Friday, 22 March 2013

How soon is "soon enough"

I suppose it depends what it refers to. In this case it was my husband's assurance that a short otk cane, which lay in my underwear drawer, remember

would get used soon enough.

So, now that you know what I'm talking about, you'll no doubt appreciate there are lots of variables to take into account in deciding whether 'soon enough' might be actually too soon for one but not the other but anyway it's academic now because it happened, the timing chosen by P, I had no say in the matter.

Had I told you our son was in Cumbria? I think probably not, he was on a course so we had the place to ourselves. I had a doctor's appointment for 9.15am, routine check nothing nasty, so I'd told P I wouldn't be in the office till after 10am. I decided I'd have a teeny snug little lie-in, well why not, I couldn't have breakfast anyway not even a cup of tea because of the blood test. Unfortunately, or not, it was a day when P had several things on including receiving a potential new client at the office, it was a collar and tie job for him, not his usual preference. It was also a morning when he couldn't find things, his charger cable had gone missing, he couldn't find any black shoe polish, he couldn't remember if I'd reserved a reception room (I had).  

Not much after 7.00am he came into the bedroom, apparently he'd been waiting downstairs listening for me to come out of the shower which obviously didn't happen as I was curled up in bed. He asked if I was ill, I mumbled no, then he asked why on earth I was still in bed, I reminded him of my appointment. That was no reason for idling in bed, he said, especially when I knew he had a lot on. I told him I knew he had a lot on, at least as he saw it, but that I did not, then I told him where to find things and turned over, expecting to hear him leave the room.

Instead I heard a drawer open and then felt the weight of an extra body on the mattress behind me, the duvet was pulled down and I was turned flat onto my stomach. I looked up to object at the rude disturbance but the sight of my husband, suit trousers and crisp white shirt and tie, cane in hand, 

made me melt. He pulled my knickers down and started laying into my bottom very forcefully causing me to wriggle and squirm like a fish out of water, 

he held me in place with his left hand in the small of my back and kept telling me that lying in bed was lazy and no good for me except on weekends and holidays and that it showed a deterioration of mental attitude or words to that effect, oh and a lack of self discipline, I don't know where he finds the words sometimes but they do have an appropriate effect on me when a cane is being wielded. 

Something about bedtime punishment, I mean either end of bedtime, has always appealed to me; I'd love to be spanked really thoroughly at bedtime and then told to go to sleep with a sore bottom, nothing else, it hasn't really happened to me but I'd like it to. I feel the same attraction to morning spankings (which have happened to me) and on this occasion I very quickly started wanting something else and by the time my husband had stopped caning me I just wanted him to get into bed so that I could rip his shirt and tie off and fuck him.

That didn't happen.    

He told me he hoped I'd learned my lesson (I had - must have more lie-ins on week days) and he wanted me to come and find what he was looking for. So I pulled my knickers up, threw a t shirt on and went downstairs, a few minutes later I was straightening his tie for him before he went out the front door, everything in order. Just before 9 o'clock I got a txt message......."how's your bum, hope the doctor doesn't notice the marks"    

My bum had stopped tingling by the time I got into the office, P was already with his visitor, I popped my head in and asked sweetly if they'd like coffee or anything, I'm such a good girl after I've been disciplined. Later, after we'd left work but before we had dinner, I made sure I got what I'd been fancying during the latter part of my caning and very nice it was too. 

Was it soon enough? Well I'd say it was unexpectedly soon, with the emphasis on unexpectedly, and probably all the better for it. The cane is no longer in my drawer, I rather hope I'll be seeing it back again though, I quite liked having it dominate my underwear drawer.

Have a fun weekend.




Roz said...

Hi Ronnie, "must have more lie-in's on week days" LoL. You are incorrigible :)

Very nicely told. Sounds like an unexpected but welcome encounter, and I'm glad that you got the rest later on :)

I can totally see the attraction with P in shirt and tie, cane in hand!


Anonymous said...

Ronnie you naughty girl, the way you were talking to P you should have been spanked morning, afternoon and evening. I know I would. Such disrespect and actually asking for a spanking.
I'm glad you finally felt the cane, and if you wanted to rip his clothes off it did it's job LOL.
I've never felt a cane but my wife has used the plastic rod from our window blinds and that is also quiet whippy and leaves nice marks.
I'm happy you finally got what you wanted and needed after. But I do have to wonder did you bottom have marks during the Dr. exam?

Anonymous said...

Being caned in the morning by P in a suit and tie. Geeeze, it does not and cannot get better than that.

7am is decadent???...what a hard task master...mind you it's 7.30am and Peter has been up and out an hour and a half.

Aren't they fine men ?


Anonymous said...

