Friday 1 November 2013

Respectable couples don't do that

Health warning - contains sex, spanking and a long read.

Well having got Mary Portas's (un) 'kinky knickers' out of my curiosity and out of my house, I decided to have a rummage through my own long standing knicker hoard the other day, I had in mind some comments my husband had made a few weeks ago. so I knew what I was looking for; I just couldn't remember if I'd broken one of the studs on my black suspender the last time I wore them or whether I had any dark stockings with nice seams or at least no ladders. I did, and luckily the suspender studs were fine, it was a pink Elle one which had snapped on me (not criticising Elle her stuffs usually very good).

Mo, this isn't me, but her underwear is similar to the stuff I got caned in

So there I had it, stockings and suspenders no problem and a choice of black knickers from which I selected a full fitting high waisted pair with shiny satin front and fine mesh rear and just a teeny bit of floral lace trim, not too fussy, I know how P likes them. I tucked them all together in a corner of my drawer, then all I had to do was decide when to wear them, bearing in mind the likely outcome, I mean you have to be in a certain state of mind to do something which you know full well is probably going to get your bottom striped. In fact as I sit here typing and thinking rationally I have to say that it would seem the most ridiculous idea to do something so provocative as to get that tender and personal part of your anatomy assaulted. Still, easy to think that now because I've recently had it done and my twisted desire for such brutality has been sated, but prior to the 'assault' my thinking was quite different, driven by strong sexual feelings and the prospect of being made to submit to what is a painful physical experience only enhanced them. The thought of being intentionally 'naughty' and being taken in hand by my stern husband just does it for me and as the event gets closer, lust takes charge and every aspect of what happens carries kinky erotic impulses to my brain. The cries, physical struggle, firm commands, superior strength and even the wicked bite of the cane as it swishes across my bottom are all part of it, they are darkly pleasurable and the sex which usually follows is intense in the extreme.

There, I've revealed what a kinky bitch I am, a glutton for punishment you might say:)

I decided to wear them last Saturday night, because we had the house to ourselves for the weekend and we were going out and I could flirt with P in a particular way which would let him know I was up for being dealt with. We had a light early meal in town and then listened to a Dido concert in the Guildhall, the singer was really talented and I wouldn't be surprised to see her on tv. The place was packed, we sat on rows of foldaway seats and I took off my jacket and placed it across my knee so that I could encourage my husband's hand to rest under it without anyone seeing. He got the idea when I guided his hand across the linen fabric to the bump of a suspender fastening which his fingers examined expertly and then slithered of their own accord lightly down my inner thigh before retracing back up past my stocking tops and stroking between my legs where I was starting to get moist. The Dido sing alike had just finished a number and as my husband withdrew his hand to join in the loud applause he leaned across and whispered in my ear that he could see someone was feeling naughty. Ha! Not half as naughty as I was going to feel soon, I thought. 

The applause faded, the girl was talking everyone listening, then the lighting changed for the next song, the audience lights dimmed and a single spotlight focused on her. I put my hand casually, as cool as you like, right on my husband's crotch and started kneading, I sensed his body stiffen and thought he might stop me but he didn't, instead he took off his own jacket and piled it on his lap, then I felt something else stiffening and smiled, I kept my face glued on the performer and sat forward just a bit in case the man next to me glanced across but I don't think he did and the teenager next to P had eyes only for the attractive girl on stage. The situation came to a head (no pun intended) just before the song finished when my husband started moving, little awkward movements, in his seat and I just kept my hand working away knowing what must be happening 

and positively glowing with satisfaction, I wished I could have got my head down but I'm a respectable woman. I opened my handbag and offered him a tissue but he took the pack, excused himself and made his way along the row of clapping bodies to the gents, nobody paid any attention to him he was just a nuisance disrupting their view as he passed. He returned five minutes later with a couple of bottles of mineral water, I looked for a damp patch but couldn't see one under the low lighting. He didn't say anything about what I'd done and we enjoyed the rest of the concert.

When we left he took my hand and weaved us both through the crowd, he said we should have a beer before going home, he also told me I'd been a very naughty girl and I said 'well you'll have to discipline me for it then', to which he said he would, I could be certain of it. But I knew he wasn't totally pissed off because as we walked across town to the bar his hand found my bottom and I let out a little whimper, he said you'll be whimpering later young lady and I just thought 'oh christ I hope so'. The bar was packed but we got two high stools as some people left and enjoyed a couple of beers before going home, I pushed my luck by feeling P's leg, well crotch actually, feigning surprise at a little patch of wetness I found and asking him if he'd had an accident. He just said it better not be noticeable, I said I didn't think it was, and in any case it wasn't full of the type who'd be looking at his crotch.

