Monday, 13 February 2017

In with the New - Another Valentine's Edition

Back with more blogs/Tumblrs for your reading pleasure. Don't forget to stop by.

The Impact of Spanking 
The moment of impact, when the beautiful roundness of a fine bottom deforms.

Kicked Out of the Box
A 40 year old non conforming submissive {In play}

A Spanko's Journey
Just another spanko 's thoughts.

Here's To The World
Spanking Fiction.

Being Sir's Gorgeous
A submissive's ascent into BDSM. 

Love Strict Women
Photoblog featuring women to like to spank.

Spanking Faces and Pain
Faces of girls before, during and after their spankings.

Adult Schoolgirls Punished
Photo gallery of adults spanked in school uniform.

Slipper spanking photoblog

A REAL spanking does not truly begin, until the recipient is desperate for it to END!

Erotic Spanking 
A page for people actually enjoying getting spanked.

Self Spanking Guide
Not everyone has someone to give them the punishments that they need and deserve. That's why this little corner of the Internet was created. Now, come get your spanking.

Spankoz Blog
To promote all kinds of spanking.

Naughty Girls Poses and Predicaments
Naughty girls in assorted poses and predicaments, before during and after punishment.

Male Interested in Spanking
A male who is mainly sub and interested in spanking.

Spotted a new spanking orientated blog - started one yourself? Send me the link and I'll add it to my next 'In with the New' spot.

Have a good week


Thanks to Bonnie and Hermione.
Picture found at Glenmore's Adult Spanking Stories and Comics.


Roz said...

Thank you Ronnie for sharing more blogs. Welcome to blogland everyone :)


lindy thomas said...

Thanks Ronnie for haring the new blogs. Welcome to blogland, will try to visit shortly.

Hugs Lindy

Hermione said...

A big welcome to all of our newest bloggers.


The Glenmore said...

Thanks Ronnie. Look out for some new Valentines day drawings at my blog tomorrow.

ronnie said...

Roz - My pleasure. Thanks.

Lindy - More soon. Thanks.

Hermione - Thanks.

Glenmore - I do love your drawings. Thanks.