PS....actually I did have a cringe moment with marks...after seeing the nurse for a routine smear test. I was so flustered I said the mark had been caused when I was horse riding. Sarah,LD,UK

an English Rose said...

Blimey, he's a bit mean if 7.30 is a lay in! Glad you enjoyed yourself, and Sarah I would have changed that appointment, you lied!!!!!
love Jan.xx

DelFonte said...

I hope the cane reappears in your drawer, ready for you next lie in. ;-)
Would the same happen if you were late to bed?

PK said...

Nick's up and gone by 4:50, mighty happy I don't have to be up then! You take the cane out of that story and replace it with something that doesn't make me want a divorce and it's just perfect!


Our Bottoms Burn said...

We always enjoy reading your accounts of the precussive arts in your home.

sunnygirl said...

You are such a naughty girl - I am glad you have P around to keep you in hand.

Enjoy the weekend and hope the can reappears.

Florida Dom said...

I guess it was soon enough.


Anonymous said...


I have been wondering when the cane would be removed from the drawer for its promised use. I am glad you had your caning and I really enjoyed the story.

Agree with Roz, you are incorrigible.

Bedtime spankings are fun and usually promise a good night's sleep.


Hermione said...

It's quite risky to get a caning right before a doctor's visit. Or did P not consider the consequences? Obviously the doctor didn't notice, so that's a relief.


Michael M said...

I am sure the good Doctor would have approved of the medicine that you were given.
A caning is very good for banishing the blues and other minor ailments.
Have you looked under the base of the drawer - maybe it has been taped there?

ronnie said...

Roz - Very unexpected. I do love P in a suit with a cane in his hand:) Thanks Roz.

Archedone - You should ask your wife to buy a cane. Not that type of examination:) Thanks Archedone.

Sarah - 7.00 am is far too early for a caning:) Gotta love our men. She actually asked what the marks were from? Thanks Saralh.

Jan - I would have changed that appointment as well:) Thanks Jan.

DF - Its a good thing I don't have a bedtime. I'd wouldn't be able to keep it:) Thanks DF.

PK - I certainly wouldn't want to be woken at that time whatever he had in his hand:) Thanks PK.

OBB - Thanks for saying so, appreciate it. Thank you both.

SG - Me naughty, never:) Thanks SG.

FD - Soon enough indeed. Thanks FD.

Joey - I want a bedtime spanking now:) Thanks Joey.

Hermione - Just routine so no marks noticed. Not sure what I'd say. Thanks Hermione.

Michael - LOL. Not so easy to tape under the draw but he does have one taped to his work desk in the office. Thanks Michael.


Bas said...

You're a quick learner Ronnie.
There must be more lie-in's.
Although anything before 7:30 AM is not a lie-in as far as I know.

I don't know if my alarm clock even has earlier times than 7:30.
Any idea where that cane is? It is not flying to PK? She seems to be wanting a caning real desperate.

Anonymous said...

I knew I was going to see a young girl, nice, but a tad waffy. She was easily fooled and believe me in this little community I'm very careful.Peter just laughed...he could not care less what other people think 'just so long as we are happy ' Sarah,LD,UK

findingsara said...

There's just something about a man in a dress shirt and tie with an implement in his hands, isn't there? ;)


Anonymous said...

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Turiya Esprit said...

Oh you're so brave. The cane is so scary and hurts in a not very nice way! ;-)

But yes... bedtime spankings are definitely the best! Love going to sleep with a sore bum.



ronnie said...

Bas - Hello. I want to stay friends with PK so no, the cane isn't winging its way to her:) Thanks Bas. Good to see you.

Sarah - Think she had a cheek to ask. Shouldhave told her to mind her own business but you saying that probably would have had tongues wagging. Thanks Sarah.

Sara - Oh yes. I've told P he must wear suits more often but not necessary with a cane in his hand:) Thanks Sara.

Turiya - Hello. P uses the cane in so many ways. I like our OTK cane. I'll have to ask P for a bedtime spanking:) Thanks Turiya.


Minelle Labraun said...

Bedtime would suit me...however a wake-up call with the cane....not sure I would be happy. LOL

Daisychain said...

You are incorrigible! xxxxx

Lea said...

I don't like any kind of wake up calls and wouldn't appreciate being spanked awake, lol. It sounds like it led to a nice day for you though.

ronnie said...

Minelle - I must ask for a bedtime spanking but not with the cane. Thanks Minelle.

Daisy - Who me:) Thanks Daisy.

Lea - Wouldn't have liked it had I been asleep:) Thanks Lea.


Terpsichore said...

sounds like a great way to start the day ;-)

ronnie said...

But not too often:) Thanks Terps.