In the car going home he told me respectable couples didn't do that sort of thing and he was going to have to discipline me severely for it, I told him not to be too hard on himself he was still respectable, just unable to control his urges. I continued to tease all the way home and was delighted to note he was becoming erect again by the time we drove onto the gravel. We entered the house and P took my upper arm and told me I was coming straight upstairs with him, he was going to teach me a lesson I wouldn't forget, he wouldn't tolerate the sort of lewd behaviour I'd displayed, I was in for a sound caning. Oh god he shouldn't say things like that, I whimpered again and shuddered my shoulders, it made me feel all liquidy inside hearing him talk sternly and now hurrying me along with such deliberation. 

In the bedroom he made me stand at the foot of the bed while he lifted his side of the mattress and brought a long black handled swishy cane across to me. 

He stood behind me and his hands went around my waist to unfasten my trousers, I pushed my bottom back into his groin and asked him in the smallest voice I could manage if he was going to cane me with my knickers down for my naughtiness, I couldn't mask the huskiness in my voice and I'm sure P caught it. I could feel his cock hard in his trousers and reached my hand back for his zipper.

"Oh dear I'm being naughty again," I said, determined to make the most of the occasion but things didn't happen quite as planned.

My linen trousers came down and I gasped, I managed to unfasten P's waist button which is difficult to do behind your back and I gasped again when I felt his cock which was now hard and I pulled the front of his pants down to get a better feel. P told me I needn't think I'd get out of my caning by diverting him like that, I said 'Oh no P, I wouldn't dream of it' and I bent forward and guided his cock between my cheeks where my knickers had ridden up, I was sure I was going to get the caning I'd been promised so I might as well make sure it was a good one, P does say he canes better on a hard cock. I didn't get caned though, instead my husband pulled my knickers aside with his left hand, dropped the cane on the bed and plunged his cock straight into me, 

it wasn't a struggle because I was soaking but I was delighted at the size of the intruder and let him know it by clenching and pushing back hard into him. I always say, and this doesn't happen often these days, that I love when he gets his second wind, it seems to work harder, it also pleases me that I can still make my husband do that. The funny thing was my husband didn't come, instead I did and with considerable noise and aggression, I was shouting for him to YES.. YES!!.. HARDER... DO IT HARDER!! I really hoped the neighbours didn't hear although not till after the event. I collapsed onto the bed with P, his cock still inside me, he played with me, pinched my nipples, nipped my ear, slid his hand down over my belly, I could feel his cock twitching inside me, I thought he was going to start fucking me again and I would have responded too, but he didn't.

While he was still in me, working me up, he told me he was going to cane my bottom now. Oh shit I'd forgot about that. Then his cock withdrew and he was helping me up onto my knees atop the bed, he pulled my knickers down to my thighs, took up his cane and brought it whistling through the air against my bare buttocks. Christ it hurt and I fell forward onto my elbows. P got a couple of pillows and stuffed them under my hips to keep my bottom raised, then he told me not to make a noise in fact I'd better grab the duvet to my mouth because I was going to have my bottom caned very hard. "Do it now!" He said and I just murmured "Yes P" and bunched a wad of cotton into my mouth. Then it was  WHACK!... WHACK!... WHACK!.....

a good half dozen times and then he walked round the bed and did the same from the other side and I couldn't do anything to lessen the impact, I couldn't move my bum forward because the pillows were firm and I didn't want to wiggle to the side because he was doing it so fast and I didn't want him to miss aim which could have been worse. So I took my caning, after my fucking, completely the wrong way round and I had tears in my eyes when P put his hand on mine and told me I could stop gripping the duvet now, I was done.

He told me to pull my knickers and trousers up and join him downstairs for a glass of wine before bed and he was gone. I got up stiffly after a couple of minutes, looked at my bum in the mirror and thought 'Ooh so that's what naughty girls get.' I looked at my eyes too they were red and still shiny with tears which hadn't actually shed. I went downstairs, P had poured a couple of glasses of nice red wine and put some music on, he patted the settee next to him, I pulled a face but still went and sat there. He put his arm round me and told me he hoped I wouldn't be that naughty again when were out. Well right at that moment I didn't think there was much bloody chance because my bum felt about two sizes bigger than it should have been but later, in bed, snuggling against my husband, I thought perhaps I will but I'll make sure I get the cane before the sex next time. 

Have a fun weekend.



bobbsroom said...

Good morning Ronnie

Love your accounts of the fun you have with P, don't know if 12 was enough though for such a naughty little minx.
keep up the naughtiness and have a great weekend


Michael M said...

Exciting tale from the home of a very naughty woman. Enjoy yourself this weekend.

