but I didn't say it. I thought best to wait until our little discussion over a bite to eat and see what he had in mind. It may even have all blown over by then, I mean I honestly don't think our weekends are too dreadful at all. But they could be if spankings didn't happen:)

Have a good week.



Rosie Jones said...

It doesn't do for us to tell our men when to spank does it? They guard that prerogative fiercely!
Hope you don't lose your weekend tanning.
Rosie xx

Roz said...

Hi Ronnie, sounds like you could be in for some interesting and fun weekends, I do like the idea. I'mwondering how your discussion went :) I'm sure you won't lose your weekend spanking :)


abby said...

I agree with Roz...I really doubt your weekend spanking will not be replaced.....hugs abby

Hermione said...

Our weekends are pretty predictable. I think that shaking up the routine is a great idea!


Red said...

Changing things that you do is always a pleasant activity. This is a reason we travel often, but inexpensively wherever possible. I guess you might not have planned spankings, unless you count in your deliberately misbehaving just to be spanked.
bottoms up

Ella said...

I totally dislike articles that make one think that their life or their marriage or their views on parenting don't measure up. I think you Brits say, "Sod off!" That seems to say it all. Be your naturally devilish self, and the spankings will come to pass, I'm sure!

Sam usually starts off our weekend with an "adjustment," and I must agree it seems to get our Saturday and Sunday off in perfect balance. If he forgets or gets busy, he usually remembers the first time something snarky comes out of my mouth.

Sending Spanking Wishes Across the Pond,

ronnie said...

Rosie - I don't think there's any chance of that really. Thanks.

Roz - It was generally as said, we should do more and make the most of the weekends. Do more walking (we do a lot anyway) see more places and such. I didn't bring up spanking but I will:) Thanks.

Abby - I can't imagine P not spanking me at weekends. Thanks.

Hermione - I wonder does he mean I wont have to catch up on laundy and household chores:) Thanks.

Red - Even though I deliberately try it doesn't always work. Thanks.

Ella - I don't read too much into articles like that but I think P's righ here, we should do more at weekends it would makes the weekends seem longer. Snarky words from you my friend, never:) Thanks.


lindy thomas said...

Good luck with your new week end shake up Ronnie. Hope it works out for the best and includes a spanking or two.
Hugs Lindy xx

ronnie said...

Lindy - Thanks. We'll see how they go.