Monday 30 March 2015

Broken Hairbrush

I got spanked on the weekend. I know, you're thinking that sounds like a good weekend for Ronnie then, and it was indeed good but not because of the spanking per se.

We were having an exceptionally good weekend anyway, sometimes that happens and you can't put your finger on why. I don't mean that most weekends are unpleasant or anything because they're not, it's just that sometimes everything seems to be in sync and you can't put a foot wrong, although on second thoughts I suppose I did put a foot wrong and it got me spanked so really it wasn't a foot wrong at all and the spanking, though hard, was delicious for three reasons: 1) it happened spontaneously, 2) it was hard, 3) it broke my hairbrush which I hated anyway.

 Spontaneous spankings, which happen because of this or that and are dished out immediately are the best in my opinion; even though I spend time contriving all sorts of ways of getting spanked, I know the best ones happen naturally. This one came about because I booked a gardening firm to come and cut our conifer trees down and P had said he wanted to get another quote or two, or even work out whether to do it himself (which meant it would never get done). We had a written quote from the firm and it was the same as it cost us three years ago except we have to pay extra for the waste disposal now which is fair enough so I called them and booked them and told P, I thought I was saving him the trouble. Well he told me off for just charging ahead and doing it, then he said I deserved a spanking and took me upstairs, he told me he was going to spank my bottom so hard I'd be in tears when I phoned the company again to un-book them, which he would make me do immediately after he'd dealt with me. Sounds like he's a brute, doesn't it.

So he put me over his knee on the side of the bed, pulled my jeans down and spanked me with my hairbrush which was the most convenient implement to hand. I shouted at him to stop and the job needed doing but he said it was his department not mine, and not to argue anyway or my knickers would come down too. I carried on protesting and eventually did lose my knickers and got a very sore backside from an implement which I don't much care for. Then suddenly it stopped and my husband rolled me onto the bed, I thought he was going to get another implement but he didn't, he just got up, told me to let that be a lesson to me and went downstairs. I followed a few minutes later, not crying I might add, wondering if I'd really have to make that phone call.

P had made two mugs of tea and my hairbrush was sitting on top of a newspaper, a big split along its length, 

my husband was smiling as he told me I needed a new hairbrush and to try and find a stronger one next time so that he could spank me properly. He told me to come and sit next to him, he said he'd had a rethink and he wasn't going to make me un-book the gardeners, he agreed it needed doing and their price was fair. I could have turned on him and said 'Why the fuck did you put me across your knee then?' but I didn't, instead I leaned across and pecked him on the cheek and said I was sorry for jumping the gun. Good humour was restored immediately, truth be known I don't think it had ever gone.

Have a good week.



Roz said...

Hi Ronnie, oh wow, you broke the hairbrush? Ouch!

Glad you had such a great weekend together. I agree, the immediate and spontaneous spankings are the best. You got a spanking and didn't have to cancel the gardeners. A win all round :)


MrJ said...

Ronnie! It wasn´t the brush´s fault!

Anonymous said...

Ronnie, I agree a spontaneous spanking is the best. You are told you are getting a spanking, then scolded and soundly spanked. But can't say I've ever had a paddle or brush broken on my bottom ouch. But you did have two wins. You got spanked and didn't make the call.

Anonymous said...

I have a brush that looks exactly the same, with the same split. I can still use it on my hair, it just cannot be used for other purposes!
Our garden is an absolute mess though, I wonder if it's worth phoning a firm?

PK said...

That was just wonderful! Sounds like a truly fun weekend. Now are you and P going to get a new hairbrush together or will you be picking it out on your own?

abby said...

Happy hairbrush shopping...I wonder what your criteria will be for a new one...will it have anything to do with your hair? Does sound like it added to your wonderful weekend.
hugs abby

Hermione said...

I suspect P was only using that as an excuse, and he had never intended for you to cancel the booking. Perhaps only his pride had been hurt, along with your bottom.


SirQsmlb said...

Oh, I do hate those damn wooden hairbrushes. Ugh. But the story was wonderful. I think he enjoyed the spanking as much as you. Glad the tree will be taken care of.


an English Rose said...

Hi Ronnie, exact same thing happened to a hairbrush here, maybe they don't make them as strong here as across the pond! You better watch out,ours was replaced by a bigger wooden paddle :(
love Jan,xx

Unknown said...