Anonymous said...

A very good account of a naughty girl making sure her bottom gets the attention she wants & needs. I'm quite sure you will find another interesting way to have P attend to your very spankable bottom, and other desires you have. All in all it was a super wonderful evening.

Roz said...

Oh my Ronnie, I love reading your accounts. You are so naughty! :)

Wow, sounds quite a night, and great fun had by all! Something tells me you will find more ways to misbehave again :)


Our Bottoms Burn said...

As far as we are concerned, your real life accounts read better than "professionally" written fantasy spanking encounters.

PK said...

That'll teach you to be naughty! I was so worried for a minute that you were going to come home and find that you weren't going to be alone after all. So glad I was wrong. I'll day dream about this (exchanging the cane for a strap or belt).

Ami Starsong said...

Ronnie you make me shriek with laughter, which just proves how warped I am too! D would have a heart attack if I did that in public! But it's nice to dream.

You've really got me going about digging out my black underwear though. Only hold-ups with lacy tops instead of suspenders. They bring back too many memories of convent school life and bullet-proof stockings! Ugh! Although I have to admit that I do like corsets! So perhaps...

12 strokes sounded enormous! Where do you get such implements from? It looks quite well made and not inclined to leave splinters so I could be tempted.

Many hugs

sarah thorne said...

I'll bet what he meant was that he hopes you WILL be that naughty again in the future!

an English Rose said...

Hi Ronnie, how naughty you are and in public too. My hubby would have a fit, probably march me straight home and...... Hmm
Ami, how daring , you tempted by the cane?

Have a lovely weekend
love Jan.xx

ronnie said...

BOB B - Have to have a little fun in life:) Cheers.

Michael - Hello. Thanks. You have a good one yourself.

Archedone - Just a little bit of naughty fun. Thanks

Roz - Was a good night. Don't want to misbehave too often, now do I:) Thanks.

OBB - You are both sweet. Maybe I should put my real life spanking stories in print:) Thank you.

Elis - I would have been a very unhappy girl if that had happened. Thanks.

Ami - Well I'm glad it made you laugh:) Lacy hold ups would work especially with a corset. That particular cane is quite whippy, we also have an OTK cane. I'd be happy to send you one, let me know if you do. Thanks.

Sarah - Not so sure about that. Thank you.

Jan - Quite naughty behaviour but hey, a girls has to do what a girl has to do:) Very daring of Ami. Thanks.


Dee said...

Well, from one kinky bitch to another..... fab story and I'm so with you on the 'correct order of things'!
Have a good weekend :)

Dee x

Blondie said...

Dang it, somewhere he must have heard about the spanking after the sex so it is painful not erotic. Who told him????? Please, please, please don't tell Ty about this. I love your naughtiness during your night out.

Zoe said...

Sounds like a naughty but nice night. Glad you had fun.

Daisy Christian said...

thanks for sharing.u gave me ideas and I told Tyler so head understand..guess I'm a kinky girl too

Daisy Christian said...

Lol I said head instead of he'd lol guess it fits

ronnie said...

Dee - LOL. Yep, make sure its the correct way next time. Thanks.

Blondie - I've had a couple of spanking before sex and yes they they hurt so much more. My mouth is sealed. Thanks.

Zoe - LOL. Yes naught buyt nice. Thanks.

DaisyC - What idea is that? LOL. it fits:) Thanks.


Hermione said...

Hi Ronnie,

"my twisted desire for such brutality" what a lovely turn of phrase. Your account was very exciting and entertaining. Ron would never stand for public groping, even with the lights low and a pile of jackets.


Anonymous said...


Wow. Very hot!! Loved it.

I am glad that you and P had such a terrific night.

Big Hug,

Awedbymywoman said...

What a hot post. In our relationship, I'm the one that pushes the daring, public dalliances. You may have gotten naughty girl discipline, but deep down I don't think he minded. The mouth can say one thing, but the body doesn't lie ;)

ronnie said...

Hermione - I don't think P would allow it too often:) Thanks.

Joey - Was a good night:) Thanks.

Foothills - I'm not often that daring in public:) Thanks.


abby said...

What a wonderful account...a naughty wife gets what she deserves and wants! Sounds like a great time was are brave in my book..a caning is never something I would a leather strap..ohhhhh.
hugs abby

Terpsichore said...

naughty and soooo nice! :-) Thanks for sharing! Hugs

Anonymous said...

Dido, stockings, spanking and sex, plus wine = heaven

ronnie said...

Abby - I think every girl should try the cane at least once:) Leather strap, I wouldn't say no:) Thanks.

Terps - Naughty but nice. Thanks.

Tfwloth - Hello. I didn't anything else:) Thanks.