Monday, 17 July 2017

I got fucked...oops, sorry, we made love

You see we had this conversation Saturday night over dinner with friends, it was about language and how it should be used, what is acceptable and what is not and, importantly as we were all the wrong side of fifty, how we should use it ourselves in our daily communications and transactions with others. I mean swear words, profanities, can sound awful coming from the wrong mouth or in the wrong circumstances...or they can sound entirely ok and natural and you'd hardly bat an eyelid if spoken smoothly by, say, Hugh Grant with his mildly upper class English twit accent. It could apply to lots of others, I don't want to make a list.

We didn't reach a conclusion but we all agreed there was a difference, perhaps there's a snobbishness involved, perhaps posh people do swearing better. I don't think one single swear word was used at the table by the way, apart from to illustrate a point, and yet all of us accepted we were 'swearers' at times. I asked how we all felt about using swear words in emails and unanimously we didn't do it....but a Whatsapp or a text was another matter entirely. I was and am interested in how peers view and use what used to be called bad language, it interests me in particular because I write my little blog and sometimes stop and think 'should I say this or should I say that?'. I asked P yesterday afternoon if I should moderate my use of language, he said 'no, why, lots of words in use today weren't years ago but they are now so if they're appropriate use them in my opinion'.

I agreed with him but then I was still bathed in the afterglow of receiving a sound dose of wifely corporal punishment and being copulated (is that a verb?) so we were on the same wavelength anyway. Then later I sat to type today's blog and I typed the preceding sentence on my laptop and smiled as I thought how silly it looked but I left it in there anyway. What had actually happened was that I'd been a bit lippy, sassy to you Americans, while we'd been out at lunchtime and P had pinched my bum and told me less of my cheek or else. Of course he got more of my cheek before we got home and, well, you can join the dots up as to what happened when we got home only I'll re-phrase it in my normal vernacular; I got my cheeky bottom spanked good and hard and then, with him fairly bursting out of his pants, I got fucked doggy style and kept shouting at him to do it harder and when he spunked into me I came and we collapsed in a sweaty heap on the bed. It was a few minutes later that I consulted him about the use of language.

Typing now I know we didn't make love. Nobody 'makes love', the expression should be banished. Love exists or it does not but it can't be made. I've decided we definitely fucked, and it was very good and I'm actually quite happy to get fucks like that. And really, I can't think of a better way of putting it. So I shan't be tailoring my language any time soon but I can't be bothered to go back and alter the heading. Fuck it:)

Have a good week.



Eric51 Amy49 said...

I see you and P came up with something less work related and more personal to do on the weekend! LOL I was fucked quite similarly on Friday before Eric left town. ;)

lindy thomas said...

This post made me laugh Ronnie, love it. Our eldest daughter drops the 'F bomb' all the time which I hate. Yet in its place I don't mind at all. My Bear was actually shocked recently when I asked him to fuck me hard, as I hadn't said that before. So I think in those circumstances it sounds alright but not how our D1 does it.
Hugs Lindy

an English Rose said...

Hi Ronnie, well I don't suppose it matters what you call it as long as it happens just as you like it!
love Jan, xx

Fondles said...

yeah i don't like the phrase Make Love either. fuck is fine by me. :)

Roz said...

LoL Ronnie, to me it's all about the context, swearing is ok in certain situations but not others. Interesting conversation. Funny, I wouldn't swear in an email either, but text...

Glad to see you didn't miss your weekend spanking :)


abby said...

There is a place for both words...sometimes M tells me I need a good fucking...and sometimes just some long, gentle loving...either way I win...or we both do! hugs abby

Baker said...

I'm the prude of the bunch. My dad cussed like a sailor and I hated it. Found it embarrassing as a child. So maybe because of all my kiddos I refrain and rarely utter anything worse than "crap". Lol. Though I have to agree, curse words do have their place if said in certain circumstances.

Hermione said...

There was a time when the F-word was never used in polite company or heard on television. Remember the stir Lady Chatterley's Lover caused over the use of that word (among other things)? I use it in conversation with people I know well if it seems appropriate, but never with people older than me, or with people I know at church.


PK said...

What ever you call it, it sure sounds like a fun encounter to me.

Leigh Smith said...

I think your descriptions are fine - no matter what it's called, it was a good time for you both.

The Glenmore said...

We guys love it when you gals talk dirty! Keep it up Ronnie!

Rosie Jones said...

I was brought up not to use profane or vulgar language and, on the whole, I don't. I don't like to hear the f-word thrown about and don't say it myself, though I won't say I've never used it in extremis. I would be offended if you used swear words in conversation with me, Ronnie, but your descriptive language on your blog is part of your style and doesn't have me running for the smelling salts!
Rosie xx

Red said...

fucking delightful to read.... P is such an accommodating husband, knowing how to get you to earn a spanking, and then both of you are rewarded by fucking.
Fun fun fun
bottoms up

Ripley said...