Hi Ronnie,
I had a spankful weekend too! Unfortunately, I had one at the beginning of the weekend and one at the end!

SirQsmlb said...

I nominated you for the Real Neat Blog award...see my post for details :)


Anonymous said...

Delicious........ is all I can say!

Unknown said...

A reasonable man. How wonderful

stay at home mom said...

Hi Ronnie, oh my, a broken hairbrush sounds like a tough spanking for me. I am glad that it turned out well for both of you, though. We have got one tree that needs to be cut too, but I am very sure now that I better not call a firm without asking hubby. :) Your broken hairbrush looks like one that I have here, and it is not a fun one either. I hope you find a good new one. I love it that you and P are so close and on the same page.



Enzo said...

I agree with Hermione (and P for that matter); hurt a man's pride and he will hurt your bottom.
It sounds like you two have an awesome relationship.


Unknown said...


I agree the spontaneous ones are the best. There is a finality to them that does not come through when we bait to get those spankings we crave.


Unknown said...

Loved this story! And I love how the newspaper says erratic behavior right next to the broken brush ;-)

Christina said...

I hope the brush breaking mid-spanking did leave a splinter in your bum!

Minielle Labraun said...

Everyone was taken care of with great satisfaction. Well not the poor brush!
I'm not sure my bum could handle breaking that brush! Lol
Smiling here!

Cat said...

Happy you and P and a lovely weekend Ronnie. Congrats on the spanking? Guess I won't say sorry about the brush since you said you hated it anyway. ;)

Hugs and blessings...

Renee Rose said...

So glad you had a fabulous weekend. Although a broken brush sounds pretty painful!! <3

ronnie said...

Roz - Yep, spontaneous spankings are the best. Thanks.

MrJ - LOL. Thank you.

Archedone - We had a cane that broke in the middle of a caning:) Thanks.

Janey - It's worth a try, make the call:) Thnaks.

PK - I'll keep quite and hope P forgets which is highly unlikely. Maybe I'll get a new hairbrush instead of an chocolate egg for Easter:) Thanks.

Abby - I'll buy a snall once only for hair use:) Don't think I'd get away with though. Thanks.

Hermione - He didn't intend to cancel just making a point that I should have asked him first not just gone ahead. Thanks.

Fiona - It was win, win all round. Thanks.

Jan - Yikes, don't want another paddle. Maybe I should go out and buy a new hairbrush before P remembers. A nice small plastic one:)

Megan - At least you didn't get one in the middle:) Thanks.

Fiona - Ah Fiona, thank you. Will pop over.

Meredith - The spanking or the broken hairbrush:) Thank you. Enjoy your holiday.

Jackie - Do you think so:) Thanks.

Nina - Thank you. You'd better ask him before making any calls unless of couse you want a spanking:) Thank you.

Enzo - We have our moments:) Thank you.

Kathy - You are right, that's something I know about. Thank you.

CBH - LOL. I never even noticed that. Just looked. Thanks.

Christina - :) Luckily no. Thanks.

Minelle - Smiles all around. Thanks.

Cat - Not sorry about the brush. Think we all agree that hairbrushes should be only used for one thing and that's not for warming bottoms. Thank you.

Renee - Think it must have been weak to start with. Thanks.


1ManView said...

I understand exaltly what you mean Ronnie. You can plan what you hope
Will be a great weekend, and it turns out Ok. Then there's the one were
the weeken just follow your rhythm
unconditionally. Then add some spontaneous moments.. Priceless :)

pease and love

Anonymous said...

I hate anything wooden - it always hurts like buggery doesn't it.
I need to post to say I am back, kind of, after a very long and arduous 18 months and I have SO missed this place :)
be back to comment again soon - glad to see you still here Ronnie

ronnie said...

IMV - You have it exactly. Thanks.

KG - Hello. Really great to see you here. Are you still writing under your own blog name. Let me know.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ronnie
My blog is still there, so yes I will be doing... while I am not working that is, not sure if I get a job how the set up will be do to that....but time will tell. Talk can always drop me an email too if you still have my email address :)

Blondie said...

It's not often that I read about you getting a spanking that you didn't want. Spontaneous is great for me because it can't last as long, these happen when the kids are around. But it does clear the air really quick.
Glad the rest of the weekend went well.

ronnie said...

KG - Yes still have your link up. Don't have your email send it through please.

Blondie - I like the long ones best. A spanking to clear the air is always good. Thanks.