Monday, 7 October 2013

Office Discipline

Before we left the office on Friday P was talking to me about being more disciplined towards my work.

Of course I knew what he was talking about but my mind drifted to other types of work related discipline.....

Have a good week.


Pictures three and four from Sensual Writer (can't find the link now) Also Yeowch. Let me know if the first one belongs to you.


sunnygirl said...

You always find the greatest pictures.

Michael M said...

Office spankings provide great fantasy material but since your office is your own you get to turn fantasy into reality.

Roz said...

Great pics Ronnie! I agree with Michael. Lucky you being able to turn the fantasy into reality!


Anonymous said...

Nice photos. I hope that you get some discipline from P soon.


Elis said...

Well, gee, if he really wanted you to be more disciplined he could have at least offered you a hand or a cane maybe.

Hermione said...

It's up to P to instil that sense of discipline into you in whatever way he feels is appropriate.


Red said...

Ronnie: I agree with Hermione that P should be instilling the discipline, and actually it appears you missed an opportunity by not asking, if he would kindly instill a little discipline immediately to start you on the right path..
bottoms up

ronnie said...

SG - I try to find ones that I hope my readers will enjoy. Thank you.

Michael - I just need a stable now to fulfil another fantasy:) Thanks.

Roz - We do have some fun at the office:) Thanks.

Joey - I'm sure I will. Cheers.

Elis - I'd be happy with both. Thanks.

Hermione - And luckily it will be exactly what I want:) Thanks.

Red - I didn't need to. P will be addressing the matter:) Thank you.


Anonymous said...

In your office you should demand that the boss disciplines you. Widgets

an English Rose said...

Great pictures Ronnie, I reckon if you don't get your mind on the job P is going to step in..... How yummy, just you carry on dreaming!
love Jan.xx

garyntboy said...

Ronnie !!! You are bad..bad....naughty bad. We think alike. Lovely pics and bless your imagination.
Kind regards,

Baxter said...

Office spankings. Yes what a fantasy. There are many women in the office I would love to turn over my knee for a bare bottom spanking as they have some very sexy butts. but alas, we have a code of conduct at my work and that kind of thing would only get the HR folks going.

Daisy Christian said...

Ronnie I'm sure if you don't get yourself discipline that P will take care of it and you can make your own pic

Lea said...

And you lucky woman, you even get that kind of discipline IN the office! ;-)

ronnie said...

Widgets - Hello. That would surely get me spanked. Thanks.

Jan - Dreams can come true I know:) Thanks.

Gary - Thank you.

Baxter - :) You would be in trouble

DaisyC - I'm sure he will. Thanks.

Lea - Having the office has been very convenient when we have family visits. Thanks.


MrJ said...

Just YOUR mind?