Well, you certainly used it affectively to get a catchy title! LOL. I love the way you describe things Ronnie.

My take on swear words is that if used occasionally they can be quite appropriate. But when it's every other word it can really distract from the conversation. I also agree that I alter my use of them depending on who I'm with or where we are. One pet peeve I have is when people are at a children's playground and cursing up a blue streak. I hate that.

Great post.

Lea said...

Making love just sounds so contrived. Fucking is usually what I think of. z

I'm a pretty big swearer, but usually not at work. Rarely in emails, unless to someone I'm close with. Good points. I try not to swear if I see children. But if another adult tries to chastise me for my use of language when children are not present (as happened recently) they're gonna hear a whole lot more of it, directed at them!

That fucking sounded wonderful!

1ManView said...

Damn good question Ronnie. As you see I spelled Damn different not to upset anyone. I'm always trying to figure out what words to use in my poetry. Several times I was told the word cock is vulgar, than the opposite that the word penis was for those who didn't know any better... I read a blog by a woman who published erotic books, and she said in an interview anything other than the word cock was useless to use... I have had people comment on how they liked how I didn't use it, but people like "L" who doesn't swear think its inappropriate. So basically I just write what word pops up in my mind, and it's too #&* bad if I stepped on someone toes. Heck, there are days I can't please "L" at all, so the heck with those other people I don't live with. 😆 But being a preacher son I do watch myself out of habit....

Personally I like how you express yourself. I really enjoy your writing style. It's you, and at times I find myself laughing at your what is on your mind outburst... In fact I look forward to it...


P.S. The next time there better be a real FUCKING going on across the pond when you write it... 😆😆

ronnie said...

Amy - I don't think that was what P had in mind but I'm not complaining:) Thanks.

Lindy - LOL I can image your Bear being shocked. Thanks.

Jan - Yep, don't need to put labels on it. Good to see you back. Thanks.

Fondles - Fuck it will be then:) Thanks.

Roz - I asked a couple of friends today about swearing in emails and they don't do it either but they certainly swear:) Thanks.

Abby - Gentle loving is good, it's just the phrase "making love" that I'm not keen on. Thanks.

Baker - I don't like swearing in front of little ones. I never did when our son was around. My dad hated swearing and if he heard me use bad words (that's what he called them) I would be in big trouble. Thanks.

Hermione - I'm the same I don't use it with older people, except good friends. I definitely don't think your church friends would like hearing you swear. Thanks.

PK - It was indeed. Thanks.

SG - Yes, as long as it's good for both. Thanks.

Glenmore - LOL. Thanks.

Rosie - Thank you. My father hated bad words and I would really be in trouble if he heard me use one. I never knew the f-word then. I agree, I don't like the word thrown about and I hate young girls using it. I would never use it in conversation with you.

Red - I usually like a reward after a spanking:) Thanks.

Ripley - Thank you. Glad you liked the title. Oh yes I agree. I hear mothers (young ones) using it so much in front of their children, I feel like saying something but I don't.

Lea - Funny you don't use it in emails either. I know two of my friends would never say they fucked, they make love:( Thanks.

1ManView - Thanks so much. Very kind of you to say. Cock or penis, does it matter. Personally, I prefer cock myself. It's your blog/writing so you should write how you like.


Terpsichore said...

no matter how you say it, sounds like you both had fun! :-) Hugs

DelFonte said...

Just love this post for your honesty. Making love is such a quaint expression, something you say over candlelit dinner, then go and do something completely different in the bedroom.


ronnie said...

Terps - We did indeed. Thanks.

DF - Thanks. LOL. Yes, go and do something completely different. So right. We will miss you in London.


Ella said...

I am obviously not spending enough time on the blogs to have missed such an excellent post, Ronnie! I do agree that the acceptance of swear words has changed over the years. As a grade school teacher, I was surprised at what was said in the teacher's lounge. Felt like I could fit in. Same with the doctors with whom I work. Good god, the staff meetings were an education.

Loved this post,
Ella Across the Pond

ronnie said...

Ella - I know what you mean in a teacher's staff room, I worked as a teacher's assistant for a while. Thanks.


Enzo said...

Great post Ronnie! I use to swear so much to the point I was almost unaware of it. Alot was based on the institutions I was a aprt of but I would also do it with my previous design staff of all girls and they would always be amused by it. Granted they were all my age or younger. Now I hardly ever swear in the office and save it to make a dramatic point.

I have often wondered if certain words would turn readers off to certain blogs?


ronnie said...

Enzo - We had a friend whose every other word was a swear word, we didn't mind because we knew him but some people were complaining and talking about it behind his back so I did mention to him and he was like you unaware that he was using it.

That's a good question - Maybe one for Hermione to use for a Brunch question. I'll ask. Thanks.


kdpierre said...

That was funny, cute, and hot............all at the same (fucking) time.

ronnie said...

KD Pierre - :) Thank You.