Friday 13 November 2015

We Love our Lurkers and a Smile

Can't believe it's the 10th Love our Lurkers Day and my 7th.

So many people pass through my blog from different parts of the world and leave comments and I thank each and everyone one of you but I know I have many readers who, for one reason or another never leave a comment. I know how hard it is to leave that first one.  I was a lurker once, (yes even Ronnie was:))

Of course you're more than welcome to stop by here any time and hang out without leaving a comment, that's no problem as I am grateful for your visit and appreciate the time you spend reading my blog.

But today is your day so I ask my lurkers to leave a comment.  Please, don't be bashful, no names needed no long story just a simple hello would be lovely. 

So go on make my day and leave me a comment.

Thanks for visiting.

Sharing his picture that made me smile.

Now why don't you pop over to Hermione's blog - she has a list of wonderful blogs for you to visit.

Have a fun weekend.


Picture found at Dees


Frank Spanko said...

Passing through. Love your blog! Keep up the good work!

Minielle Labraun said...

Hi ya friend!

JWLR said...

Love your blog!! You rock!!

abby said... are my first comment....
hugs abby

Aimless Rambling said...

Hangin' with you has been such fun. So glad you're here.

PK said...

I'm here, i'm here - I'm always here. I hope you hear from some of your quiet readers too.

Anonymous said...

I love reading your blog!

Anonymous said...

i enjoy you blog

Cat said...

Oh good gravy...lost track of the dates and haven't gotten an LOL post up. Thanks for the reminder...again.

Happy LOL Day!

Hugs and blessings...Cat

Lindy Thomas said...

Love reading your bnlogs Ronnie. have a fun LOL day. Hope you get heaps of new readers commenting.
Hugs Lindy

Rosie Jones said...

Hi Ronnie,

I have left a few comments on your blog but mostly lurk. I really enjoy your blog and will try to be braver and comment more often.


an English Rose said...

HI Ronnie, Hope you have a fun day today, and lots of brave lurkers
love Jan,xx

Dr. Ken said...

Happy LOL Day, Ronnie! I always enjoy reading your accounts, and don't comment nearly as often as I'd like to. Today's the day for it!

ronnie said...

Frank - You are very kind. Thanks for the comment.

Minelle - Waving back to you my friend. Thanks for checking in:)

JWLR - Thanks for that. You are very kind.

Abby - Happy you are here. Thanks.

SG - Thanks. I do love this community. Love that you stopped by.

PK - And I'm happy you are here as you are part of the family. Thanks.

Meredith - And I yours. Thank you.

Anon - Thank you so much. I hope you stop by again.

Cat - I hope you manage to get one up. Thanks for stopping by. Happy LOL day.

Lindy - Thanks. I hope you enjoy your first LOL day.

Rosie - Hello. I thank you for leaving a comment today but stop by any time without leaving one.

Jan - Thanks. Not going to be around to much for the next few days:(

Dr Ken - Thank. Loved that you sopped by a left a comment.


Terpsichore said...

Love visiting you... :-) Hugs

Julia said...

I enjoy your blog. :)
Happy LoL Day!

Anonymous said...

Ronnie: as you know, i am not a lurker and love to read your blog, and learn more about you and P and your family. you are a very dear friend!
bottoms up

Michael M said...

Your blog and a cup of coffee are my firsts of the day.
Happy spanking. Michael.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ronnie! Happy LOL Day!

Downunder Don said...

Hi Ronnie,
I am a daily visitor to your site because I like your little stories and illustrations and your blog roll aligns with my taste.
Downunder Don

DelFonte said...

Happy LOL Day Ronnie, not a lurker but always a fan of reading here.
hugs DF

stay at home mom said...

Hi Ronnie, Happy LOL Day. Thank you for blogging. I hope you get lots of wonderful visitors who comment tonight.



Anonymous said...

Hi Ronnie! Happy Lurker's Day from a lurker. N

ronnie said...

Terps - Make me happy that you do. Thanks.

Julia - Thanks for stopping by.

Red - As you are to me. Thank you.

