Thursday, 21 February 2013

For a very Special Gentlemen

Bas you are very special.  You have shared your words of wisdom around blogland and through posts. You've left me lots of kind comments and many that have had me laughing. I wanted to remind you of a few of them today but I just couldn't decided.

So instead Bas, lets have a glass of beer together and I mean a proper beer not the small silly ones you drink in the Netherlands. 

We also have to thank PK for bullying you into starting your blog because we would have missed your wit, sense of humour and sarcasm:)

Thanks Bas. I'm happy you are part of this wonderful community and thank you for being a friend to all.

If you'd like join Spankful for Bas Day. Simply copy the logo, put up a post of your own!  Email Ana or leave a comment on her blog to make sure she your the link for the main page.



Anonymous said...

I will lift a pint in his honor today.


Anastasia Vitsky said...

LOL enjoy your beer, dear? Hehe.

Happy Spankful for Bas Day!

ronnie said...

Joey - Thank you.

Ana - We did, thanks:)


Stormy said...

Thanks for honoring him. Such a very fine friend is he.

Hermione said...

I'll drink to that!


Cat said...

LOL Bas would love the size of those glasses for his beer. ;)

Happy Spankful for Bas Day!


Anonymous said...

Thanks Ronnie....I've popped over and reading with interest.I swear I'm going to give you one of those wine glasses that can take a full bottle of wine when we next meet.

It seems the right things to do !


PK said...

He's a doll, but geeze, you'll drown in those beers!


Anonymous said...
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willie said...

Now THAT is a glass of beer I can get behind ( well and actually hide behind too).

A gentleman is not an easy find, and a special one well that is an amazing find! Bas is one of the beating hearts of blogland for sure.

Thanks Ronnie!

Anonymous said...

I don't care for beer, but I certainly drink one to Bas on Spankful Day.

Rogue said...

Now, THAT is a glass of beer, Ronnie! Hope you and Bas can join up for one soon...

Minielle Labraun said...

I may not toast Bas with about some wine Ronnie?

Roz said...

Wow Ronnie, that is some beer! A wonderful toast to a true gentleman and much loved friend.


ronnie said...

Hermione - Thanks Hermione.

Cat - They have such small beer glasses in the Netherlands. Thanks Cat

Sarah - :) I'll remind you nearer our visit. Thanks Sarah.

PK - We'll drown happy then:) Thanks PK.

Willie - He's very special to us all and I'm so glad Ana organised the day. Thanks Willie.

Lillie - Thanks Lille.

Rogue - That would be wonderful though I think we'd probably share one that size:) Thanks for helping to organise the day.

Minelle - Wine is good:) Thanks Minelle. Hope things are OK your side.

Roz - I thought Bas would enjoy the picture. Thanks Roz.