Monday, 26 June 2017

I Thought I Might Fall Asleep

Saturday night we had guests, which was great and P put on a lovely meal as he usually does. But what he doesn't usually do is cane, tongue and massage me in the afternoon prior. It made me so sleepy P said he'd rearrange our place settings so that he could kick me under the table if I started nodding off. He was joking. And I didn't nod off because I was re-energised when our friends arrived with bubbly conversation and catch-up talk and a bit of trip planning as Tuesday I'm going to Spain for a few days with one of them.

We had a very pleasant evening but the afternoon was definitely the stand out of the weekend and I think the reason was because it was so unexpected and, I suppose, luxurious and I had to think about that word before using it but it's true. I luxuriated in it. All of it, even the caning which I knew wasn't going to be serious punishment from the way he'd threatened it in the car earlier after I'd been getting on his nerves about something quite trivial or at least I thought it was, a tiny favour I wanted him to do for me while I'm away. I'd asked him to do a certain part of my mail for me but he refused, he said he couldn't guarantee he'd be on time with collections and he certainly wasn't going to stand in line at the post office. I do have an alternative but I still argued a bit that he could be more helpful and eventually he put his foot down and told me to stop it, his decision was final and if I didn't drop the matter he'd take one of my own canes to me when we got home. So I 'pretty pleased' a couple more times after that, noting that his tone was friendly and trusting that a man of his word would take a cane to me and it wouldn't be too bad, even exciting because I haven't had one of my own canes applied to my bottom forcefully.

Well that was the background and so, by late afternoon, after P had done some preparation and popped a duck into the oven to roast, I was taken upstairs, shorts and knickers taken down and caned lying over a couple of pillows on the middle of the bed. He had to do it hard enough to make me squeal or why bother, but I could tell it wasn't going to make my eyes water and in fact it made me horny and I started writhing, lasciviously I hoped, against the pillows. Now it's not unheard of for my husband to make me suck him off (it doesn't take much making) after he's caned me but, for whatever reason, perhaps the noises or the movements I was making during the caning, or the way I answered him cheekily after he'd stopped, when he asked me if I'd learned my lesson and I answered as huskily as I could "Oh god yes, darling, you're masterful at lessons", my husband climbed up on the bed and I thought he was going to fuck me. I quickly shoved my right hand between my legs and started humping my sore backside in response to it when my husband turned me over. He pulled my hand out, licked my fingers slowly, groaned his approval and told me I was a naughty girl, then put his head between my legs right where my fingers had been and I felt his tongue searching for what they'd found. Oh fuck did I scream when he found what he wanted and stayed on it and then I clamped my hand across my mouth because I couldn't trust myself and then he used his thumbs to prise my lips further apart and his tongue worked harder and some deep male sound of approval gurgled from his throat as I started coming gushing and wriggling like mad as he held onto me until I was drained.

We lay for a few minutes, me quietly saying 'fuck' and 'you can't do that' and him just making mmm sounds and giving me the occasional lick. When he got up his face was wet. He still had his jeans on and I could see his bulge, I was certain a blowjob was on the cards and I was up for it but, instead, he turned me back over onto my tummy and asked me if I'd like a massage, I hadn't had one for ages. He got off the bed and went into my drawer, I felt him get back on and then talcum powder sprinkling on me, he said he couldn't see any oil but talc would serve the same purpose of helping his hands slide. He did from my neck right down to the soles of my feet and back up again, slowly and methodically pausing to work extra on tight spots and sensitively over my backside. He didn't try to rekindle anything and was chatting away meaninglessly and happily, it was heaven and I could have fallen asleep any time except when he worked my feet which had a couple of tight spots.

When he'd done he jumped off the bed and said he had to get back to the kitchen. I turned round and pouted and said it wouldn't take long, I was looking directly at his crotch. He laughed and said save it, he wouldn't forget. Neither would I:)

Catch up when I get back from Spain. I've scheduled a couple of picture posts.

Have a good week.



Roz said...

Blimey Ronnie, this was hot! This sounds like bliss, a fantastic afternoon and evening. I'm sure P didn't miss out on some attention in the end too :)


Hermione said...

What a lovely afternoon--especially the massage, as it's not the usual ending for you two.

Have a jolly time in Spain!


Ella said...

Good god, Ronnie. You lucky woman! What an afternoon. Loved that you sampled your own canes. And then he cooked the dinner to boot!

We did a little sampling ourselves this weekend, and I am still smarting a bit this morning.

Hugs Across the Pond,

Leigh Smith said...

Hot, hot, hot and you're not even in Spain. Hope you have a lovely time.

Minelle Labraun said...

That man of yours is one in a million!

Red said...

Delightful to read, but certainly more delightful for both of you. Have fun in Spain... May the rain not even fall on the plain, when you are in spain.
bottoms up

Katie said...

WOWSA Ronnie!!!! :) Temps are rising around here! That was a hot Hot HOT one!!!

Sounds like an an amazing afternoon/evening! P sure treated you to some mighty fine attention! Love the massage bit too. Wonderful!

Have a super time in Spain! Many hugs,

<3 Katie

ronnie said...

Roz - Thanks. I made sure P got some attention:)

Hermione - No not usual for us. Spain was lovely. Thank you,.

Ella - Afternoon delights:) Hope you both approved. Thanks.

SG - I really felt so sleepy after. Spain was great. Thanks.

Minelle - I think so:) Thanks.

Red - No rain just lovely sun. Thanks.

Katie - I got lots of attention that afternoon and a lovely meal with friends after. Heaven. Thanks.