Michael - That's what I like to hear. Hope you've had lots of lurkers come out. Thank you.

Lilli - An the same to you:) Thanks

Downunder Don - So lovely of you to say. Thank you.

DF - Thanks for letting me know.

Nina - Thanks for stopping by. I hope you have a fun LOL day.

Anonymous N - I love that you stopped by and left a comment. Thank you.


Erica said...

Happy LOL Day, Ronnie. I enjoy your adventures with P. :-D

Blondie said...

Happy Lurkers day to you. I have always appreciated you and the other bloggers that were around when I first began my blog journey. You are a great support and friend.

Ella said...

Thanks for making me feel welcome this year, Ronnie. I always enjoy my visits.

Hugs Across the Pond,

Anonymous said...

Hi Ronnie,
I'm a pretty regular lurker here. Thought I should finally say Hi on this official de-lurking day! I like reading your blog.
Thanks. Ripley

Emerging Lurker said...

I love visiting here. Thank you for sharing spanking stories full of sass and play.

DJB said...

Just dropping in

Hi Ronnie all the best DJ Black

ronnie said...

Erica - Always good to see you here. Thanks.

Blondie - Seems so long ago when Bonnie first spotted. That's lovely of you to say. Thanks for that.

Ella - I love that you are here with us in Blogland. Thank you.

Ripley - Makes me happy you did Hope to see you again. Thank you.

Emerging Lurker - Thanks so much for leaving me a comment, much appreciated.

DJB - Always lovely to see you. Thanks for stopping by.


Enzo said...

Hi Ronnie - You are on my top 5 of Blogs I visit when I have the time. Always enjoying reading your adventures. I believe P and I have a lot in common.


Anonymous said...

great thought
bottoms up

Jay said...

Hi Ronnie!

I love reading about your adventures! I hope you have a fun LOL Day!


Kenzie said...

Lol, well that is just the perfect picture. :)

Hermione said...

I'm certainly not a lurker, but I have to say I always love your stories. You and P live such an exciting, spank-filled life.


Pearl Necklace said...

Hello, Ronnie! Love the photo too.
XOXO Pearl

Pearl Necklace said...

Hello, Ronnie! Love the photo too.
XOXO Pearl

ronnie said...

Enzo - Lovely of you to say. Thank you so much.

Red - True:) Thank you.

Jay - Thank you. I love LOL day. I hope you got a lot of lurkers visit.

Kenzie - Glad you like it. Thanks.

Hermione - We have our moments. Thanks and thank you for organising LOL again this year.

Pear - Thanks for stopping by.


Misty said...

*waves* I love your blog! I will try to be better about commenting :)

Bonnie said...

Hi Ronnie,

I'm a spanked wife too. Imagine that! Happy LOL Day!


PK said...

Have I lost my mind? I could have sworn I was by and commented yesterday. I feel more like your sister than a lurker and you know I'm always around!

Florida Dom said...

Happy Lurkers day, Ronnie. Always enjoy visiting your site.


ronnie said...

Misty - Waving back. You know you are welcome here any time without leaving a comment. Happy that you read. Thank you.

Bonnie - And aren't you happy you are. Thanks for stopping by.

PK - Thanks. You are a very dear sister.

FD - Thanks my friend.


Ami Starsong said...

Love your Blog and always look forward to seeing your pictures. They are just perfect!


Unknown said...

Happy (belated) LOL day ronnie! Sorry I missed the fun.

Anonymous said...

Ronnie you are the Waitrose of bloggers. I always enjoy your domestic tales of married life, with all the nuances that go on, particularly when they lead to a bit of action. Thank you and keep up the great work.

Jake xx

Blondie said...

Frequent lurker here............ Oh wait, I have never been a good lurker, so I would have to say that I am a fond reader and I always comment when I stop by. Thanks for being more, giving more, and for being around has long as (and longer) than I have been.

ronnie said...

Ami - Thank you, Missed you this year.

Kia - Thank you. It was a fun day.

Jake - LOL Waitrose of bloggers, love it. Thank you Jake.

Blondie - That's really nice of you, thanks.