Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Nigerian's Love Spanking

Well I don't know whether they actually love it, or at least not all of them, but they are obviously conscious of it, well some of them, or otherwise it wouldn't get into their media and, according to a link google sent me from International Nigeria it is definitely getting coverage. Good for the Nigerians, I must admit I'd always thought of the country as being a bit third world and P tells me that in the large it still is but that in the capital there is a rapidly growing high tech industry and well educated increasingly wealthy population which must seek similar RandR as longer established communities elsewhere. He also opined that women from that part of the world can be strikingly attractive and that their bottoms often appear to be very visible and presumably therefore very spankable. 

I told him I thought his thinking was flawed. Just because a woman may have a prominent derriere doesn't mean she'd be any more up for having it spanked than one with a bum less so. He corrected me by pointing out that he'd said very spankable, in other words from the point of view of the spanker not the spanked. Hmm typical male thinking.  



Red said...

Totally agree with P. So many spankable bottoms, specially at the beach,and that got me spanked. A win win situation. Thanks for the fun article
bottoms up

amber said...

Hey, ronnie

I feel bad, I completely forgot about your blog until I accidentally came across it again just a few minutes ago.

I don't think I have been here in a year and even then it wasn't for long. Just sooooo busy I guess.

But, I have bookmarked you and hope to get back to go thru it when I have time :)

Yeah, your P, he definitely is a man that loves spanking. Sure sometimes their logic does not always make the most sense.

But, it is just something we have to put up with, eh? ;)

As long as my boyfriend will always give me the spankings I need and want, I can humor him lol

Nice to see you again.

amber xxx

Cat said...

LOL Ronnie...ya gotta love P's thought process. I'm sure there are many spankable asses out there...both male and female. But not all of them would appreciate being spanked. ;)

Hugs and blessings...Cat

Roz said...

Hi Ronnie, hmm, interesting, and I love P's thinking lol


Leigh Smith said...

The male thought process - definitely Venus and Mars

ronnie said...

Red - I can image all those spankable bottoms on the beach could get you into trouble. Thanks.

Amber - Hello and no prpblem. I'm happy you found me again:)

Cat - He does make me sigh, laugh and groan with what he comes out with. Thanks.

Roz - I do most of the time:) Thanks.

Leigh - Right there. Thanks.


Katie said...

LOL Ronnie! That P! :) Many hugs,

<3 Katie

Hermione said...

I'll bet many of those bottoms look very spankable, and more than a few men are into it!